Tuesday, March 24, 2015

NFL Player Sues Florida Cops Over Masturbation Mixup

You have to forgive west central Florida cops for getting their game faces on with former Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston all but certainly coming to the area very soon but they got the wrong guy this time. NFL defensive back Nate Allen who just signed a free agent deal with the Oakland Raiders is suing Fort Myers police for detaining him over allegedly choking the chicken in front of a teen aged girl. In a case of mistaken identity Allen was arrested and held back in February after police responded to reports of a black man in a black truck playing with his private parts.

As reported by the police abuse watchdog website Copblock in the story “NFL Star Nate Allen Sues Fort Myers Police Department”:

Nate Allen, formerly with the Philadelphia Eagles until free agency brought him to the Oakland Raiders this winter, was detained by police in February of this year. A 16 year old girl had called police and stated she saw a person in a black truck driving and masturbating. The police found Allen in his black truck some time after and detained him.

It turns out that Allen was not masturbating in his truck because at the time of the call he was eating dinner at Red Lobster and taking photographs with the staff. Yet, that didn’t stop the police from prematurely releasing the information and putting Allen through some public embarrassment. This wasn’t good for him, since last was the final year of his contract and players have recently lost their jobs for off field antics. Having to negotiate with teams while that potential issue hung over his head obviously was not to his advantage.

While Allen was cleared it was obviously a traumatic experience and could damage his image by causing him to be labeled as one of the thugs, drunks and domestic abusers that the NFL keeps punishing so a simple apology won’t suffice. So he has justifiably filed suit against the Ft. Myers police department.

Despite what is an embarrassing kerfuffle over the Nate Allen ordeal, all police departments within a 150 mile radius of Tampa should be on high alert. The putrid Tampa Buccaneers have the first pick in the NFL draft and are a virtual lock to draft the crab leg stealingaccused rapist Winston who will be rolling down I-75 with millions of dollars and a caravan of his homeys. The famous all nude strip joints on Dale Mabry Highway are likely salivating over the record business around training camp time. So likely are the cops to whom bagging the kingfish from Tallahassee when he inevitably breaks bad will deliver a coveted trophy to be mounted on their precinct wall.