Sunday, June 8, 2014

US Puppet Chocolate King to Push Ukraine Closer to War With Russia

Meeting with President Barack Obama during the narcissist in chief's whirlwind European tour last week, newly minted US puppet Petro Porshenko aka "the Chocolate King" finalized his deal with the devil and will continue the frantic push towards war with Russia on behalf of his western puppeteers. The election of Poroshenko is as legitimate as the coup to oust democratically elected president Viktor Yanokoyvch was but after months of incompetent, politically tone deaf rule by Arseniy Yatsenyuk - or as he is known in the terms of endearment of US State Department neocon in charge of Eastern Europe Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland "Yats" as the emergency manager to preside over the implementing of the carving up of the country for western corporate and financial interests - he is a new face that allows for improved propaganda. The US-EU-NATO Axis of Aggression botched the operation badly with the disproportionate amount of power given to fascists and neo-Nazis, worshippers of WW II Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera who engaged in the typical thuggery that such types are prone to. The members of Svoboda (John McCain's neo-Nazi pals) and the even more savage Pravy Sektor or Right Sector wasted no time in attacking Russian speaking Ukrainians in the east, none more gruesome than what occurred at the Odessa trade union building where atrocities were committed before it was burned down by neo-Nazi mobs. 
The "Yats" regime also badly fumbled the ball much to the chagrin of the global finance mafia by getting caught with their pants down and losing the crown deal of the Ukraine hostile takeover that was Crimea along with the Russian Black Sea naval base at Sevastopol. The neocons were apoplectic and have not stopped working through their US media propaganda outposts in prominent newspaper editorial departments to constantly lie to the American sheep that Putin is trying to rebuild the Red Menace of the old USSR, a variation of the imposition of the Islamic Caliphate, were the neocons so inclined they could get a large portion of the country to believe that a Martian invasion was imminent. Poroshenko seems ready to not only continue but to escalate western provocations to lure Putin into a military confrontation in Ukraine and in taking a page from the Gas Princess has vowed to retake Crimea.
The Chocolate King used his coronation ceremony in Kiev to issue what amounts to an open declaration of war against neighboring Russia and despite his D-Day commemoration ceremony meeting with Putin there is no sign that is encouraging that Poroshenko is going to do anything to halt the ongoing ethnic cleansing aka "anti-terrorist" operations in the East. If nothing else the violence is escalating as the attacks have expanded beyond the ranks of Right Sector fascists, neo-Nazi militias and assorted mercenaries and now the Ukranian military is being used against civilians. Given the amount of propaganda disbursed it is difficult to get credible on the ground reporting and the US media is on lockdown as to divulging anything remotely resembling reality - there still has been no official acknowledgement that US taxpayer money is being provided to fund neo-Nazis.
The new puppet leader has given his pledge of "immunity" to those who have taken up arms against the Kiev coup government to prevent the crushing austerity and humiliation that is coming and has according to Reuters vowed a safe passage to any Russians who have entered Ukraine to fight the fascists but he is not to be trusted. Remember the scene from The Outlaw Josey Wales when surrendering renegades where given an offer of amnesty if they laid down their arms and then murdered in cold blood with the US Senator in charge proclaiming that:  "They were decently treated. They were decently fed and then they were decently shot", any anti-fascist fighter who complies with this western puppet's request will likely meet a similar fate.
For what it's worth, in the interest of balance I excerpt this interview with opposition leader Igor Strelkov that has been posted at the libertarian financial blog Zero Hedge entitled  "The Shadowy Commander Of The East Ukraine Insurgency Speaks"
I believe that the situation will change for the worse, because now this so-called “legitimate” President immediately will turn to NATO countries, to Western countries, for help, asking, first and foremost, for military help.
We can then expect to be confronted with new NATO tanks, helicopters, aircraft, advisors, instructors, mercenaries. There will be greater numbers of shells, troops and victims. This is all that I expect from this so-called “inauguration.”
This morning [June 7, 2014] there was again artillery shelling of the Artem neighbourhood of Slavyansk. There our checkpoints are located along the perimeter, but the enemy regularly shells homes in civilian neighbourhoods. Specifically, the shells exploded here, here, near the Lenin Hospital, and here.
