Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bombs Away! Neocons Set for Sequel in Iraq

"Anyone can go to Baghdad. Real men go to Tehran"
-unnamed Bush administration official
Mistakenly left for dead after the wet dream of the conquest of the Middle East commencing with the US attack and invasion on Iraq unraveled far short of the glorious thousand year American Reich that the ideologues envisioned, leaving them discredited and for the most part ousted during the latter years of the lamentable George W. Bush regime the neocons are now resurgent and this time they are not leaving power again. The post September 11, 2001 era after the tragic and horrific attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon that saw over 3,000 Americans murdered was quietly greeted by the PNAC gang whose desire for "a new Pearl Harbor" that would radically transform the United States into a conquering power that would not rest until the entire globe was locked down.
It would be a golden era, the real "end of history" where our "heroes" the American military troops (along with armies of independent contractors funded by the taxpayers at quadruple the cost of actual servicemen/women) would enforce hegemony upon the rest of the planet - one world, under God with McDonalds and Wal-Mart for all. They squealed with the delight children on Christmas morning over the initial "Shock and Awe" bombing of Baghdad, made excuses for the heinous sado-sexual torture at Abu Ghraib prison and eventually became too much of a political burden for Bush who dumped Rumsfeld, froze out Cheney and seemingly exiled the neocons as his father once did to the "crazies" during his own presidency.
It took years but the neocons are back with a vengeance, every bit as extreme as before and having already wet their whistles with the bloodshed in Ukraine are ready to rock in Iraq, ready to use the excuse of the invasion of Islamist extremists (armed by the US's foolish Syrian games) to jump start the old PNAC plans. Obama is going to cooperate too despite his early waffling and has already reneged on his promise to not send in the troops when he signed off on sending in special forces. I excerpt the following from The Guardian story entitled  "Barack Obama sends troops back to Iraq as Isis insurgency worsen":
The US is urgently deploying several hundred armed troops in and around Iraq and considering sending an additional contingent of special forces soldiers as Baghdad struggles to repel a rampant insurgency.
Barack Obama discussed the crisis with his top national security advisers on Monday night after earlier telling Congress that up to 275 troops could be sent to Iraq to provide support and security for personnel and the US Embassy in Baghdad.
While Obama has vowed to keep US forces out of combat in Iraq, he said in his notification to Congress that the personnel moving into the region are equipped for direct fighting.
Around 170 of those forces have already arrived and another 100 soldiers will be on standby in a nearby country such as Kuwait until they are needed. In addition, officials told Reuters that the White House was considering sending a contingent of special forces to train and advise beleaguered Iraqi troops, many of whom have fled their posts in the face of the insurgency.
While the public is largely portrayed as war weary and apathetic over the Iraq and Afghanistan misadventures the neocon cheerleaders in the media are doing their damned level best to change things. From the whirlwind tour of the usual war pimps, first and foremost Senators John McCain “We are now facing an existential threat to the security of the United States of America” to Lindsey Graham "I think it's inevitable. The seeds of 9/11 are being planted all over Iraq and Syria. You don't have to believe me, this is what they're telling you they're gonna do. They're not hiding their agenda. They want an Islamic caliphate….They plan to drive us out of the Mideast by attacking us here at home" the real seeds are being planted. There is a new bogeyman now in ISIS, the resurrected bread and butter line about the "new caliphate" and all of that American exceptionalism that was evident on Monday when the USA!, USA!, USA! triumphed in over Ghana - according to Wikipedia the 82nd largest country in the world - in the World Cup opening round. Be proud Americans, the cutaways during yesterday's television broadcasts to the obligatory shots of US military personnel in Afghanistan whooping it up during the game provide the world once again with the perfect illustration of the ugly American. There was also something symbolic in the victory of the beating of Ghana as has been embodied in the words of arch neocon Michael Ledeen that "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business".
So as it sits today the troops are already going back to Iraq, the bombing strike plans and drone kill lists are already in the works and the neocons jubilant with anticipation of the coming cleansing crusade of flag-swaddled mayhem.