Sunday, August 2, 2015

Rick Perry Continues to Attack Trump as Debate Odds Dwindle

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry continues to rant and rave about the very bad man Donald Trump who has taken the nation by storm after entering the race for the White House. Trump rocketed to the top of the polls despite efforts by the political establishment and the drive by media to destroy him, most notably with the failed John McCain “war hero” ambush. With Trump’s phenomenal success and his embrace by regular Americans who are sick and tired of phony politicians, RINOs and boot-lickers who lie to them repeatedly, it has been tough sledding for the candidates at the low end of the GOP totem pole. That would be guys like Perry who now finds himself on the cusp of missing the debate entirely and depriving the establishment of a foaming at the mouth attack dog who would go after Trump on stage.

Perry took his act to the Sunday morning McNews circuit today where he made his case on Fox News Sunday. As reported by the Dallas Morning News in the story “Rick Perry Bashes Trump, Promises to Revoke Iran Deal and Secure Border in One Day”:

Rick Perry took a bludgeon to Donald Trump and outlined the first day of his presidency on “Fox News Sunday” this morning.

The former governor of Texas and 2016 presidential candidate said he’d revoke the Iran nuclear agreement, calling it “the biggest challenge facing our country,” and secure the United States’ border with Mexico–all of which he said can be done in one day.
Perry cited his experience dealing with last summer’s border surge to bolster his credentials and push back on Donald Trump’s criticism that the governor did a “terrible job.”

“Donald Trump wants to be the commander-in-chief of the United States and he doesn’t know it’s the federal government’s job to secure the border,” said Perry. “Those issues that he has talked about, we have talked about for a long time.”

Perry also downplayed Trump’s popularity, insisting voters “want somebody who has the results of being a major CEO of something that really matters out there.”

Perry is tied at tenth with Ohio Gov. John Kasich in an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released today, earning 3 percent of Republicans’ support. That’s enough to get him on the main debate stage in Cleveland on Aug. 6, but Perry still misses the cut in a national average of polls.

Sen. Ted Cruz ranks fifth with 9 percent, while Donald Trump ranks first with 19 percent.

Perry said he expects to make the main stage–if he doesn’t, he’ll join an earlier debate with the rest of the GOP pack–but doesn’t think his campaign will be ruined if he misses out.
“As a lot of people recognize, this is not a one-shot pony here,” said Perry. “How you do in Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina is going to have a lot more to do with who’s going to be the nominee than if someone makes a debate presentation.”

Perry’s voluminous promises and his shrillness of tone are the sounds of a desperate man about to be sucked under in a quicksand bog of his own bullshit. His comments dismissing the scarlet letter of public rejection if he misses the debate cut are a classic lowering of expectations and with the same guy who forgot the name of that third government agency that he was going to eliminate during the debates in 2012 it is hard to believe that Perry wouldn’t make a similar again. The man is an abject moron and those Barry Goldwater glasses that he adopted as a part of his makeover cannot hide that very simple fact.
No amount of pull-up contests are ever going to change the fact that Rick Perry just isn’t ready for prime time and the polls make it pretty evident that beyond the state level that this guy couldn’t get elected as dogcatcher.

Debate Choker Perry May Miss Final Cut