Thursday, April 17, 2014

East Ukraine Jew Registration Tale Reeks of CIA Psyop

In a rapidly spreading sensationalist story about the evils of the pro-Russian (translation: anti-austerity) opposition in East Ukraine a particularly lurid piece of vile propaganda has been launched into the US state-corporate media echo chamber. There has been an amazing discovery of leaflets distributed in Donetsk requiring all Jews over the age of 16 to register with the authorities, the culprit behind this obvious false flag operation is the vaunted bastion of dumbed down American journalism USA Today - which is written at about a seventh grade reading level.  For those who have a functional memory this is an exact duplicate of that 2006 hoax that there was a new law in Iran requiring Jews to wear a yellow badge in Iran, a massive neocon promulgated lie that was nearly immediately retracted. As propaganda both rank right up there with the infamous fairy tale of Saddam Hussein's soldiers yanking babies out of Kuwaiti incubators as agitprop to induce a war frenzy in the US where nothing much changes except the designated devil, then it was Ahmadinejad and now it's Putin. While the media pounced on this like a pack of starved dogs thrown a chunk of maggoty rotting meat the tale was immediately met with skepticism within the alternative media which unlike the bought and paid for Washington presstitutes have a sense of duty as well as functional bullshit detectors.
Unfortunately the bullshit detector of one Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry, Skull and Bones alumni and constant source of American foreign policy embarrassment either doesn't work or he is in on the con, my guess is the latter. In another of his pathological rushes to judgement Kerry condemned the leaflets demanding the bogus Jew registration program as "not just intolerable, it's grotesque, is beyond acceptable" which is a statement that perfectly nails Kerry's job performance as the most abysmal excuse for a Secretary of State in US history. The tale is so ludicrous and conveniently timed that even the neocon central transmission center at The Washington Post put up a story that is chock full of caveats and qualifiers including that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is "skeptical about the flyer's authenticity" although it wasn't questionable enough to prevent Kerry's latest outbreak of chronic diarrhea of the mouth. Kerry like the on staff WaPo neocons continue to push their lies, like that mysterious sarin gas attack in a Damascus suburb that nearly started another war last summer.
Interesting in that CIA Director John Brennan paid a visit to Kiev over the weekend and "The Agency" is no stranger to planting false stories and disseminating propaganda but it is going to take one hell of a lot more than some phony anti-Semitic leaflets a few days before Passover to sell the illicit US installed regime in Ukraine. It's a damned good thing for the Obama regime and his neocon infested foreign policy team that Americans have been fed such a constant diet of lies about Ukraine that they have zero idea that their tax dollars are funding REAL anti-Semites and neo-Nazis or this latest "ham-handed" attempt to generate outrage could put a ding in the ongoing war effort. Obama is once again getting his face rubbed into a pile of shit thanks to his own ineptitude and his choice of people to run his loathsome administration, a failure of historic proportions that will doom this country in the long run far worse than anything that Bush and Cheney did. 
The malodorous lineup of hacks, political cronies, incompetents and recycled and retained Bush-Cheney neocons that Barry has fielded over the last five plus years has been dismal beyond comprehension but Kerry has to be the cherry on top of the entire shit cake. He is the proverbial gift that keeps on giving and nobody short of the insane warmonger John Bolton (and maybe Donald Trump) would have been a worst choice as the nation's top diplomat. In great story written by Robert Parry over at Consortium News entitled "What's the Matter With John Kerry?" he knocks it out of the park. I excerpt the following:
So, when John Kerry replaced Hillary Clinton on Feb. 1, 2013, the State Department was in need of a responsible adult who would rein in the department’s penchant for stirring up trouble and then looking on helplessly as the chaos spun out of control.
But which Kerry would show up? The young Kerry who recognized how belligerent talk and playing with facts could end up getting lots of innocent people killed or the older Kerry who had trimmed his sails and learned to go with the prevailing winds, regardless of the dangers to the world?
There are times at the end of a politician’s career when the person reverts back to an earlier, more idealistic self, though more often a deeply compromised politician just continues doing what’s been learned over the decades of political survival.
It’s now clear that John Kerry fell into the latter approach. He did undertake a quixotic pursuit of an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, perhaps hoping that success in such an impossible undertaking would be the “crown jewel” of his career, compensating for his 2004 defeat.
But Kerry also let himself be turned into a hand puppet for the neocons and R2Pers who had gained bureaucratic control of State and were set on escalating confrontations with Syria and Iran by essentially following the “regime change” blueprint designed by Vice President Dick Cheney and the neocons in the Bush-43 administration.
Influential neocons and R2Pers took command of key positions in 2013, as Kerry moved from Capitol Hill to Foggy Bottom and Obama entered his second term. Neocon Victoria Nuland was promoted from State Department spokesperson to Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. Susan Rice became National Security Adviser, and Samantha Power took over as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.
Again, someone like the young Kerry might have spoken up about the danger from unintended consequences when arrogant U.S. officials interfere in the internal affairs of another country. The young Kerry might have pondered how the Nuland-Gershman strategy of destabilizing Ukraine actually helps either the Ukrainians or the American people.
So far, the scheme holds the possibility of civil war in Ukraine, disastrous economic trouble for Europe (with fallout for the U.S. economy, too) and another splurge of U.S. military spending as bellicose politicians cut back even more on domestic priorities.
The younger Kerry might have been wise enough to cool the rhetoric and redirect the narrative into a realistic discussion that could resolve the crisis. For instance, it wouldn’t have been very hard to insist that the Feb. 21 agreement be enforced – with Yanukovych possibly serving in a ceremonial capacity until new elections could select a new president, rather than the U.S. and the EU immediately embracing a neo-Nazi-led coup.
But the older Kerry is behaving much like the older generation of Cold Warriors did in the 1960s when they insisted that there was no choice other than a U.S. military intervention in Vietnam, that the lives of tens of thousands of young American men and millions of Vietnamese was a small price to pay to stop some imaginary dominoes from toppling. South Vietnam had to be kept in the “free world.”
Yet, rather than the dovish warrior of his youth, Kerry has become a hawkish diplomat in his old age, refusing to see the other side’s case and eager to take extreme positions that are sure to get more young people killed. John Kerry in his 20s was a much wiser man than John Kerry at age 70.
Note that the author’s reference to R2P is described as  “responsibility to protect” or “R2P” – the entire story along with all of Parry’s great work – he is a dedicated investigative journalist of the type that was run out of the establishment in droves and the voluminous archives at Consortium News are an invaluable resource for those seeking to understand what has gone rotten in this country as written by a consummate professional who takes his First Amendment duty to call out corrupt and entrenched power seriously.
The Jew-baiting pamphlet hoax litmus test will be what appears in Friday’s papers, will the neocons as they usually do in their intellectual and moral corruption and insane dogma of world domination, Muslim and Russia hating and warmongering double down? Every day that the Washington Post and to a larger degree the entire US media continues to hammer this horseshit is another day of a very slow leak of those who believe it and one day the tipping point will arrive when it will all collapse under the accumulated weight of its own bullshit.