Monday, August 17, 2015

Former Obama Flack Jay Carney, Now an Amazon Shill Defends Company After NY Times Expose

Former Obama Press Secretary and “paid liar” Jay Carney is now spinning for his new employer, online mega-retailer The Seattle based 800 pound gorilla just recently surpassed Walmart as the nation’s leading retailer, at least in terms of market value. The company is in frantic damage control mode this morning after a blistering expose in the damned liberal New York Times shed light on what can only be described as hostile work conditions and a callous insensitivity towards workers. Not that companies treating their employees like shit is anything out of the ordinary in a corporate world that utilizes tactics like offshoring, importing legal and illegal aliens and cutting staffing to the bone then jacking up workloads to inflate their stock prices, but this is Amazon and therefore it is big news.

Carney was at the tip of the spear for the company as it sought to dismiss the Times piece as just the rantings of disgruntled employees and a sensationalist media organization looking to sell newspapers. He is a good fit in the corporate domain having been Emperor Obama’s ace bullshit artist for over three years. The man is well versed in putting out fires on everything from Benghazi to Obama's NSA Stasi and it's illegal surveillance programs to the use of the IRS to go after political foes. Carney hit the morning McNews shows today to defend the organization’s corporate culture.

Business Insider reports on Carney’s efforts in the story “Top Amazon exec Jay Carney: 'This is an incredibly compelling place to work'”:

Over the weekend, The New York Times published a highly critical inside look at Amazon's workplace.

The piece describes an intense, "bruising" work environment, in which employees are asked to "diplomatically throw people under the bus," while those suffering personal crises are pushed out of their positions.

Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, who in February joined Amazon as senior vice president for corporate global affairs, defended his employer in an interview with "CBS This Morning."

"This is an incredibly compelling place to work," Carney said. "I think the fundamental flaw in the story is the suggestion that any company that had the culture The New York Times wrote about, sort of a cruel, Darwinian or Dickensian kind of atmosphere in the workplace, could survive and thrive in today's marketplace."

He added: "People could walk away any time they wanted. These are people who are in as much demand in well-paying industry as anybody in the world."

Typical corporate swill that you would get from practically any public relations department worth it’s salt in the business world. Sure people can always quit but it takes time to find a new job and workers have families to feed and bills to pay. Besides, finding a new job isn’t that easy despite what the propagandists in the financial media have been selling the public with all of their hopium about the “recovery”. The official line is horseshit, the economy still sucks and all that the Obama regime and the Fed have done is contribute to the mother of all stock market bubbles which sooner or later is going to blow up like a thermonuclear warhead. The next big crash will be even more devastating than 2008 but Obama only needs a little bit of luck and time so that when it does happen, his successor will be the one left to deal with the disaster while he is living large, playing golf and making millions giving speeches.

Mr. Carney is indicative of one of the biggest problems with big government and that is the constantly swinging revolving door between public service and the private sector. Administration figures do their time within the hallowed halls of government and then cash in with big corporations or as highly paid lobbyists. While this is by no means a partisan problem, the Obama occupying army of scammers and crooks have done very nicely for themselves.

One needs to look no farther than the three men who were the most responsible for allowing the gamblers on Wall Street who destroyed the economy with their bad bets to get off scot free. Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner cashed in big by getting hired by private equity firm Warburg Pincus, ex-Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke got two high paid consulting gigs at global investment powerhouse Pimco and hedge fund Citadel and the dearly departed Attorney General Eric Holder ended up right back at his old white shoe law firm that works on behalf of the same banks that he was supposed to enforce the law against.
The first step for anyone who really wants to take back this country and return the power to the average American taxpayer would be to nail that damned revolving door shut. Otherwise the rampant influence peddling will continue and the peasants will continue to get it given to them good and hard by the type of parasites who seek out government power as a means to an end for their own self-enrichment.