Monday, July 7, 2014

Bloodsuckers McCain and Graham Hit Sunday Circuit to Peddle More Lies

“Name me someone that’s not a parasite and I’ll go out and say a prayer for him”
- Bob Dylan (Visions of Johanna)
A 2001 piece at satirical website The Onion entitled “Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'” published shortly after his inauguration was astonishing in the uncanny ability to so accurately predict the future. Now in mid-2014 we are a nation at permanent war, whether it be Afghanistan, a new Cold War with Russia or the third bite at the apple in Iraq it is as Orwell once put it "Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia". The wars are of course not the desire of the people, and truly there are very few of them who sacrifice a damned thing (since we no longer have conscription) other than lost investment in their own country due to the diversion of tax payer dollars to fund permanent militarism. President Dwight D. Eisenhower lamented the social cost of a state of permanent war in his 1961 farewell address as well as the dangers of the Military Industrial Complex but those dangers can also be very lucrative opportunities to the death pimp politicians who are always willing to send others to kill, die and be maimed for their ongoing ability to remain in office thanks to those who fund them as well as their vainglorious self-importance. 
With the new wave of violence in Iraq courtesy of that brilliant re-branding of the scary Muslim menace ISIS and the long promised by the neocon fear-mongers caliphate US troops are returning to Iraq again. While the troops, who when the violence really gets kicked up will return home to the USA!, USA!, USA! to further tax an already stretched to breaking VA system  (and no, Obama's corporate stooge, a former Procter & Gamble CEO who was just named ad VA Secretary is not going to fix it) the usual suspects are out shilling for escalation. Never mind that they have always been wrong about the warfare state that became the "new normal" after September 11, 2001 they still manage to be afforded attention, undeserved credibility and a national television platform to bray for their wars.
There are no two more diseased parasites who have lead the hordes of blood-suckers feasting on the host of what used to be a great country than Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. The dynamic duo appeared on Sunday morning's bloviation circuit to engage in their standard asinine lying and demagoguery as the election cycle nears and there are cheap political points to provide added value to their pimping for the Pentagon and the arms industry which both rely upon the other for continued existence.
It was on CBS's Face the Nation that old blood and guts and the Palmetto state princess showed up to sell their wares and I excerpt from the transcript:
SCHIEFFER: Let's get back to Iraq.
 What is your take, Senators, on this new video? Is ISIS now trying to scare us? Is the threat to the United States from ISIS growing? I guess those are the two questions I would have to ask.
 GRAHAM: Well, according to direction of national intelligence, the FBI director and most of our intelligence community, ISIS presents a direct threat to the homeland in Syria, now Iraq.
Americans and Western Europeans are going to help their cause. And they can flow back here. So, yes, they are a direct threat to the homeland and they're getting much stronger as we speak.
[These sick bastards will do anything to catch that post 9/11 flag-sucking lightning in a bottle again to keep their NSA surveillance state in place and get the sheep on board for another war - shameless] 
MCCAIN: I think it's important to recognize that we did have this situation stabilized, thanks to the surge, that we could have left a residual force behind which would have stabilized the situation.
[God bless The Surge and God bless General Petraeus, the "ass-kissing little chickenshit"
This is not like a hurricane or an earthquake. This didn't have to happen. This is a failure of United States policy. And, by the way, there still is none that I can discern, either a policy or a strategy, to handle this situation.
[No, it did not have to happen but it largely happened because of these two charlatans and the corrupt media that they rode in on]
This guy Baghdadi when he left Camp Bucca, a prison camp that we ran, he said, see you in New York. We now have the largest and richest enclave of radical terrorism in history that not only encompasses Iraq, as we know, but Iraq and Syria. So, we have to look at this as a Syria-Iraq problem. And one of the things that we need to do, of course we want Maliki to be replaced, but we got to stop ISIS first. And that means that we're going to have to do airstrikes. And we need to step up our support for the Free Syrian Army that is really right now getting very badly beaten.
[BULLSHIT! The Bergdahl as a radical of some sort is based on propaganda provided by former Iran-Contra figure and perjurer Duane "Dewey" Clarridge who runs a discredited private intelligence firm "The Eclipse Group" that primarily appeals to Fox News viewers. Bergdahl was also just cleared by the Army of any misconduct while in captivity. McCain knows better than this and so does CBS] 
SCHIEFFER: Just one thing, Senator. You say we left. The Iraqis would not sign the status of forces agreement, which would have put troops under our control, legal control. Are you just saying we didn't try hard enough to get that agreement?
 MCCAIN: I'm saying that they were ready to sign. I'm saying that this administration, this president didn't want to stay, and we were there in Baghdad and in Irbil when they agreed to do it.
Now, we were actually there. And the president of the United States would never give them a number of troops and their mission that they wanted to leave behind. In the words of General Dempsey in testimony before the Armed Services Committee, it cascaded down to 3,000 people. The president campaigned he was going to get us out. And the president is going to make the same mistake in Afghanistan, unless he reverses that decision, that he made.
You're going to see the same result in Afghanistan. We just came back from there. They feel abandoned.
[Again, it is largely due to McCain and his ilk that we were in Afghanistan in the first place] 
SCHIEFFER: Senator, do you agree with that?
GRAHAM: I think the big fear I have about what we're doing in Afghanistan is that we have great capability now.
We can watch a part of the world that is a safe haven for terrorists. Thirteen years after 9/11, there are more safe havens. There are more terrorist groups with more weapons and more capabilities than before 9/11, and we're having less capability, less presence.
 [Once again the 9/11 card is played]
If we get down to 1,000 troops by 2017, and dismantle our eyes and ears in Afghanistan and Pakistan, it will haunt us far worse than Iraq. The counterterrorism mission in Afghanistan is a front-line defense against -- for the homeland and it is being destroyed by this idea of leaving completely in 2017.
[Any government official who pronounces the United States of America as "the Homeland", always a very German term does not belong in office]
Mr. President, reverse your course. Keep our counterterrorism capabilities in effect to protect us here at home.
Just another day in the Empire isn't it? The lies keep coming as well as the wars that they are used to sell.