Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sign Of The Times: Guns Sell Like Hotcakes on Black Friday

Call it a sign of these troublesome times in America but early Thanksgiving weekend retail reports reflect that one particular item more than others was selling like hotcakes. Despite overall lower in-store sales on the day of the animals aka Black Friday firearms were literally flying off the shelves.

According to the website for financial network CNBC in story entitled “The right to bear arms--on Black Friday! Gun sales surge on retail holiday”:

Apparel and electronics are far from being the only things consumers seek out on Black Friday—many really like firearm deals as well.

Second amendment enthusiasts sent gun sales surging on Friday, according to a report from The federal government was on track to process more than 144,000 background checks for the purposes of gun ownership, a new record and the equivalent of 3 investigations per second, the report added.

A Federal Bureau of Investigation spokesman told the news organization that approximately 600 FBI and contract call center employees sift through thousands of requests within a 3 day span. Traditionally, Black Friday is a peak day for volume, but Friday likely topped last year's requests of 144,758.

You have to admit that in the waning days of the sick and twisted era of Obama and the now fully weaponized fascist apparatus of the federal government that stocking up on guns is a hell of a lot more practical than $3.99 Blu Rays or other crap. The exposure of a growing racial schism in America as made evident by the events in Ferguson and fears of social chaos probably played a hand as well as the mainstream media has milked it for maximum effect.

These are grim days in a once great country and when the shit finally hits the fan – and it will – those who are armed will certainly have the best chances of protecting themselves and their families. It doesn’t have to be racial violence either although the Obama administration certainly did their damned level best to stir the pot for the sake of harvesting votes for the 2014 mid-term elections. The Democrats got mowed down anyway and we are all now left with the permanent damage of trafficking in race-baiting for cheap politics. Obama has become even more Nixonian than Tricky Dick himself with bullshit like that. Playing the race card is the bread and butter of the GOP but it is a grave misconception that the Democrats are above dabbling in the politics of animosity - they are just more subtle. 

The economic collapse that has been put off by Federal Reserve and U.S. Government meddling in the markets to inflate the biggest stock bubble in history is also coming. It is only a matter of time until the mother of all economic implosions hits like a category five hurricane, sending the rigged markets into a death spiral and triggering bank runs. That it has not already happened is a testament to the trickery of the scum who run the system but it is unsustainable and any “black swan” type of event could be the trigger. The absolute last place that you will want to be is out on the streets looking for food on the day that the ATM's stop spitting out money. The slothful, TV addicted, willfully ignorant American masses of 2014 aren't known for preparedness and I would venture to say that the vast majority has no more than a day or two of food in their homes. It will be like a real life zombie apocalypse movie when they figure out that they can't eat their iPads.

Whether the record Black Friday gun sales is a positive or a negative all depends on one’s own perspective but the figures illustrate the growing undercurrent of unease here in Obamastan.