Saturday, April 19, 2014

Republican Godfather Viguerie Joins anti-Libertarian Crusade

You have to give one thing to Richard Viguerie, besides being really old in that he represents the fossilized relic of an idealized and selectively recalled bygone past era that will never again mesh with  the modern world. He also just like the rotten, neocon saturated Republican establishment that he represents does not ever quit. Viguerie joined the neocon war on libertarians with potential 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul in their cross-hairs with one hell of a manifesto that was published at the chronicle of the inside the beltway circle jerk that is Politico Magazine. It is a doozy too. The epic screed, entitled “We’re Coming for You Boehner”  Viguerie issues the war whoop to oust the Speaker of the House who is probably one of the most dishonest servants of entrenched interests in Congress which says a lot. Boehner however doesn’t represent the “right” interests, those would be better served by the ascension of the serpentine House Majority Leader and Bibi Netanyahu lickspittle Eric Cantor.
While Viguerie’s manifesto is disguised as a shot at Boehner it is truly another salvo in the desperate struggle of warmongering entrenched power in Washington to preempt any discussion of the right and proper role of America in the coming elections. Americans are by all indications growing tired of the eternal wars of Oceania versus Eastasia that have gutted the Constitution and put the nation on a course of financial collapse and the current relentless attempt to instigate hostilities with Russia would likely be met with rejection were the state-corporate media not so relentless in their control of the information. The best way to not have to have a real debate and to return to a non-interventionist role which unlike the post WW II era of CIA/NGO regime changes is more suited for the increasingly modern globalized world. The neocons and their cultural populist army of bootblacks are hellbent at preventing a long needed reigning in of the war machine, the surveillance state and corrupt looter capitalism in favor of minding our own business, dealing fairly with other countries, restoring the Constitution and engaging in honest free trade.
They are cornered animals on the losing end of history and they know it so they are not going to go down without a fight and a dirty one at that. The Viguerie piece is excruciatingly long so I am going to excerpt some of the pieces that are best deserving of rebuttals – which will be in brackets:
The GOP has been hijacked. That’s right, hijacked. Over the past 100 years, an elite progressive minority has taken the Republican Party far afield from its conservative platform and the interests and values of its grassroots conservative base.
[It is astonishing that the word “progressive” can in any way describe the Republican party which is decidedly NOT conservative in as much that it is a corrupt fascist machine that mirrors the competing criminal gang that is the Democrats. “Grass roots” conservatives is a bumper sticker term that in no way accurately describes what the Republican party has become and is more indicative of easily hoodwinked rubes or as the great H.L. Mencken would refer to them “Boobus Americanus”. It is an angry army but guys like Viguerie are the root of the problem, pied pipers who would lead them over the edge of a cliff for a song]
For those born in the Internet age or after the advent of cable TV, it may be hard to imagine how difficult the job of marketing conservatism and conservative ideas was in 1961. To this day, the New York Times carries on its front page the motto “All the news that’s fit to print,” and in 1961, as it is today, liberals were largely in charge of deciding what was fit to print in the establishment press and what wasn’t.
 The conservative print media was small; Human Events was an eight- to 12-page newsletter, the National Review was just getting started, and YAF’s publication, the New Guard, first edited by Lee Edwards, now a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, had just a few thousand subscribers.
It was hard, if not impossible, to find the conservative point of view on television. Walter Cronkite of CBS and his establishment media colleagues at ABC and NBC would go on air at 6:30 p.m., and by 7:00 p.m. America would have been told what to think— and it wouldn’t be that communism was evil and dangerous and that lower taxes, less government and more freedom were good ideas.
[Invoking the bead and butter liberal media bogeyman and the rebooting of the anti-Communist crusade will bring about a New Cold War will ensure that trillions of dollars will continue to be looted from the American taxpayer by the war machine and if given to them by Republicans the money will roll in. Note that the Democrats, particularly Secretary of State John Kerry, Samantha Power, Susan Rice and their ilk also are jostling to paint the bad old Russian bear up like a fake devil so that they will be the ones reaping the spoils.]
Goldwater—the candidate of the New West and conservatives— had won the Republican nomination over the strong objections of the Eastern establishment Republican leaders. Once he had the nomination in hand, they did little to help him and much to hurt him, and when he went down in flames, they were quick to blame conservatives for the party’s defeat and do their best to purge Goldwater supporters from the GOP.
If things look bleak for conservatives today, trust me: Conservatives were in a darkness of biblical proportions after Goldwater’s defeat.
The long knives of the Republican establishment were out for anyone who had supported Goldwater or who questioned the “go-along, get-along” attitude of the party’s congressional leaders whose failure to stand for conservative principles had assigned Republicans to what appeared to be the status of a permanent minority on Capitol Hill.
