Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Punching a Hole in the Sanctimonious Horseshit Over Redskins Nickname

Now that the Democrats are getting revved up in their War on the Redskins to gin up outrage among their dwindling liberal base, a new editorial skewers them by telling the truth. On Tuesday, Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington State announced that she was sponsoring a bill that would extort the NFL by stripping away its tax exempt status if the Washington franchise’s team name was not changed. Not that this ever was an issue before the imminent loss of the Senate in 2014, the Redskins have held that name ever since 1932 when they were still in Boston. The newspaper of the Beltway, the Washington Post today published a column that serves to rub the faces of Democrats in a big pile of their own steaming cynicism and hypocrisy.

The column, written by Robert O’Donnell is the type that is necessary to lend some needed perspective to this idiotic nonsense that has absolutely no national importance and is only being used as a political wedge issue. Mr. O’Donnell, who according to the byline spent time working on “tribal justice issues for the Department of Justice's Office of Public Affairs” serves up a dose of reality to the professional agitators of the jackass party.

Native Americans in the United States are suffering. They are victims of domestic violence at higher levels than any other race. They experience higher rates of alcohol abusemental health illnesses and suicide than the general population. More than a quarter of them live in poverty, a rate two and a half times higher than white Americans. And one in three Native American women will be raped in her lifetime, more than any other racial group.

Native Americans lag behind the rest of the country in almost every leading indicator of health and well-being. And yet, we rarely, if ever, hear these problems discussed in the news, on social media or around our own kitchen tables. There is, however, one Native American issue that has captured the national spotlight: the Washington Redskins’ name.

On this topic, everybody has an opinionMike DitkaPhil Simms and Tony DungyCalifornia lawmakers and even Pocahontas (sort of). And now federal politicians are taking action. Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) announced this week that, because of the controversial name, she plans to introduce legislation that would revoke the NFL’s tax-exempt status.


And so, after decades of being overlooked by the media, Native Americans have been cast into the national spotlight for the wrong reason. The truth is, if the Redskins’ name changed today, the lives of Native Americans would be just as desperate as they were yesterday.

It is nicely done so as to acknowledge the idea that the name “Redskins” could potentially be offensive to Native Americans yet at the same time addresses actual problems that are left out of the narrative. I suppose that it is politically incorrect at some level, although I sure as hell can’t believe that any offense inflicted upon Native Americans because of a pro sports nickname outweighs the fact that their ancestors were slaughtered and robbed of their land by the same type of scum that is currently running the U.S. government.

The Democrats can continue to cry their crocodile tears and engage in their stupid jihad against the NFL, Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder and the intelligence of the American public but they are all phonies. The Obama administration, the Democratic party and future members of the regime of Queen Hillary the Inevitable will not do one damned thing to address the actual social problems that afflict Native Americans.  As anyone with two eyes and a smidgen of common sense can plainly see by now they only “feel your pain” when they need your vote and once that has been recorded they could give a rat’s ass about any of the identity based groups that they proclaim themselves to champion. Native Americans are only the latest to be betrayed for the sake of cheap politics by the disgusting Dems.