Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Obama's Willing Executioners

With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu once again bombing Gaza back to the stone age and the ongoing ISIS related fighting in Iraq the situation in Ukraine has slipped through the cracks. Not that the US state-corporate media has bothered to tell the truth about the Obama backed coup government in Kiev and it's neo-Nazi muscle anyway but Americans are being hoodwinked into lining up behind what is increasingly becoming a campaign of the use of the military against civilians as well as ethnic cleansing operations. In the myriad of foreign policy disasters under the Obama regime the situation in Ukraine is by far the worst as not only was it completely unnecessary - the neocons at the State Department, led by Hillary Clinton leftovers like former Dick Cheney advisor Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland as well as veteran provocateurs like Senator John McCain decided to stick it to Russian leader Vladimir Putin while he was occupied with the Sochi Winter Olympics.
What was a legitimate protest movement against the corrupt oligarch leader in Kiev, Viktor Yanukovych was hijacked by goons including the extremist political parties Right Sektor and Svoboda (McCain's neo-Nazi pals) who introduced violence into the Euromaiden protests which after much US support including the ever loathsome Nuland passing out cookies in a public relations appearance toppled the sitting leader, chasing him from the country in fear for his life. A still mysterious sniper attack ignited the final push against Yanukovych (an intercepted phone call between the EU's Catherine Ashton and the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet sites medical information that the shots that killed protesters and police came from the same direction) and Nuland's (Mrs. Robert Kagan) hand-picked successor, Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk and a junta government was installed. "Yats" and his illegitimately installed government were clumsy at public relations and the US-EU-NATO Axis of Aggression got caught with their pants down when the prize of the hostile takeover, Crimea along with Russia's Black Sea naval base was lost after Crimeans voted to extend a big middle finger to the junta in Kiev and rejoin Russia. Similar unrest followed in the east of what is a divided country, half of which shares and identity with Russia and the memories of the bad old days of World War II and the killing spree carried out by Nazi collaborators is well known.
East Ukraine naturally rebelled after the US backed junta immediately decreed that Russian language was banned and things just went downward from there. Rather than get into a long rehashing of the past six months suffice it to say that the breakaway of the east into a separate republic was never going to be tolerated ether from the fascist and neo-Nazi goons in the new government nor by the corporate and global finance backers of the overthrown. From Nuland's own lips the US had sunk around $5 billion in American taxpayer dollars into opening up Ukraine to IMF austerity programs and corporate exploitation and the delivery of the merchandise minus that huge chunk that is Crimea was already intolerable, there was no way that the east was going to be lost as well even if those who did not want to be absorbed into the rapacious, bloodsucking maw of the resource plundering west had to be killed.
The commencement of "anti-terrorist operations" was announced by the occupying government shortly after being visited by CIA Director John Brennan and Vice President Joe Biden (whose son scored a gig with Ukraine's largest gas company shortly after daddy left) and soon reports of killings, such as the atrocity at the Odessa trade union building back in may began to trickle in although largely ignored by the US media and sugar-coated in the UK. The trade union incident was particularly horrific in that the victims weren't legitimate military targets (if such a thing exists) and were tortured and murdered by extremist hordes before the building itself was set ablaze as the crowd outside changed "burn Colorado burn" - a reference to striped pro-Russian commemorative ribbons derisively sneered upon by right-wing Ukies as the Colorado potato beetle . There was no truthful acknowledgement of this from the Obama regime and the pocket press other than to resort to their standard lies of blaming everything on Putin and that the slaughter in Odessa was some sort of Russian false flag and not the explosion of deep-seated Nazi sentimentality.
The Odessa incident is when the Rubicon was crossed and it was assured that the anti-fascist, anti-austerity uprising in the east would not given in lest they meet the same fate. The history of Nazi slaughter and barbarity in Ukraine is well understood by the people there and when influential members of the US backed regime as well as parts of the citizenry openly embrace the infamous Nazi collaborator Stephan Bandera, a fiendish monster if there ever were one. The USA! USA! USA! has never had too many reservations about backing extremist elements to further the interests of American corporations and imperial expansion and this is particularly so with the Nazis, a long and sordid history exists and can be read about in Christopher Simpson's "Blowback" which has just recently come back into print as an e-book, a part of the new Forbidden Bookshelf series. Most Americans, particularly those weaned on the always triumphal WW II movies, television series, books and video games have no inkling that the extablishment not only danced with Nazis but fornicated with them after war, assimilating many into the intelligence apparatus and science fields where they could put their knowledge once used to further Hitler's dreams of conquest to use for good old Uncle Scam.
But I digress..
