Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Journey of the CNN Tunnel Wolf

The nadir for the American state-corporate media have finally been hit with the now six months running vomit of lies about the nature of exactly what type of neo-Nazis that the US establishment and the Obama regime are backing in Ukraine, the 24/7 "two minutes hate" directed at the now thoroughly demonized Vladimir Putin and most recently the disgusting orgy of apologies for the criminal murder of women and children in Gaza by the insane Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu. The latest example of just how rotten that the star-spangled, Kardashian drenched, exceptionalist snake oil selling  lie factory has become was the missing airplane network - CNN's propaganda piece of former AIPAC lobbyist turned celebrity pitchman for imperial blood and greed Wolf Blitzer's journey to God's chosen land to provide a nationally televised spectacle of the exploration of one of those "terror tunnels" allegedly used by Hamas.

I just love CNN's description of the passageway (which for all that we know is a movie set constructed by the Netanyahu regime (much like George W. Bush's famous phony dude ranch in Crawford, TX was) as:

The opening was so small that CNN's Wolf Blitzer -- no physical giant -- had to bend down to climb inside one of 30 or so Palestinian tunnels from Gaza to southern Israel.

In a perverse way I can almost see Bibi, all puffed up like a poisonous, blood-sucking toad claiming that the murder of children is a preventative measure to keep the little bastards from sneaking into Israel to conduct devious missions of murder, rape and sabotage. It sells very well to the  US based television addicted sheep who are down with all of the slaughter that their tax money is subsidizing - especially the sort of fanatical chicken-fried 'Christians' who flock to the black masses of demons like Christians United For Israel (CUFI) leader and false prophet John Hagee to shout their praises to the almighty military of extremist, right-wing Israel like their historical predecessors in Nazi Germany who were similarly mesmerized by Hitler at one of the fire-lit black masses of murderous intent of days of yore.

Seeing Blitzer's dog and pony show brought back memories, It was just like the flim-flam man of ginned up outrage and schlock Geraldo River with Al Capone's fucking vault all over again. Blitzer, while not nearly as flamboyant as Rivera is afforded the totally undeserved political clout that all of the con-artists who play "news" people on the electronic crackpipe get in this rotten, brainwashed, mean-spirited colony of fucked over and fucked out lemmings.While not possessing the pure performance skills of Geraldo - who was brilliantly pegged by film critic of the Los Angeles Times Tim Rutten who made the observation that in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the devastation of New Orleans:

"Seeing him descend bright-eyed and sweaty on wretched New Orleans, as he did in Hurricane Katrina's aftermath, was like watching a vulture on crystal meth. The word that came to mind was not 'reporting,' but 'feeding.'"

Wolf - who now like those who really have hit it truly big in American television is afforded recognition by only one name like Oprah and Geraldo - is the go to guy in foreign tales, particularly those involving Israel despite the glaring and obvious conflict of interest in that he 1) is a former AIPAC employee 2) happens to be Jewish. The latter is of course no attempt to engage in Jew-baiting but really, how can a Zionist ever be trusted to provide an unbiased view of the Israeli-Palestinian tragedy. It's like the guy over at the Washington Post who just penned a ridiculously over the top screed entitled  "With Israel, the world is blaming the victims" from which I excerpt:

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s anti- Semitism is getting the better of him. Once again, the Turkish prime minister has trotted out the Hitler analogy in relation to Israel and what it has done in Gaza. “They curse Hitler morning and night,” he said of the Israelis. “However, now their barbarism has surpassed even Hitler’s.”

 Erdogan’s Hitler fetish is both revolting and inaccurate. Hitler murdered an estimated 6 million Jews, not to mention millions of Poles, Russians, Gypsies and, as a group, homosexuals; the Israelis have killed in the current Gaza operation more than 1,000 Palestinians. The difference between murdered and killed — the former on purpose, the latter mostly what’s called “collateral damage” — ought to be clear to anyone whose mind is not addled by anti-Semitism.
 Israel has gone out of its way to try to avoid civilian deaths. It has often — maybe too often — not succeeded. But it has warned civilians with telephone calls and text messages and even dummy bombs hitting the roof. This, I point out, is far more than President Obama has done when U.S. drones kill terrorists in Pakistan or wherever. Hamas militants are also terrorists and they hide, as every guerrilla army has ever done, among the people.

 The loss of civilian life is awful, but it is no Holocaust. It is, though, an opportunity for anti-Semites, latent or otherwise, to express their bigotry. Their implied statement is that the Jews had it coming — see how they act now! Their bigotry overpowers their logic and they deliriously lose all sense of proportion — 6 million vs. 1,000 or so in Gaza — and they conflate the killer with the killed. It is repugnant.

Citing any more will only make me gag so go and view the piece yourself. BTW, the writer's last name just happens to be "Cohen" which being a Jewish surname bears serious scrutiny of whether he exhibits a bias in an emotional and religion tainted, ongoing PR struggle over land which was stolen by Israel based upon a supposed mandate from God himself which is total horseshit being that it has never been definitely proven that God even exists. I mean show me the fucking deed outside of that hunk of outhouse ass-wiping material that is the Christian bible along with the wrathful Old Testament prequel. Being an atheist and recognizing that religion is all superstitious nonsense based on a history of manipulation for political purposes by Kings and Popes and other cunning cynics who were before their time in understanding that it was all a big bamboozle it is easy for me to disavow any hogwash based on a mandate from "God".

Hell, I guess that I can be smeared as an anti-Semite as well for my daring to call into question the deeply embedded biases and agendas of Richard Cohen and "Wolf", with all critics of the ongoing human rights abomination that is Netanyahu's kill-crazy rampage blowing up schools, hospitals, playgrounds, power plants and killing women and children being tagged as the moral equivalents of those who ran the gas showers at Auschwitz I am in good company. According to the apologists for the Israeli war criminals - including the entire pack of traitors and America-lasters in the US Congress - we are ALL anti-Semites now.

But the flip side of that is the growing fascist, racial supremacist and increasingly violent nature of the Israelis who through their actions have sickly become very much like the Nazis who murdered Jews by the millions. The ultimate endgame of Netanyahu and his willing executioners will be less ostentatious versions of the death camps where the Jewish victims of Hitler's genocidal mania were eradicated as the same subhumans that the Palestinians have now become. Were I to believe in God I would say that he is a psychopath with a very sick sense of fucking humor given that the persecuted race has now become the murderers and oppressors and have constructed a remarkably similar society in which butchery has become acceptable and the slogan of Gott Mit Uns could be translated into Hebrew and stitched into the Israeli flag above the Star of David. 

As an American taxpayer who is outraged at the ongoing murder of children that my money is being stolen by the US government to subsidize I may have no choice but as an American citizen who still enjoys at least as it is advertised my First Amendment right to freedom of speech: FUCK ISRAEL!