[Actually Barry Goldwater came to loathe swine and religious fanatics like Viguerie and the others and lambasted them accordingly while warning of the danger of such lunatics ever gaining power]
Plenty of conservatives then, and throughout the early years of the rise of the modern conservative movement, thought that the only way to advance the cause of conservative governance was to form a third party.
William F. Buckley, Jr. disagreed. Buckley argued that conservatives should take over the Republican Party, while others, such as the author Ayn Rand, argued for a separate movement and a third party.
Angry as we were about the criticism verging on sabotage Senator Goldwater received from the Republican establishment, and as insulted as some conservatives were over the personal attacks they received at the hands of establishment Republicans, we had a sense that even though Goldwater had lost the election, his grassroots support demonstrated that millions of Americans thought he was right on many issues.
[Buckley is an arch-neocon and like John Kerry and the Bushes a member of the elitist Yale secret Society Skull and Bones. You just can't sell the snake oil of being an outsider when invoking Buckley as a role model - good thing that most of the GOP base doesn't bother doing their own reading and research or Viguerie would never have gotten away with his bullshit for so long]
We saw the establishment leadership of the Republican Party as intellectually bankrupt, and we believed that if we could just get the message out, we could, as the late Margaret Thatcher allegedly said, “First win the argument and then win the vote.”
[This is offensive on more than one level but particularly in the worship of a foreigner – Margaret Thatcher – the reigning queen of enforced austerity of the type that is setting off geopolitical disasters across the planet. I guess that sniffing Maggie’s knickers can be expected when dealing with the neocons whose reverence for Sir Winston transcends their worship of God himself]
I formed the Richard A. Viguerie Company, Inc. and began the journey of pioneering ideological/political direct mail on behalf of the conservative movement.My first client was Young Americans for Freedom; however, in one of the frequent upheavals typical of an organization run by a bunch of college kids, I lost the account within six weeks. But other business soon came along.  From the start, the company grew quickly, and I came to work with many of the key organizations and candidates of the New Right and the modern conservative movement, including the Conservative Caucus, the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, the National Conservative Political Action Committee, the National Right to Work Committee, the American Conservative Union, Sen. Jesse Helms’s National Congressional Club and Gun Owners of America. We also helped market many of the early stars of the conservative movement who sought elective office, such as congressmen Phil Crane and Bob Dornan, Ron Paul, John Ashbrook, Sens. Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond, California state senator H. L. “Bill” Richardson, and candidates Max Rafferty, Howard Phillips, Jeff Bell and G. Gordon Liddy.
[Nice slate of references including those like Gun Owners of America who whore themselves out to as lobbyists for the firearms and ammunition industry and care more about profits than the Second Amendment,  Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond (why not David Duke?) who are two of the most disgusting racists in the modern era of American politics and G. Gordon Liddy a felon and admitted admirer of Adolf Hitler]
The coalition of national defense conservatives and economic conservatives appealed to millions of voters whom the Viguerie Company reached and energized through direct mail to create what you might call a “two-legged stool.” It could, and did, win some elections, but with only two legs it wasn’t yet a stable, winning national coalition.
It was Reagan who had the insight—perhaps genius is a better term—to create his winning political movement by adding a third leg: social conservatives.Reagan didn’t originate the idea. Astute observers of national politics, such as Tom Ellis of North Carolina, had already seen the unharnessed political potential of Evangelical Christians, but the idea of organizing the Religious Right into a political committee perhaps formed first in the minds of Paul Weyrich and Rev. Jerry Falwell.
Their vision came to fruition at a meeting between Bob Billings, Ed McAteer, Howard Phillips, Weyrich and Falwell, who came together at Falwell’s office in Lynchburg, Virginia, to brainstorm what eventually became the “Moral Majority.”Led by Reverend Falwell and run by his executive assistant Ron Godwin, the Moral Majority quickly became the largest and most effective conservative organization in the country.
[Libertarians should never tolerate such intolerance as scum like Falwell and the rest of the so-called “Moral Majority”, a collection of hateful, delusional superstitious swine who worship the state as long as it can be weaponized and turned against their enemies – take a number because the line is extremely long. These are the type who want the government to dictate what Americans do in the privacy of their own bedrooms and to force their own bastardized version of Christianity down the throats of others with the backing of the full power of the state. The tyranny that would occur were this element to ever gain control of the entire government would make The Inquisition look like child’s play.
Also -
[The so-called social conservatives (translation: ignorant bigots) that Viguerie appeals to are a deranged pack of Christian Zionist religious fanatics whose idea of a good time is whiling away their time until the Middle East erupts in a nuclear conflagration so that Jesus can come back. They also more often than not put the state of Israel in front of America when it comes to loyalty because, well that is the way that God wants it to be. Religion is the ultimate enslavement of the human mind and none can be truly free until the shackles of that most primitive form of oppression can be broken free from. Not that anyone can blame the morally bereft movement conservatives from using it is a unifying force, that is after all what kings and popes, tyrants and despots, Fuhrers and presidents rely on to legitimize their power over others. It is really no different today than when the pharaoh was having thousands of poor bastards enslaved to haul rocks to build idols of his likeness. ]
In 2009 a fourth leg was added to the Reagan coalition—the limited-government constitutional conservatives of the Tea Party movement, who were unfettered by ties to the old Republican establishment and represented the forgotten men and women of America whom Angelo Codevilla identified as “the Country Class” in his essay “America’s Ruling Class—and the Perils of Revolution” in the July-August 2010 issue of the American Spectator.
