Thursday, June 12, 2014

Obama Doubles Down on Iraq War Catastrophe

When you find yourself in a hole the smart idea is to stop digging, that is unless it is a grave. With the situation in Iraq deteriorating by the minute, thanks to the neocon ideologues who goaded George W. Bush into attacking and invading the country in 2003 the now fully blossomed leader of the imperial war machine is prepared to once again sink more American blood and treasure into the Mesopotamian meat-grinder rather than stand up on his hind legs to the keening squealing of the war pigs. The grand "Shock and Awe" adventure of using the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks as an excuse to settle a family score with Saddam Hussein is now as critics once warned becoming the greatest foreign policy disaster in US history and Obama is ready to begin the air strikes against the militant Islamic uprising that is raging through the war-ravaged country and heading directly towards the Green Zone.  I hope that the profiteers who fleeced the American taxpayer to construct that grand palace of a US embassy included helicopter decks because the way that this is going conjures up images of the fall of Saigon.
The American elite are so drunk on their own propaganda, their crusading arrogance and a pathological hubris driven by the obscene concept of American exceptionalism that has within it sown the seeds or our own destruction that any acknowledgement to the lessons of history are not only ignored but spat upon by the best and the brightest whose only real talent is the spectacular fuck-up.  The worst thing that has ever happened to the American people and this country's image as well as whatever moral high ground was once occupied was the fall of the Soviet Union - a triumphal moment that was proclaimed to be "the end of history" by the think tank dwelling masters of the universe who were the brat pack of the post World War II era. But Barack Obama firmly within that camp for the huge self-inflicted wound that he is about to deliver to America in committing the beleaguered  US military to more violence in Iraq - in addition to his NATO gamesmanship that is getting ever closer to igniting a war with Russia that cold being an end to the empire if not the planet itself.
This is a man who is a fool and one who has shanked the country in the back in paying far too much attention to his legacy, the grand taxpayer funded presidential library that will be erected in his honor one day in the Windy City like the idols and Sphinxes of the Egyptian Pharoahs to consider the ramifications of the renewed involvement in Iraq. The decision has already been made according to some ominous accounts, I excerpt the following from The Guardian "Obama pledges US support to Iraq as Isis militants approach Baghdad":
President Barack Obama pledged the US would help the Iraqi government push back an Islamic insurgency threatening to overwhelm Baghdad on Thursday, saying he had “not ruled anything out”.
Amid mounting pressure in Washington for a robust response to the rapid advances made by forces of the Islamic State and the Levant (Isis), the White House is understood to be examining a number of options including air support for Baghdad.
But he also said the advance of the Islamists should act as a "wake-up call" to the Shia-dominated government of prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, who has been accused of running a partisan government that has alienated the Sunni minority.
In brief comments to reporters after a meeting with Australian prime minister Tony Abbott, Obama said he was watching the situation in Iraq with concern and wants to ensure that jihadists do not get a foothold.The crisis escalated rapidly on Thursday as Iraqi Kurdish forces took control of key military installations in the major oil city of Kirkuk and the Sunni jihadi group Isis revealed its intention to move on Baghdad and cities in the southern Shia heartland.
Obama admitted that the scale of the insurgency in recent days demonstrated the need for more help. “I don’t rule out anything because we do have a stake in making sure that these jihadists are not getting a permanent foot hold in either Iraq or Syria, for that matter.” The president said his national security advisers were “looking at all the options”.
Obama is too self-absorbed, too much of a power crazed, insulated narcissist to bother to consider that actions have consequences - bombing the shit out of the ISIS militants - who Obama himself bears a good deal of the blame for in arming vicious jihadists to topple the Assad regime in Syria - just may be the triggering event of the collapse of the entire rotten fucking house of cards. Particularly the economy because the oil speculators are already masturbating themselves raw over the payoff that will allow them to stick it to Americans at the pump with impunity. A gas price spike that drives pump costs to around 6 bucks a gallon would be catastrophic and could finally be the spark that ignites the smoldering but yet to ignite protests against the Empire at home. The defeat of the corrupt Republican House Majority leader Eric Cantor on Tuesday by an unknown who railed against Wall Street should be taken as what it is - a sign that judgement day is coming for the corrupt oligarchy that has subverted American democracy to lavish riches upon politically connected crooks, big banking houses and military arms hucksters.
The anger is building in what remains of this once great country and the pitchforks and torches outnumber the militarized police forces of the state - and many of them may join the party instead of defend the indefensible on the day when the shit finally hits the fan.
Obama is sitting on a powder keg and playing with matches and is flying so high off of his own perceived historical greatness that the he will be the one who is most surprised when it detonates.