Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are Corporate Mercenaries Assisting Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?

With the coup installed government in Kiev about to engage in some very serious skull cracking in order to put down a mounting rebellion in Eastern Ukraine cities there have been some accounts that hired guns from corporate mercenary firms are augmenting the local paramilitary police forces.  With the pushback against the US backed “Yats” regime and it’s neo-Nazi shock troops it is imperative that a real version of the Euromaiden “revolution” not be allowed to take root to oust the stooges of the corporate global finance mafia.  Foretelling what will likely be a massive orgy of state sanctioned violence against Ukranians who reject the coming forced austerity and repression are statements made by the Interior Minister of the occupying government Arsen Avakov that there would be a resolution within 48 hours either by negotiation or through the use of force. Translation: unleash the goon squads for the "anti-terrorist" action.
The corporate and high finance vultures that would reap a windfall off of the toppling of the elected president Viktor Yanukovych are furious over the loss of an estimated $10 billion in natural resource loot from Crimea and are not about to let any more money slip through their bloody claws. The US establishment as well as the EU and the Cold War relic that is NATO, an organization that should have been relegated to the scrap heap of history have too much invested in this already disastrous situation to do anything but double down. It is only standard operating procedure for paid mercenaries to be used and the denials, such as that from the US firm Greystone do not pass the smell test.  This is the way that we roll in America, the taxpayer funded killing sprees of the notorious Blackwater in Iraq are the template, it is just one more way to circumvent the system in order to spread “democracy” at the point of a gun.
In a brief video posted on You Tube that allegedly shows a man in paramilitary police gear being captured after an austerity government push in Kharkov on Thursday the man in black states that “I’m a US citizen” as though it is a magic talisman. It is about 40-45 seconds into what appears to be a video that was taken with a cellphone or similar device in what appears to be an underground setting. While information on the video is sparse and yet to be authenticated could be proof that western backed corporate mercenaries are indeed operating in coordination with the "Yats" regime in putting down dissent. Hey, it is not like big corporations or the US State Department aren't known for using those "security contractors" and it would be foolish to believe that with all that the lunatic push to topple Putin through Ukraine that it would be beyond possibility.  The video, if it is authentic and backed by additional pictures, videos and accounts could be the proverbial smoking gun that the poisonous US establishment and their Deep State propagandists within the media are once again and predictably lying but anything even remotely resembling the truth long ago left the building in The Homeland.  
The video snippet of the alleged mercenary (no word as to his fate was posted to my knowledge)  is an example of the ability for the oppressed to communicate in the interconnected global world.  When the wave of brutal  beat downs of those who do not support the illegitimate government in Kiev there will be more video coming, that much is inevitable. The neocon establishment continues to fight the last war and in their pure, unbridled arrogance believe that the ability to use social media and the internet to expose human rights abuses does not threaten their longterm goal of planetary conquest and neoliberal pillaging - it won’t.  The technologies and platforms such as You Tube and Twitter simply did not exist at the level of sophistication that they do now and the news about marauding, murdering US mercenaries - primarily Blackwater - in Iraq got out anyway.
There is at least an understanding of the potency of social network tools to some degree though, take for example the ZunZuneo aka Cuban Twitter scheme in which the Obama administration used relief agency USAID as a cover for fomenting an uprising in Cuba. While this is indicative of the same Cold War lunacy that is behind the Ukraine debacle and the ongoing pissing contest with Vladimir Putin’s Russia social networking technology is given the degree of importance that it deserves. The problem along with the ongoing blundering of an Obama foreign policy team that is a fucking embarassment to America to put it kindly is that the blinders of American exeptionalism and neocon ideology - that rather closely aligns with the visions of Hitler and Stalin - prevent the acknowledgment that the criminal deeds of the Deep State are more easily exposed than ever. This despite the full spectrum dominance that is evident in the extreme propaganda and dishonest coverage of the events in Ukraine. The anti-Austerity freedom fighters in Donetsk, Kharkov and other eastern cities, on the brink of a pitched battle with paramilitary police, mercenaries and thugs from Pravy Sektor and Svoboda will prove to be a serious, long term detriment to the plans of chopping up the country and selling it to corporate and financial parasites.
NATO is upping the rhetoric and wailing about massed Russian military forces on the border in the latest effort to create a Gleiwitz style pretense for a hot war and Obama and Kerry, both of whom are hellbent at avenging the Syria and Snowden humiliations are showing no signs of backing off.  Were the state-corporate media to bother with the truth it would be that this entire mess is the fault of those two thin-skinned narcissists and their foreign policy team’s billions of dollars in US taxpayer money spent on destabilizing the region.  In the coming sweep and destroy “anti-terrorist” campaign the hotheads and neo-Nazis had best exercise a caution that they have yet to display in that any murder that they perpetrate has the potential of becoming a viral internet video even as those in Eastern Ukraine will be presented with a martyr to further galvanize their opposition to the Washington-Brussels-Kiev Axis of Evil.
I wonder what the American taxpayer who has already been bled dry by government subsidized sprees of gambling by politically connected, unaccountable Wall Street casinos and corporate plunderers who enjoy total impuinty in the corrupt, star-spangled shithole that is The Homeland. There is also the trillons of dollars stolen away by a miltary/surveillance moster that has a vested interest in endless wars to justify their existence - it still smells like a rat that the Cold War II meme began at a very convenient time to prevent cuts in military spending. Billions of dollars pumped into Ukraine alone and Christ knows how many more billions elsewhere - Venezuela, Cuba etc. to destabilize democratically elected governments that do not heel to the whims of the rapacious global finance mafia. Not to mention the money spent to back blatantly in our face neo-Nazis, were the all encompassing bubble of official state-corporate lies and propaganda to ever burst - even temporarily even idiotic Americans have a breaking point.
That breaking point could come if there were a realizaiton that none of this even remotely benefits the average American but only the same global corporate hydra that serves the interest of a very small proportion of a corrupt elite and the institutions that they have erected to protect them. Americans should look at the situation unfolding in Ukraine and ask themselves a very serious question: how long will it be until the mercenaries and the fully militarized police right here in the US of A begin to conduct their own “anti-terrorist” operations because that is exactly the direction that we are heading.