[The so-called Tea Party movement is the greatest fraud since the man of hope and change and was solely a re-branding of the dregs of society that comprised the Republican base. There was a Tea Party and it existed before Obama, primarily libertarians and Ron Paul supporters but it was hijacked by the Republican party who purged it of anyone with either principles or smart enough not to be duped by the siren song of neo-confederate bigotry directed at the BLACK man in the WHITE House. Like libertarians serious and intellectual conservatives were rapidly exiled from the ranks from what became nothing more than an exoskeleton for the same corrupt GOP charlatans – including guys like Mr. Richard Viguerie]
For many on the right, these frustrations have boiled over into new calls for the formation of a third party, especially from some Tea Party movement supporters and libertarian-minded conservatives who were attracted to the presidential candidacy of Texas Rep. Ron Paul.
However, the arguments against a third party are the same now as they were when Bill Buckley and Ayn Rand first jousted over where conservatives should find their political home a half a century ago. The bottom line is that although third-party movements, such as Libertarians, have gained some recognition and added to their numbers, they haven’t actually been electing candidates to office. Limited-government constitutional conservatives running as Republicans win, but the same candidates, with the same ideas, running as Libertarians, lose.
Ron Paul admitted as much when he said no one would have paid any attention to him or his ideas if he had run as a Libertarian, and there is no doubt that his son Rand would not be a U.S. senator if he had run as a Libertarian instead of as a Republican.
But there is good news and bad news in Libertarian ideas. The good news is that, while as yet imperfectly realized, Libertarian ideas have had a powerful influence on the 21st-century conservative movement, and due in part to Libertarian influence, the Republican Party may truly become the party of less regulation, lower taxes and more personal freedom. This certainly hasn’t always been the case; consider that fewer than 40 years ago the EPA was established and wage and price controls were instituted under Republican President Richard Nixon.
[There it is - buried well into the thing is the intention, the appeals to libertarians to chuck their principles in the crapper and line up to salute the Republican brand - my God, isn't it evident by now that supporting either of these two dueling criminal syndicates that run America is the real problem?] 
The bad news is that many in the national and state Libertarian parties actually pride themselves on being destroyers, and when they lose a primary or otherwise don’t get their way, rather than selling themselves and their ideas harder, they try to “teach Republicans a lesson” by running a third-party candidate and thereby causing the Republican candidate to lose, as happened in the November 2013 Virginia governor’s race, when Ken Cuccinelli, one of the most principled limited-government constitutional conservatives ever to seek statewide office in America, was defeated because a Libertarian candidate siphoned off enough conservative votes to elect Terry McAuliffe, a radical liberal Democrat.
[Granted that McAuliffe is a scumbag but hardly a radical liberal Democrat, he is a connected con artist of the worst type and it speaks volumes losing to him. But the whining is misplaced in blaming it on the libertarians – kind of like the Democrats kicked around Ralph Nader after the 2000 Florida debacle – when their “most principled limited-government constitutional conservatives ever to seek statewide office in America” was a champion of subjecting women to the state-mandated rape of transvaginal ultrasound probes – what horseshit that one was]
This is a bad way to sell your ideas in the best of times; it is dangerous to the future of the country if a splintering of the conservative coalition returns conservatives to permanent minority status in America.Yes, Ron Paul and his delegates to the 2012 Republican Convention were treated in a ham-handed way by Reince Priebus and other establishment Republicans.Yes, it makes all of us angry when John Boehner, who was made speaker of the House through the efforts of millions of Tea Party movement voters and volunteers, refers to limited-government constitutional conservatives as “knuckle-draggers.”
[The truth sucks but it is absolute. When you troll for the low-hanging fruit don’t be surprised when it is gobbled up by “knuckle-draggers” and the inclusion of the Ron Paul delegates lumps those who actually stand for something in with the moronic shocktroops who are as unquestionably and blindly obedient as their historical counterparts in Nazi Germany]
The entire thing is a sordid magnum opus of horseshit, whining and bargaining  and revisionist history as well as an insult to libertarians who need to just go and tell lifelong establish Republicans like Richard Viguerie to go and fuck himself. Movement conservatism, like the constantly exhumed Ronald Reagan is a rotting corpse and the sooner that it is put out of its misery the better that all who value the concept of liberty will be.
Read the whole thing at Politico Magazine - that is if you can stomach it.