Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pathetic Democrats Steamrolled by Resurgent Republicans

It was a very cold morning indeed on the day of reckoning for the Democratic party and suicide hotlines across the fruited plain likely saw high volume into the wee hours of the night on Tuesday. In an electoral bloodbath as savage as a Rob Zombie slasher flick, the blue jackass party was thoroughly routed in the mid-term elections. It's not as though this was unexpected given the ominous signs of the last several months. The Dems were the recipients of voter wrath towards the miserably failed presidency of Barack Obama that now crawls on it’s mangy belly into the final two years of an eight year sentence to Hell in America. The whipping was thorough, so much so that even the most optimistic of Republicans had to be shocked as the sun came up on Wednesday.

Not only did the GOP regain control of the Senate but gained House seats and won a number of what were to be close Governor’s races. Florida’s reptillan Rick Scott beat back a challenge by flip-flopping party hopper Charlie Crist and union buster Scott Walker – who survived a recall attempt – won reelection in Wisconsin. As expected the turtle-faced wonder Mitch McConnell easily won in Kentucky and now will become Senate Majority Leader replacing the wretched Harry Reid. The ousting of Reid is truly a victory for all of America whether they know it or not as he along with Obama and the weasel queen Nancy Pelosi have become the public face of all things wrong with Democrats. A disastrous end of times for the recent party control of congress was pretty much preordained with her proclamation that "impeachment is off the table" back in 2006. Now the chickens have come home to roost but it would be more apropos if they were vultures in that the party is now a corpse.  

The early Wednesday columns are interesting to say the least.  Pundit Dan Balz weighs in at the 

Campaign 2014 surpassed its advance billing, as an electorate that was deeply unhappy with all its leaders handed the biggest rebuke to President Obama and the Democrats by giving Republicans control of the Senate. For Democrats, election night turned out far worse than any of them had feared.

At every turn in almost every state, the Republicans proved superior. They won nearly every competitive contest in states held by Democrats and held on to the states that had looked like they might go to the Democrats. Instead of slipping into the majority, the GOP stormed to power in the Senate.

That wasn’t all. In a year when incumbent governors in both parties were endangered, the Republicans prevailed and the Democrats did not, including in some of the bluest states in the nation.

Exit polls Tuesday portrayed an electorate that, while disgruntled, was not quite as Republican in its leaning as it was four years ago, when a tidal wave of dissatisfaction gave the GOP a historic victory. But if Democrats thought that might save them, their expectations proved groundless.

There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth on the so-called left but little to no real acknowledgement of exactly why voters have come to hate the Democrats. I have a number of progressive friends who either stayed home out of disgust with the Dems to punish Obama or went to the polls and voted for libertarians, Greens and no party affiliate candidates. I really don't expect Democratic party bosses to get it before 2016 election and they will only double-down on pushing a failed product that has fewer buyers now than ever. The preeminent Democratic party shill website Daily Kos ran live blogs on the election that became more grim as the pummeling continued. I found the image on the second to last one amusing:

Conservative website Breitbart's live-blogging of the Dem debacle is good although not quite up there in terms of pure entertainment value with the doomed liberal ones as the night wore on.

Democrats went to bed crying into their pillows last night but that is what happens when they stand for nothing and play with the fire of identity group politics - it is very easy to get burned come election day if those who you pander to don't show up. Could be that blacks, gays, Latinos and union types fully understand that the party only needs them until after the polls close and are tired of being shit on afterwards. An ominous sign for Democrats is that not even Bill Clinton could salvage their hopes when he was trotted out a few weeks ago to stump for candidates. This bodes ill for Hillary.

The Republicans, if they want to retain power and rescue America from doom will have to find some way of reaching out to these demographics for a winning coalition. Despite all that was wrong with him (and it was a lot) Ronald Reagan did and was successful. We will see whether the GOP is content to rest on their laurels after Tuesday's massacre or think beyond the next election cycle. Americans are pissed off and Obama will no longer be around to be a target for their frustrations. McConnell needs to move quickly before primary season starts and gridlock sets in anew although he may find the ambitious, fascist fanatic Ted Cruz to be a more serious thorn in the side than Obama ever was. 

And you have to just love this picture of the glimmer twins from Democratic propaganda organ MSNBC courtesy of the Huffington Post's Twitter feed.  No further comment is necessary on this one. I detest Rachel Maddow who along with Al Franken managed to escape from the wreckage of liberal radio venture Air America to prominent positions in the establishment while those critical of Democrats as well were exiled to obscurity. 

In the past it was at times fashionable to refer to the French as “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” for their lack of enthusiasm in supporting America. Now that the magnitude of the colossal ass-beating given to Democrats by the electorate in Tuesday’s mid-terms is sinking in it is time to drag out the term anew.  This afternoon, speaking from the smoking ruins of the Democrat command center, the cheese-eater in chief delivered his surrender address. While it wasn’t exactly General Robert E. Lee giving it up at Appomattox it did have historical significance as a pathological narcissist had to formally acknowledge a crippling political defeat.

