Friday, October 3, 2014

Atlanta Airport Protester: The CDC is Lying

As America continues to react to the news about the first domestic victim of the Ebola virus the professional damage control teams are scrambling to avoid a mass panic. The infected, a man from Liberia named Thomas Eric Duncan who was visiting his girlfriend in Dallas when he fell ill was initially sent home by a local hospital allowing him to spend days where he could have spread the virus. This could be big trouble in the U.S.A. especially when considering that children who were exposed to Duncan went to school where they were in contact with hundreds of other kids.

When you live in a country where lies and government propaganda have reduced the credibility of the establishment to pretty much zero - unless you happen to be a gullible fool - it is naive and silly to expect that our rulers would suddenly begin telling the truth. This is particularly so with the potential for the spread of the Ebola virus and the very serious economic damage that cold result were there to be a widespread outbreak. So the government does what it does best, it goes into spin mode, tries to manage the reaction and according to one story buys 160,000 HazMat suits.

In a protest for these dire times a doctor showed up at Atlanta's international airport, a major transportation hub in a protective suit to spread awareness about government disinformation over Ebola. According to a story from the website of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution entitled "Doctor dons Ebola protection suit to protest ‘asleep at the wheel’ CDC":

Two days after a man in Texas was diagnosed with Ebola, a Missouri doctor Thursday morning showed up at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport dressed in protective gear to protest what he called mismanagement of the crisis by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dr. Gil Mobley checked in and cleared airport security wearing a mask, goggles, gloves, boots and a hooded white jumpsuit emblazoned on the back with the words, “CDC is lying!”

“If they’re not lying, they are grossly incompetent,” said Mobley, a microbiologist and emergency trauma physician from Springfield, Mo.

Mobley said the CDC is “sugar-coating” the risk of the virus spreading in the United States.
Efforts to reach a CDC spokesperson for comments on Mobley’s criticism have been unsuccessful.
For them to say last week that the likelihood of importing an Ebola case was extremely small was a real bad call,” he said.

“Once this disease consumes every third world country, as surely it will, because they lack the same basic infrastructure as Sierra Leone and Liberia, at that point, we will be importing clusters of Ebola on a daily basis,” Mobley predicted. “That will overwhelm any advanced country’s ability to contain the clusters in isolation and quarantine. That spells bad news.”

Mobley, a Medical College of Georgia graduate who had an overnight layover after flying to Atlanta from Guatemala on Wednesday, said that he feels that the CDC is “asleep at the wheel” when it comes to screening passengers arriving in the United States from other countries.

“Yesterday, I came through international customs at the Atlanta airport,” the doctor told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “The only question they asked arriving passengers is if they had tobacco or alcohol.”

That Dr. Mobley was able to pass through security wearing a protective suit is not only astonishing given the Soviet Bloc style checkpoints that travelers are subjected to but also an indictment of the incompetence of the TSA.  While the government goons are busily feeling up small children and making elderly women take off their medical diapers, a man whose inspiration may have been the movie Twelve Monkeys is able to go about his business unmolested.

Is there any wonder why faith in government competence is at an all time low?