Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Georgia Town's SWAT Team Video Exemplifies Police Thug Mentality

Libertarian blogger Radley Balko has posted a story at the Washington Post that perfectly illustrates the thug mentality of the American police state. In a short video that should scare the living hell out of residents of Doraville, Georgia, death metal music along with ominous military symbols bookend a SWAT team mini-tank zooming around while on a drill. With the ongoing plague of outbreaks of police state violence - in particular the ongoing  events in Ferguson, Missouri it is important to understand that the police are completely out of control in this country.

The Doraville SWAT team video is indicative of a dark and menacing psyche that flows as an undercurrent through militarized police in the post 9/11 Homeland. The thing is so over the top that it would seem to be a hoax were the evidence not mounting daily that we indeed live in a fully weaponized, fascist police state. One where citizens are increasingly viewed as hostile forces and which grows more emboldened by the day as each subsequent incident does not bring about a state of national outrage.

Balko, who wrote the book  "Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces"  is a chronicler of the rapidly metastasizing cancer of the transformation of American law enforcement into what fittingly belongs overseas in a war zone. The story, entitled "Tiny Georgia police department posts terrifying SWAT video" states:

The continuing crisis in Ferguson, Mo., has everyone talking about police militarization again. So while we’re on the topic, have a look at the horrifying video above from Doraville, Ga. The video depicts a SWAT training operation for a downed officer. At least as of this writing, the video was posted on the front page of the Doraville Police Department Web site.

I can't imagine the honchos over at Doraville City keeping the video up for long given the outrageously fascist nature and publicity it is getting but here is the link to it on You Tube. It is notable that Doraville, lying northeast of Atlanta is just a few counties away from where overzealous cops threw a military flash grenade into a toddler's crib in May during a no-knock raid. The majority of Americans just don't get it though and likely won't until it is their door being kicked in by a jackbooted, heavily armed government police goon squad.