Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Smack Talking ISIS Threatens to Blow Up the White House

The mysterious Islamic jihadist organization ISIS is getting close to jumping the shark with their latest audacious series of threats. The group’s alleged spokesman has boasted that his ragtag army of smelly, gut-eating, Allah worshipping, ragheaded desert punks are going to swarm European cities Rome and Paris and absorb them into the great Islamist caliphate. For good measure the mouthy Abu Muhammad al-Adnani - who in any civilized society would be fortunate to find work as a clerk at a 7-11 store - upped the ante to include blowing up the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and Emperor Barack Obama’s crib over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
According to the website of the Washington D.C. television station CBS DC in the story “ISIS Vows To ‘Blow Up The White House, Big Ben And The Eiffel Tower’”:
En route to conquering the European cities of Paris and Rome, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria says they plan to “blow up” the White House, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower.

ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani detailed the terror group’s plans to conquer Portugal, Spain, Paris and Rome in an almost 30-minute audio message to the West, “So They Kill And Are Killed,” which references a Koran verse.
“We won the day Europe and U.S. dreamt of reclaiming Tal Hamis, Mosul, Sinjar, Tikrit, Qaim, Derna, Tell Abyad, and more,” stated the ISIS mouthpiece, as transcribed by Ynet News.

“We — with Allah’s help — want Paris, before Rome and Islamic Iberia and after we blow up the White House, Big Ben, and the Eiffel Tower before Paris, and Rome,” al-Adnani warned. “The Muslims will return to power, to be the vanguard and lead in every place.”
It is such a crock of horseshit that it could have come from a U.S. politician and is so over the top that it is laughable in a way that with any serious group would have members drenched in shame. This pack of degenerate sleazebags are lucky to be able to pull off their trademark cowardly ambushes and highly choreographed beheadings against overwhelmed and unarmed victims but storming and conquering the world’s great cities is a fantasy. I don’t believe that the potent hallucinogenic peyote cactus is found in the Middle Eastern deserts that these savages prance around in but they definitely sound like they are high on something.

Blowing up the White House is ludicrous and could be easier pulled off by a few drunken Secret Service agents by accident than the vastly overrated black menace. ISIS is smelling their own piss and why not? It’s not as though the western media – in particular the sensationalist MSM in the U.S. – doesn't practically act as their public relations arm by ensuring that every grotesque beheading gets blanket coverage. As the media maxim goes, if if bleeds, it leads but at what point does it just become the height of irresponsibility by promoting these sleazy assholes in a manner that they never could accomplish themselves?
ISIS is obviously intoxicated by their own bullshit, watch too many movies and are even being given a run for their money in the beheading business by our wonderful and humane allies in Saudi Arabia. The media should stop feeding into the hysteria which would not only take some wind out of the group’s sails but probably seriously crimp recruiting efforts as well.