Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lord of the Pigs: Obama Dines at Exclusive Honolulu Eatery

Emperor Barack Obama is going to be sure to milk the taxpayers for the remaining two years of his dismal tenure and the ongoing Hawaiian Christmas vacation is a preview of his retirement. Obama has drawn criticism during his extended holiday for playing too much golf, wrecking the wedding plans of a military couple and now breaking bread at a swanky Honolulu eatery. Never mind that millions of Americans are wallowing in the existential hell of broken dreams and financial ruination thanks to Obama's economic policies, he is going to swill booze with the elitist limousine liberals as he embarks upon his victory tour.
The Obama family rang in the New Year at the "Vintage Cave", an exclusive gathering place for local and vacationing high-rollers called a "blank check restaurant" by Honolulu Magazine. The Hill reports that a "charter membership" costs a half million dollars so Barry won't have to be troubled by having to rub elbows with the rabble. The "Vintage Cave" is described on it's website as being  "A Space for Returning to Our Origins":

Our oldest ancestors who dwelled in caves experienced great pleasures there, creating spectacular wall paintings that survive to this very day. Modern civilization and its sophisticated worldwide digital network—and the ever more complex global system that is part of it—is transforming human beings in unprecedented ways. Yet, however advanced we become, there always lurks in the deep recesses of our hearts a yearning to return to the basics of our ancestral origins. Vintage Cave Honolulu brings that secret longing to life. Its walls and ceilings are masoned with 150,000 antique style bricks. Its flooring is of granite quarried in the mountains of India. Furniture and fixtures were all custom crafted to create unique and comfortable cavern echoing the underground architecture of ancient Rome.

The decor features expensive artwork by such cultural legends as Picasso as well as one hell of a collection of stuff that you don't find at your local yard sale or flea market - the images are here. A story from the website of Pacific Business News provides more details:

In the two years since it opened below the Shirokiya deparment store at Ala Moana Center, Vintage Cave has become a destination restaurant for a high-end clientele.

Art valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, by artists such Pablo Picasso and Mordecai Ardon, line walls made of bricks that were specially made for the restaurant and laid by 10 bricklayers flown in from Yugoslavia.

The wine cellar holds bottles that are worth thousands of dollars — the most expensive one is a 2009 Grand Cru Moaopole that costs $16,000 A shot of 50-year-old Macallan single-malt Scotch from the members-only bar costs $6,000.

The restaurant has a “private society” member roster of around 550 clientele who have paid either $50,000 or $500,000 to dine at the restaurant, Sekiguchi said. The clients use the credit toward food and drink.

Considering that Mr. Obama managed to win election in 2008 by running on a platform of economic fairness and then immediately proceeded to protect the Wall Street gamblers that destroyed the economy it is just more hypocrisy from the man of hope and change. In 2012 the Obama campaign was extremely successful in bludgeoning the hapless Mitt Romney as an out of touch elitist of the type that hangs around with the .01 percent at exclusive clubs where membership begins at $500,000. It was one hell of a con job for a gravy train riding swine like Obama and he was able to con enough people into winning reelection.

Liberals and progressives who were hoodwinked are still waiting for him to put on those boots and walk the picket line and are now casting their lot with the Socialist cadaver Bernie Sanders (let's get real here) and Elizabeth Warren who is the newest iteration of what passes for hope and change. People need to get a clue, the system is so rotten in the star-spangled republic of Obamastan or Bushland or Clintongrad that you don't even get a seat at the table unless you are a moral reprobate or otherwise able to be bought. 

Obama continues to wallow in the spoils of victory as his South Pacific soiree makes evident and the tab for it all will be paid by the American taxpayer. Nice work if you can get it.