Friday, August 7, 2015

At GOP Debate Trump Triples Down on Threat of Third Party Run

The much heralded first Republican party debate is now in the books and depending on who you are it was either a big win for Donald Trump or that turning point that the establishment has been waiting on as though they were children fogging the windows in anticipation of the arrival of Santa Claus. It was apparent right out of the gate that the rules were going to be different for Trump because he is after all the party crasher who threatens to piss in the establishment snobs’ swimming pool. Don't underestimate how many careers are on the line with those who are heavily invested in the existing system at various levels of the GOP itself as well as the sixteen other campaigns, the media, political operatives and support networks. Trump puts all of that at risk because he has already has his own staff and plays by his own rules.

He was ambushed by Fox's blonde bombshell bimbo Megyn Kelly over a question about Trump's alleged misogyny and demeaning comments towards females, in particular the dumpster in a dress Rosie O'Donnell . She could have just as well been acting on behalf of Hillary Clinton in nailing the crown of thorns of the phony Democrat “war on women” to the head of the leader of the polls. Trump was also immediately put on the spot over his refusal to abide to a loyalty oath to promise not to run as a third party candidate – which he refused.

Donald Trump opened up the prime-time Fox News debate with fireworks, saying he will not rule out a run as a third-party independent.

Moderator Bret Baier asked all the candidates to raise their hand if they could not immediately dedicate themselves to supporting the eventual nominee, and not run as a third-party candidate.

Trump, standing center stage, raised his hand. None of the other candidates did.

Baier asked whether Trump understood that raising his hand meant he would potentially run as a third-party nominee, even though most people agreed that would likely hand the White House to the Democrats.

“I understand,” Trump said multiple times. “I can totally make that pledge if I am the nominee, I will not run as independent.”

“We will win but I want to win as the Republican, I want to run as the Republican nominee,” he added.

The GOP establishment is terrified of Trump running as a third party candidate like Ross Perot did back in 1992 but the harping that it would only put Hillary Clinton into the White House is bullshit. The Queen has a boatload of problems right now, any one of which could result in an indictment that could end her crusade and leave the Dems without a replacement. Trump however is the skunk at the party and RNC boss Reince Priebus must be getting an earful this morning from all of the billionaires who seem to own their own candidates this election (like NASCAR sponsors) and who have to be furious that a guy who is as rich as them is seen as a hero to a good chunk of the party base. This must be a Starship Troopers sized bug up the fat ass of Sheldon Adelson. Priebus immediately flew into damage control mode, reiterating that Trump won’t bolt the GOP and that “Going third party’s a death wish”.

Trump is spot on too when he says that taking the Priebus pledge would deprive him of leverage so for the time being the establishment is in a real pickle in dealing with Trump who was unhappy with some of the questions as well he should be. So today, as the analysis of the debate pours in and the political operatives and presstitutes manage the spin cycle there will be a concerted effort to show that Trump’s refusal to rule out bolting the party as damaging to him in the polls. The modern incarnation of Hitler's Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels – Frank Luntz – is already on the job and the Sunday morning bloviation circuit will be booking any warm body who will argue that Trump's run at the top of the polls if finally over now.