The initial coup regime was given a face lift with the bogus election of western puppet Petro Poroshenko aka The Chocolate King who immediately escalated the "anti-terrorist operations" in the east and jacked up the rhetoric, even vowing to take back Crimea. The bloodshed has increased and any killing of Kiev backed military personnel (a thing that occasionally occurs in war zones)  is threatened by Porky. After last week's pulverizing of a unit in a rebel rocket barrage the  puppet leader, increasingly sounding like Hitler vowed that “For every life of our servicemen, the rebels will pay with tens and hundreds of their own” - Lidice anyone? The death toll is about to explode and Ukrainian bosses have promised "a nasty surprise" to anti-Kiev holdouts, one can only shudder at what this may be but the vengeance will be severe. And the US regime just continues to support these maniacs.
I always read the great work of Robert Parry at Consortium News, he has provided some of the best reporting on Ukriane available and I excerpt from his recent piece "Itching for a Genocide":
Western Ukraine’s “anti-terrorist operation” against rebels in Eastern Ukraine has the makings of what could degenerate from scattered atrocities to ethnic cleansing to genocide. It already is a nasty war to suppress an ethnic minority through the use of military force, complete with references to the targeted population as insects and animals.
Traditionally, the U.S. government protests such violence and even intervenes militarily to stop it, such as the cases of Kosovo in the 1990s and Libya in 2011. In the Kosovo case, the U.S. government supported the arrest and trial of Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic on war crimes charges and later backed Kosovo’s outright secession from Serbia. In the Libyan case, a U.S.-directed bombing campaign helped overthrow Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi who was then captured and murdered.
But the Obama administration, especially the U.S. State Department, is gung-ho in favor of Western Ukraine’s military assault on Eastern Ukraine where many ethnic Russians objected to the overthrow of elected President Viktor Yanukovych in a violent Feb. 22 coup. Yanukovych came from the East, which was also his political base.
Despite the disturbing circumstances surrounding the coup, including the role of neo-Nazi militias in forcing Yanukovych and his officials to flee for their lives, the U.S. State Department immediately embraced the new authorities as “legitimate.” The mainstream U.S. news media also clambered onboard the pro-coup bandwagon.
Over the ensuing months, both the State Department and the U.S. press corps have consistently presented a one-sided narrative that portrayed the coup makers as white-hatted “pro-democracy” protesters and denounced anyone opposed to the coup as black-hatted supporters of “Russian aggression.”
The key role of neo-Nazi “brown shirts” was whited out of the official U.S. picture despite the fact that the interim regime gave these far-right ultranationalists – admirers of Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera – at least four ministries, including national security, in recognition of their crucial contribution in overthrowing Yanukovych.
However, the propaganda role of the State Department and the mainstream U.S. press is now taking on a darker coloration as the Kiev regime vows to crush the ethnic Russian resistance in Eastern Ukraine, raising the prospect of widespread civilian deaths, ethnic cleansing and even the possibility of genocide.
Obama has always been open as to his admiration for Ronald Reagan and now just like the Gipper he has his very own death squads prowling Ukraine and coordinating with the military. In a recent post at the progressive website OpEd News by George Eliason, an American living in Ukraine the writer states:
On the first day of the 'liberation' 116 people between 25-40 were killed without charge or trial. The executions are still going on in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. Witnesses say one man was strapped to an APC by his feet and dragged, then thrown into a car and taken away. Crews with dogs search the apartments, and without even asking any questions shoot people in front of their families. One person that escaped reported seeing a six year old he knew nailed to a sign post, as the soldier laughing. The father ran out of the building and was shot as he begged for his child's life. Another child, just 3 years old was crucified on a bulletin board by Kiev Bandera and his mother was forced to watch. The mother was then dragged around by a tank. The woman was the wife of a militia member.
 Residents of Slavyansk are being forced to prove their loyalty to the government. To do this they provide information on their "former" family and friends that supported the militia, including phone, social media, addresses, and photos. One woman in Slovyansk, in a bid to prove her loyalty to the junta, murdered her own husband. Corpses lie uncollected in the streets, apartments, and houses. Survivors are being processed through 'filtration' (i.e., concentration) camps, according to people who escaped the 'liberation' of Slovyansk.
 Confirmation of this level of atrocity comes from a fighter with Kiev's Donbass battalion: Oleg Dube (Oak). In a cleansing operation in Nikolaevka he wrote on his Facebook page that there were only civilians and no militia in the town. The battalion cleansed the town by throwing grenades into the houses and shooting anything that moved. Dube claims to have watched unarmed residents shot down in the street. According to him he complained to hiscommander Simon Semenchenko. His commander had him arrested and taken to their base in Donetsk.(Semenchenko is currently involved in an organ trafficking investigation involving junta leaders.)
This is gruesome if true, particularly the part about the crucifixion of the small child to a bulletin board, it may be just ugly disinformation but then again, considering the Nazi worship of the militias operating in the east - Obama's neo-Nazi militias - he now owns them - such atrocities can't easily be dismissed. The story of this latest abominable outburst of cruelty also appeared at the website The Vineyard of the Saker
I am increasingly beginning to agree that Obama is in the long run going to prove to be far worse than Bush, even in all of the bloody atrocities unleashed in Iraq by the Shock and Awe attack at least Dubya never threw in with Nazis.