According to a story from Reuters entitled “After Republican rout, Obama tells voters: 'I hear you'”:

U.S. President Barack Obama acknowledged on Wednesday that "Republicans had a good night" with sweeping election victories in Congress and said he got a message from voters that it was his responsibility to break a Washington gridlock.

Republicans seized control of the U.S. Senate in Tuesday's election and captured their biggest majority in the House of Representatives in more than 60 years. The party also won more than half of the 36 governors' races.

"As president, I have a unique responsibility to try and make this town work," the president, a Democrat, said at a White House news conference. "So, to everyone who voted, I want you to know that I hear you."

The president, whose unpopularity made him unwelcome to many fellow Democrats running for office, plans to meet congressional leaders from both parties at the White House on Friday to take stock of the new political landscape.

On Wednesday, he spoke with Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, who is poised to become the Senate's new majority leader, and with House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner.

"I told them both that I look forward to finishing up this Congress' business and then working together for the next two years to advance America's business," Obama said.

What this surely means is that we are all about to get the mother of all ass-fuckings. There will be serious escalations of the war on ISIS, a huge infusion of cash to the military and with the deranged Senator John McCain now wielding a big stick a very dangerous flirtation with nuclear disaster. McCain has to one of the happiest men in America now with Congress firmly under GOP control and we may even see a return to the constitution in that they will be able to declare war. Bibi will be coming soon to address his legions of perverted fanatics and meat-puppets in a joint session railing for the bombers to be sent to Tehran. Bet the mortgage money on that one. 

Now the Democrats are turning on each other like starved rats trapped in a septic tank after getting walloped and trying to shed their own culpability. According to the Washington Post, outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s staff is caterwauling about a lack of support from dear leader while David Axelrod went on MSNBC and called for a house cleaning. The circular firing squad is already forming but there is no honest discussion over what it is about the Democrats and Obama that Americans really hate so much. It is a deep state of denial bordering on fugue and there is no easy fixing of this hot mess in time for the next round in 2016 which the talking heads are already masturbating over.

Short of the Republicans getting drunk off of their own success and imploding – see the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks – the Democrats have very serious problems and Hillary Rodham-Clinton is not the cure. The Clintons used to be fresh back in 1992 when they were the sign of a new generation assuming it's position atop the nation’s political establishment and were adored by millions. That however was one hell of a long time -and more scandals than Bubba can shake Mr. Wiggly at - ago.

 Today Bill and Hillary Clinton are symbols of a terminally corrupt, atrophied, insider packed political class who have zero chance at connecting with younger generations. Obama pulled it off  back in 2008 but like everything else that the prince of petulance touched it all turned to shit leaving millions of new voters up for grabs. It was a stunning reversal of fortune and inexplicable why Obama abandoned the young but who needs them when you can field a "team of rivals" that was the darling of the political elite. 

So the Republicans have a chance to own the future if they are able to actually do something positive for Americans and make an attempt to appeal to millennials and non-white demographics. Rand Paul and Jeb Bush are among those already reaching out and the party is going to have to come up with an answer to harvest those disgusted with the Democrats to win in 2016 and beyond. Given the lack of depth on the Democrat's bench as well as a their total moral bankruptcy the party may be on the way to the scrap heap of history but the GOP also has to adapt to survive in a new era. The grumpy and gullible FOX News blue-haired fatty ingrates are dying off and in a couple of more election cycles there will be millions fewer racists to rely on. The old Republicans are as much a dinosaur as the Democrats and a good night of the long knives style purge to clean them out of the party would behoove those who run it. So here we sit in a one-party America - but that is always what it has been over the past several decades, only now it's out in the open,

But today is about whining and finger-pointing and people who were right about the Democrats laughing their jolly assess off and saying “I told you so”. I sure as hell am. I remember the days when I despised the Republicans as though they were Satan incarnate but in the Obama era, after the betrayals, bank bailouts and bellicosity towards Syria and Russia they have now closed ground and are running neck and neck. Fuck the goddamned Democrats, when they are nothing but less strident neocons and Republican lite why not just abandon the whole charade entirely and stop trying to differentiate between the two. No matter how loathsome that the party is at least the Republicans stand for something. The Democrats are just a pack of Judas goats and after Tuesday's baby-seal clubbing should just surrender and fold up their tents. 

And how fitting  is it that a former hog-castrator in Joni Ernst won a Senate seat in Iowa? It is a classic metaphor for how Mr. Obama’s balls have been chopped off once and for all. If it quacks like a lame duck, it is a lame duck.