They conducted strikes against Nikolaevskaia Power Plant specifically with the intent of taking it out of commission, so at to cut off electrical supplies not only to our city, but to a whole number of cities in the north of Donbass region. In fact, this was a direct attack intended to destroy the infrastructure that feeds urban and industrial regions. The same can be said about the continuing bombardment of industrial locations. In sum, we are witnessing purposeful destruction of the industrial complex. You can draw an analogy to an old joke about a Ukrainian who says “Even if I can’t eat it, at least I’ll bite it.” In other words, if I can’t have you, no one can. About right.
I am predicting that not only the Slavyansk region, which, at this time, acts as a shield for the Lugansk and Donetsk oblasts/provinces, but also the entire territory of Lugansk and Donetsk regions will turn into a battlefield. It is obvious that no one will stop this military operation; no one is intending to terminate it. More than that, military elements are being used that are entirely excessive in fighting against small guerilla units. In fact, these elements are more-or-less useless. In a manner of saying, they are using cannons to shoot down birds. All of this will continue further, it will be transferred to Donetsk, to Gorlovka, to Makeevka, to Lugansk, to all the other cities and parts of the region. At least that’s how the Ukrainian army is acting. These are the conclusion that can be drawn from what the Ukrainian army is doing. This will turn into a humanitarian catastrophe not just at the scale of a city, but on the regional, possibly the world scale. I say this because there are over six (6) million inhabitants [in the region] that will become the targets of this very dumb, very unprofessional, very careless military machine. While guerillas (and we are, in fact, guerillas), i.e. militia, are able to defend cities, are able to repel infantry and even tank attacks by the enemy, we are, unfortunately, incapable of defending the region from airstrikes and artillery shelling. Equally, we are unable to destroy [artillery and aviation] because the ratio of the opposing forces remains disturbingly [not in our favour]. Regardless of how many volunteers we are able to field (and, first of all, we are unable to arm all of them, to this date we lack everything – rifles, ammo, anti-aircraft elements, and, most important, we lack anti-tank defence systems, including anti-tank artillery), and even if we receive all the necessary equipment and are able to match [Ukrainian] regular forces in combat, this would nevertheless lead to a complete humanitarian catastrophe in the region. Unfortunately, without peacekeeping forces (and I obviously mean Russian peacekeepers, as no other peacekeeping force would be accepted by us here, nor considered a “peacekeeping force”), the region will descend into bloody chaos, lawlessness. Everything that was built over decades would be lost, destroyed.
Q: Poroshenko promised Putin that, in the nearest future, the war will be either brought to an end or suspended, in some manner. In your opinion, what did he mean when he said this?
A: I believe that what he meant is that the Ukrainian army will steamroll over the entire Donbass region, will eliminate all those who rose up against the illegitimate Kiev government, all those who rebelled against the discrimination directed against the Russian people, and that, in this manner, he would bring the war to an end. I think this is what he had in mind. An oligarch who sponsored the so-called “Maidan,” who made the most warlike claims and adopted extreme positions while still a Presidential candidate, who is a puppet controlled directly by the United States of America, this oligarch cannot change who he is in one day or one night. Of course, what he means is that he plans to “impose order” with an iron fist, the fist of his punitive forces. Put it bluntly, we saw how they “impose order” from the example of what happened in Krasniy Liman. That is why we will, of course, resist to the last man. We will resist successfully, I am emphasizing this again. The real problem is not that we will be unable to defend ourselves or to withstand attacks by the Ukrainian forces, the problem is that if this war continues indefinitely, the region will fall to a humanitarian catastrophe. As a result Russia will become the recipient of millions of disenfranchised, impoverished and angry refugees. Everything that was built, created over decades, if not centuries, will be destroyed.
This is an account from a man in the trenches and if you really think that the corrupt oligarch Chocolate King – soon to be shitting into golden toilets and wiping his ass with United States treasury notes is going to be given anything other than the Outlaw Josey Wales surrender treatment than you are sadly mistaken. If anything the slaughter is only beginning and the American taxpayer is once again paying the blood money for the bullets and bombs.
Same as it ever was..