Monday, August 10, 2015

Chris Christie’s New Jersey: 61 Year Old Grandmother Body Slammed During Traffic Stop

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s performance at last week’s Republican party debate showed that he is all about big government fascism and would be a menace to America were he to win the presidency. Much to our good fortune the big fat bully has about as much chance as a snowball in hell of being elected to national office. He could however end up as Attorney General in a “Jeb!” administration where he would be allowed to trample whatever remains of the U.S. Constitution like a wild elephant that has stumbled across a meth lab.
The big man makes no bones about how much he adores the police state. Whether it be calling for Rand Paul to be hauled in front of a tribunal for opposition to illegal domestic surveillance or vowing to loose the federal government dogs over legal marijuana in Colorado. So it isn't surprising that some cops in Jersey may share his zeal according to a horrific story about how a 61 year old grandmother was put into the hospital after being body slammed during a traffic stop.

The New York Daily News reported on the incident in the piece entitled “Grandmother Body Slammed by New Jersey Cop During Traffic Stop, Family Claims”:

A 61-year-old grandmother is out of the hospital after she was allegedly body slammed by a New Jersey cop during a traffic cop.

Antoniette Dilorio had been placed in a medically-induced coma following Friday's incident in Clark. Officers had stopped her son Fortunato Riga for going through a stop sign when she apparently tried to intervene.

"All of a sudden he grabbed my mother-in-law by the arm, lifted her off her feet in mid-air and slammed her on the ground," Riga's fiancee Crystal Palmieri told ABC. "All you saw was blood pouring out of her face."

Dilorio's front teeth were knocked out and she suffered multiple fractures, reported. She was feeling well enough to be released from University Hospital in Newark this week, according to the news website.

Riga was charged with obstruction and the injured Dilorio was hit with obstruction and resisting arrest charges, according to

The Union County Prosecutor's Office is investigating the incident, and the family is still looking for an explanation. Riga and Palmieri's young son, who is just 5, was in the car.
"My mom is 61 years old, if she weighs 105 pounds it's a lot," Riga told ABC. "They tried saying my mom jumped on the cop's back. My mom grabbed the cop and said 'why are you going after my son like this?'. He was like, shut up boom and just slammed her, she went face first."

The officer was defended by Clark Mayor Sal Bonaccorso who claimed that the woman jumped on his back but an ex-Marine versus a frail sixty one year old is more than a bit of a mismatch and could be seen by some as excessive force. While Mr. Riga has a history of violations and sounds like more than a little bit of a scumbag, it still isn’t an excuse for pile-driving granny into the pavement. Mayor Bonaccorso seems to be an adherent to the Chris Christie school of “punch you in the face” dispute resolution which only serves to reinforce New Jersey’s stereotype as a state populated with hostile people who act like muscle men for the mob. The governor of course is the biggest one of them all.