Sunday, April 27, 2014

Corrupt US Establishment Sells “Yats” to Pitch their War

While Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry frantically work to push for the war over Ukraine that the neocon ideologues, global finance mafia, big corporations and the military machine so badly desire an emerging strategy is becoming obvious. The establishment is going to sell the illegitimately installed puppet Prime Minster in Kiev, Arseniy "Yats" Yatsenyuk as a credible pitchman for their lies.
"Yats", a former central banker is of course the chosen man for the US backed coup government annexation of Ukraine into the western domain of looter capitalism and ultimately into NATO. This much has been apparent ever since that famously intercepted phone call between assistant US Secretary of State Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt discussing the installation of Yatsenyuk before neo-Nazi and fascist thugs turned the streets of Kiev into a battle zone to violently topple sitting democratically elected leader Viktor Yanukovych. It was already a done deal and Nuland had just gone in front of corporate interests to boast about the billions already invested in opening up of Ukraine for exploitation. Now as the situation teeters on the edge of a massive US backed slaughter of anti-austerity, pro-Russian Eastern Ukraine protesters the American people need to be able do identify with the leader tasked with the upcoming carnage.
So there is the marketing of "Yats" for domestic consumption. There was the Easter Sunday appearance on Meet The Press to push the talking points about the menace of Russian leader Vladimir Putin's mythical restoration of the Soviet Empire and peddle the discredited sleaze about the bogus Jew registration leaflets passed out by masked men in Donestk. David Gregory served up the question to "Yats" who then whipped out a shovel of bloody red meat to the sheeple on their hallowed day of religious reverence:
DAVID GREGORY: Final question. There have been ghastly reports coming out of eastern Ukraine this week about some kind of forces forcing Jews in the eastern part of the country to register with local authorities. What do you make of this? Are these accurate? Are Jews particularly at risk?
ARSENIY YATSENYUK: We got information that these so-called peaceful protesters with light ammunition in their hands, that they sent a number of bulletins saying that everyone who is a Jew to be indicated as a Jew. And today in the morning, I made a clear statement urged Ukrainian military and security forces and Ukrainian Department of Homeland Security urgently to find these bastards and to bring them to justice.
The "bastards" of course are working in the employ of the Empire, probably culled from the same gaggle of rancid neo-Nazis that were used for the coup and Yatasenyuk's search for them will be undertaken with as much a fervor as O.J's avowed hunt for the real killers. If they are found at all it will likely be a bunch of patsies gunned down by Kiev's thugs with a massive amount of planted 'evidence'.
This weekend in order to further burnish the image of "Yats" he was provided an audience with the Pope himself. He was shoehorned into the busy Vatican schedule for the ceremonies for the canonization of opes John Paul II and John XXIII. It is more than a bit ironic that the current pontiff, Pope Francis received Yatsenyuk when a far more appropriate host would have been his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI. Herr Ratzinger, as a former member of the Hitler Youth had much more in common with "Yats" and his Svoboda and Right Sector infested junta than Pope Francis, whose calls for peace and moderation kind of fly in the face of the Ukrainian occupiers neo-Nazi ideology. But of course Americans can't be bothered with such inconvenient trivialities, it is the fucking Pope for God's sake and the sheep will devour it as the obscene spectacle that it is - not that they know better given the dismal sources of information that they rely upon in The Homeland.
The key is in legitimizing the man since all of the reports of events in Ukraine are promoted in the state-corporate media as being the official account of the Ukrainian government. I would suggest that Russia Today (RT) be regularly checked for some well need balance to the propaganda even if Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry has virulently denounced it as propaganda "bullhorn"  while omitting any reference to the lies pumped out by FOX,CNN and MSNBC but that's the way that Kerry rolls. Hell, it's not like you have to buy into everything at RT but at least you are getting the other side  rather than the horseshit pumped out here by the Obama regime. Sure the Pope promised to help Ukraine but he is the Pope for Christ's sake, he promises to help everybody - like Jesus would do. But this is all for show set up by those more cynical than the Pope could ever aspire to be were he so inclined.
Yatsenyuk is really nothing more than a product sold under false pretenses just like Obama himself and it would be silly to expect that he wouldn't be embraced by the masses of asses here in our flag-swaddled, god-kissed, armed to the teeth land of Idiocracy.