Monday, October 6, 2014

Obama Regime Continues to Sell Khorasan Hoax

Americans were served up a nice big piece of government fear-mongering to go along with their Sunday dinners last night. In an appearance on the state-corporate media’s flagship propaganda showcase 60 Minutes, Obama’s FBI director invoked the latest bogeyman Khorasan to keep the sheep flock in the state of constant dread that allows for the imposition of fascism in America.  James Comey went on national television and basically lied to an uncritical interviewer in order to perpetuate the myth of the ultra-secret, worse than IS ( or ISIL or IS) scariest bad-asses of all time. It was so 2004 and being a year that ends in an even digit 2014 is also an election year only now the Democrats are wielding the terrorist defender bludgeon.

According to a story from The Hill entitled “FBI director warns of Khorasan attack”:

The head of the FBI said in an interview broadcast late Sunday that the U.S. is preparing for an imminent terrorist attack.

FBI Director James Comey said the Khorasan Group, an al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, may still be working on a plan to hit the United States.

“Khorasan was working and may still be working on an effort to attack the United States or our allies, and looking to do it very, very soon,” he said on CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

I can’t sit here and tell you whether it’s their plan is tomorrow or three weeks or three months from now,” he said.

“Given our visibility, we know they’re serious people, bent on destruction. And so we have to act as if it’s coming tomorrow.”

He said that terrorist networks in Syria are a product of “the metastasis of al Qaeda” with the two major groups, al Nusra and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“They are both vicious, sort of the inheritors of a lot of the mantle of al Qaeda and present different threats in a lot of ways,” Comey said.

He described the al Nusra group as experienced bomb makers, killers and planners seeking international targets.

“These are people who have thought about bringing terrorism on a global scale,” he said.

“ISIL is as sophisticated, maybe more than any of the others in its media presence and its recruiting and training efforts online,” he said, using another acronym for ISIS.

The Obama regime is desperate to prevent the loss of the Senate and has even tacitly admitted that his putrid party is facing electoral doom so why not just conjure up a phantom menace and start  accusing political opponents and critics of being terrorist sympathizers.  It is as Herman Goering allegedly once remarked: “it works the same in any country”.

Khorasan however has been debunked already although you will never read about it or see in on television in the corrupt Obama friendly media. The entire bogus threat was brilliantly deconstructed by Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain at the online magazine The Intercept in a story entitled “The Khorasan Group: Anatomy of a Fake Terror Threat to Justify Bombing Syria” which states:

As the Obama administration prepared to bomb Syria without Congressional or U.N. authorization, it faced two problems. The first was the difficulty of sustaining public support for a new years-long war against ISIS, a group that clearly posed no imminent threat to the “homeland.” A second was the lack of legal justification for launching a new bombing campaign with no viable claim of self-defense or U.N. approval.

The solution to both problems was found in the wholesale concoction of a brand new terror threat that was branded “The Khorasan Group.” After spending weeks depicting ISIS as an unprecedented threat – too radical even for Al Qaeda! – administration officials suddenly began spoon-feeding their favorite media organizations and national security journalists tales of a secret group that was even scarier and more threatening than ISIS, one that posed a direct and immediate threat to the American Homeland. Seemingly out of nowhere, a new terror group was created in media lore.

It is an excellent piece as it tracks the promotion of the big government lie about the spooky, never before heard of group as it worked its way through the media echo chamber. That Obama would go to the well once again about Khorosan is a sign of his sweaty desperation. Has anyone else noticed that a good deal of the hysteria over ISIS has died down since the Khorosan hoax was rolled out? Now that the justification for another lucrative war has served its purpose it is too dangerous that the idea that ISIS has largely been armed by U.S. allies like Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries get out. Vice President Joe Biden made that mistake last week in a speech when according to a story from The Daily Beast entitled "VP Biden Apologizes for Telling Truth About Turkey, Saudi and ISIS":

Vice President Joe Biden is apologizing again for speaking the truth. After talking for an hour and a half at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy Forum last Thursday, he took a question from a student who asked a wise question: “In retrospect do you believe the United States should have acted earlier in Syria, and if not, why is now the right moment?"

Biden, predictably, said “the answer is ‘no’ for two reasons.” The first being the unreliability, incompetence and radicalism of the forces the United States would have been supporting on the ground. No real surprise there. But then he said what everyone in the region knows and The Daily Beast has reported extensively:

“My constant cry was that our biggest problem is our allies — our allies in the region were our largest problem in Syria,” Biden told his listeners in remarks subsequently posted on the White House YouTube channel (go to 1:32:00 if you want to skip the earlier speech).

 “The Turks were great friends,” he notes, adding that he recently spent considerable time with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and they have “a great relationship.” Ditto the Saudis and the Emiratis. But when it came to Syria and the effort to bring down President Bashar Assad there, those allies’ policies wound up helping to arm and build allies of al Qaeda and eventually the terrorist “Islamic State.”

“What were they doing?” Biden asked rhetorically. “They were so determined to take down Assad and essentially have a proxy Sunni-Shia war, what did they do? They poured hundreds of millions of dollars and tens, thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad — except that the people who were being supplied were al Nusra and al Qaeda and the extremist elements of jihadis coming from other parts of the world.”

Note that Biden did not say the intent of any of these allies was to supply terrorists, only that a hell of a lot of the arms and the money wound up in the hands of people who are sworn enemies of the West as well as of Assad.

“Now you think I’m exaggerating,” said Biden. “Take a look! Where did all of this go?”

It was a gaffe befitting of Secretary of State John “Skull and Bones” Kerry, the other half of the Obama regime’s dynamic diarrhea of the mouth duo. Biden had to plant his lips on the asses of our terrorist supporting “allies” and give them a big wet sloppy kiss for his breach of protocol. God knows that those sleazy regimes over there are the root cause of western problems in the Islamic world yet it can't be acknowledged. This is particularly the case with Saudi Arabia where fifteen of the nineteen hijackers hailed from and there is still the matter of those 28 pages that have been suppressed from the Joint Congressional Inquiry into the 9/11 attacks.

Halloween is season is the time for scary shenanigans and there will be plenty of them in the coming weeks as Operation Save Obama’s Ass from Impeachment empties the trick bag in a frantic effort to hold onto the Senate for the Demsocrats.