Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ukraine: The US Government is Lying about Everything

With the cat out of the bag about exactly what type of “freedom fighters” that the US is backing in Ukraine thanks largely to the selfie video of Svoboda party thugs pummeling a television executive it is obvious to any and all outside of The Homeland cocoon that the Obama regime is lying their asses off.  The fortified stone wall of bullshit that is the US state-corporate media parroting the official line on what was a neocon instigated overthrow of a democratically elected leader who had just agreed to placate protesters with early elections is astounding. It brings to mind the march towards the attack upon and subsequent occupation of Iraq, a country that did not even remotely threaten the US by the Bush administration and the neocon ideologues that drove policy in the early years of the new American century. The wall to wall vilification of Saddam Hussein was the prototype for the ongoing spree of demagoguery directed at Russian president Vladimir Putin and which has been so withering that it is obvious that this is all about more than Ukraine. It is about Snowden and Syria as well as a pitched battle to save what is the fully mutated form of parasitic global finance capitalism.
The video of the beating of Ukraine state television boss Oleksandr Panteleymonov went viral to the extent that even the corrupt US media had to acknowledge it. The antics of Senator John McCain’s neo-Nazi pals however was spun accordingly and dishonestly in this AP story “Ukraine Nationalist Antics Seen as Gift to Russia” from which I excerpt:
The assault, which prompted condemnation in the West, presents an important test for Ukraine's new pro-Western government.
First, it's eager to show a modern, democratic face to the world as it enters a landmark political association pact with the European Union. Perhaps more gravely, the nationalist violence plays directly into the hands of Russia's propaganda spinners: State-controlled media eagerly used the incident to portray Kiev's leadership as a hive of radical nationalists who terrorize Russian speakers, justifying the Kremlin's moves to protect them in Ukraine.
Tensions are high in Ukraine as the government debates whether to pull its troops from the Crimean peninsula, where Russian forces are seizing Ukrainian ships and evicting soldiers from military bases. Crimeans are eagerly lining up to apply for Russian passports, while Russian tanks and troops amass near the border with eastern Ukraine.
For Ihor Miroshnichenko, a lawmaker with the nationalist Svoboda party, those scenes of Russian domination were all too much.
And the broadcast of Russian celebrations seemed to add insult to injury.
To vent his rage, he led a group of Svoboda colleagues in storming the office of the First National channel's chief, Oleksandr Panteleymonov, used an insulting term used to describe Russians and punched him repeatedly, while an aide recorded the scene on video.
"Today Ukraine is in a state of war and in a state of partial occupation by Russia. And when war is going on, giving the air to the enemy — I believe it is state treason," Miroshenichenko, a former journalist who sits on the parliamentary committee on freedom of speech, told the Hromadske online television channel.
"I cannot imagine that Poland which was occupied by Hitler would give him airtime on the radio so that Fuhrer could explain his position."
Miroshnichenko admitted that he may have overreacted — although he refused to acknowledge that he actually beat Panteleymonov.
The TV executive said in a statement Friday that he is ready to leave his post, but only if there is a legitimate government decision to replace him.
Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk condemned the assault as undemocratic.
"These are not our methods," Yatsenyuk said in a statement. "A country which is going toward the European Union will continue to profess the basic principles and values of the European Community."
His position is complicated by the fact that Svoboda, a vocal force in parliament that took part in the protests that ousted the pro-Russian government, received several key posts in the Cabinet — including prosecutor general, the very figure who will be in charge of investigating the TV station attack.
The United States said it was "deeply offended by this incident, which was not an exercise in patriotism, but instead a reminder of the thug-like tactics previously employed by the Yanukovych regime," the U.S. Embassy in Kiev said in a statement. "This behavior has no place in a Ukraine committed to defending democracy, civil liberties, and individual freedoms, particularly press freedoms."
A sheer masterpiece of obfuscation, spin and pure bullshit is on display and the piece should serve as a vital inclusion in any textbooks on the required reading list for Goebbels 101.The Miroshnichenko excuse that he “may have overreacted” could only be taken seriously in a land where gun violence has become so commonplace that a man could be gunned down in cold blood in a Florida movie theater because of a similar overreaction that a box of popcorn was a threat to one’s safety, there are far too many other examples of such overreactions and the Miroshnichenko excuse is hogwash. The line about the “thug-like tactics previously employed by the Yanukovych regime” stretches the bounds of audacity as does the overarching theme of the piece itself which paints the thug as the victim. It is however no small defeat for the neocons and their propagandists in that they were forced to put out a story at all even if it was just a potpourri of fibs for damage control purposes.
The most problematic aspect of this entire bringing “democracy” to Ukraine and proxy war on Putin farce to the establishment is the prevalence of vicious neo-Nazis and fascists in the western puppet government of Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk. The pictures of our de facto president John McCain palling around with them should be eliciting some serious questions about exactly the sort of vermin that the US taxpayer is subsidizing. Anyone with a computer and the ability to use Google can easily find the sordid histories of McCain’s friends and their deplorable anti-Semitism – where is the ADL and the rest of the Israel Lobby on all of this? Their absence is a damning indictment of their agenda which is more about exerting influence on US foreign and domestic policy – as in the ongoing attacks on free speech at American universities – and one would think that if they had any credibility that they would be asking very serious questions about the composition of the recently installed government in Kiev.
If there is any one writer who continually amazes me with his ability to cut through the bullshit it is Justin Raimondo of, a website that is such a thorn in the side of the imperial warfare state that it was under surveillance by the FBI which is a badge of honor in this lamentable land of apple pie authoritarianism. Raimondo’s most recent piece entitled “Ukraine’s Mysterious Snipers” brings up the Obama-Neocon joint venture’s neo-Nazi problem. I excerpt the following:
There is nothing subtle about the views of Svoboda and Right Sector, the two parties which have moved into the leadership of the coupist "interim government": the former used to be called the "Social National Party," and was founded as a memorial to the views of Stepan Bandera, leader of the World War II pro-Nazi militia that fought the Russians and directly participated in the Holocaust. Right Sector, a paramilitary group in charge of "security" at the Maidan, is even more extreme; it was formed from the merger of several militant neo-Nazi groups, including "White Hammer" and "Trident." Neo-Nazis have come from all over Europe to join in Ukraine’s "national revolution.
Sooner or later, the ugliness of what is occurring in Ukraine is going to come out: you can’t hide a neo-Nazi "national revolution" under the very thin veneer of a "pro-EU" protest forever. And these guys are particularly unpretty – little more than thugs masquerading as political "activists." There is entirely too much to sweep under the rug here – and the lumps in the fabric are already showing.
And the lumps will only get more obvious as reports from those being beaten and politically persecuted in Ukraine continue to seep out which they inevitably will given a bit of time. The official denial that the US is backing and funding an un-democratically installed coup government infested with fascists and neo-Nazis has to this point been dismissed as so much Putin propaganda. However, as anyone who has observed the long and painful decline of what was once a powerful democracy into a dystopian society where the media has become nothing more than a propaganda organ for the now fully rogue Deep State that only uses the visible government as an exoskeleton it serves as just one more official lie on top of a mountain of them.