Friday, July 11, 2014

Russia Likely to Extend Political Asylum for Patriotic Snowden

At this point it is difficult to see the Obama administration, the warmongering neocons at the State Department and the constantly squealing authoritarian freaks in Congress getting any bigger bug up their asses than the one that they already have embedded there against Russian leader Vladimir Putin so it remains to be seen how much weeping and gnashing of the teeth will occur now that the word out of Russia is that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's asylum is likely to be extended. This would be great news for those of us in The Homeland and the larger world outside who value the great service that the patriot has already provided by outing the NSA as a smoother, more sophisticated version of the East German Stasi - although from the ongoing flurry of stories based on Snowden's leeks they are obviously far less competent. The Snowden leaks have allowed the post September 11, 2001 star-spangled fascist surveillance machine to be seen as exactly the menace to freedom that it is and the US establishment has been furious ever since he was able to elude capture by US goons in Hong Kong last June.
So much for the dishonest calls for Snowden to come home to argue his case that was floated by that pathologically dishonest bitch Hillary Rodham Clinton during her interview with The Guardian last week. Hillary may be able to successfully sell her bullshit that he would have a chance at a fair trial to many but that is just sucker bait for the rubes who don't have an inkling that the totalitarian dream that is the Espionage Act of 1917 precludes any potential defense that Snowden could be entitled to. Were he to return he would rapidly be thrown into some dank, brutal and cold hell on an undisclosed military base where he would be tortured and subjected to psychological torment because hey, that is just the way that we roll in the USA! USA! USA! anymore. The effeminate Skull and Bones pedigreed doofus John Kerry's demand that Snowden "man up" is just a less sophisticated taunt to get Snowden's goat - he is far too smart for either of the venal, immoral slimeballs who have risen to the apex of the Democratic party and Russia is as good as it is going to get until this filthy, corrupt power structure has been banished and driven back into the sewers where it belongs.
The momentum set off by Snowden - despite widespread propaganda, demonization and disinformation ops being waged in the corrupt state-corporate media - has continued despite every effort to quash it. Critical European ally Germany just hosted two pre-Snowden whistleblowers in William Binney and Thomas Drake to give official testimony on NSA abuses to a government committee. Then there are  Glenn Greenwald and Barton Gellman who continue to report on the abuse of the NSA programs that were said to only be necessary to combat "terrorism" in order to collect data on law abiding Americans including those who are targeted for their religious and political views and according to some reports there even may be another NSA leaker besides Snowden. The US establishment can no longer claim the moral high ground when it comes to conducting economic espionage and snooping on dissenters and this is a hugely important factor when it comes to exposing the criminal racketeers who run the government as their credibility suffers the death of a thousand cuts.
Outside of the sheep who choose to live within electronically reinforced cocoons of willful ignorance there is a rapidly growing number of people who are waking up to the scam, much like being freed from the pods in the classic metaphor-movie The Matrix and sooner or later there will be a tipping point reached. Revolutions are really never started by the majority but rather a dedicated vanguard of those who are informed and determined cast off those painful shackles of tyranny, it is history and it is most importantly OUR history as Americans. If you really believe that the Founding Fathers wouldn't be immediately hung as traitors by our current government just as Jesus Christ would be summarily thrown into a 4 x 6 cell at Gitmo were he to return to Earth tomorrow preaching the same message then you don't get it.
But every day people more do get it and the number continues to grow, thanks to Edward Snowden. The man should be brought home to parades and honors and awarded the Medal of Freedom if this country truly existed as it falsely promotes itself as being rather than the lawless, tyrannical bunting-draped banana republic that it has become.