Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Fat Man Grovels for Shelly Adelson's Dirty Money

The signs of our now fully decayed system of democracy are evident just about everywhere that one looks the days. From the ongoing travesty of the Obama administration and the neocon forced march into the jaws of what could be World War III with their ongoing pursuit of the head of Russian leader Vladimir Putin to the garish displays of greed and political fixing that has now overtaken anything that occurs in the voting booth. The latter of these would be the disgusting orgy of political fecklessness that was the Republican Jewish Coalition parade of political whores that is taking place in sin city. The parade of aspiring Republicans jostling for the money of the grand chiseler that is casino magnate Sheldon Adelson in which they prostrate themselves in front of a man whose true loyalties lie outside of our domestic borders is a shameful exhibit of garishness of which there are few equals.
Adelson, the ultra-right wing Zionist billionaire who counts among his personal friends the lunatic Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is right up there with the phony libertarian Koch Brothers and Wall Street bloodsucker Paul Singer when it comes to Republican party sugar daddies. I by no means undertake this diatribe without blame for the equally disgusting Democrats who have their own money machine to which they similarly prostitute themselves out to but the for sheer spectacle it just doesn’t get any worse than the GOP. Desperate to repel the likes of Rand Paul and Justin Amash as well as the growing libertarian influence within the ‘big tent’ the gaggle of aspirants to engage in the coming political scrum with the queen in waiting Hillary Rodham-Clinton to claim the office that will be vacated by the hated Barack Obama come January of 2017 is a carnival of perversion without equal in America.
Adelson pissed away a fortune gambling on Republican losers in 2012 including plowing tens of millions into the always futile presidential run of one Newton Leroy Gingrich, the philandering fascist dwarf whose big ideas including going to the moon turned him into a mockery. Adelson then continued to gamble heavily on the doomed horse Mitt Romney, he of the White Horse Prophecy who in a winnable election against a loser like Obama still managed to crap the magic Mormon underwear.  Adelson is nothing if not tenacious but as there is no such thing as immortality that fat Hebrew toad might as well spend as much of his loot as possible before taking the dirt nap.  Other than dodging accountability for his casino gambling empire there is one thing that old Shelly wants most of all and that is to have the US do Israel’s dirty work by attacking Tehran and turning it into the largest glass surface on Earth. The line of those who crawled up on their bellies to the kingmaker was filled with the undignified types who would gladly do exactly that if they could land the support of the rotten old bastard. 
Shelly and the Shellbacks
I recall a certain vomit-inducing exercise from back in my days when I served in the United States Navy – during a thing that was called military service that none of those fucking vile pricks on display can claim to have participated in – becoming a Shellback. This refers to the rite of passage of sailors who have been on a ship that has crossed the equator and despite the thoroughly disgusting and repulsive nature of the festivities is a thing which puts one in an exalted status.  I excerpt the following from Wikipedia:
The two-day event (evening and day) is a ritual in which previously inducted crew members (Trusty Shellbacks) are organized into a "Court of Neptune" to induct the Slimy Pollywogs into "the mysteries of the Deep".[citation needed] Physical hardship, in keeping with the spirit of the initiation, are tolerated, and each Pollywog is expected to endure a standard initiation rite in order to become a Shellback.[citation needed] Depending on the Ocean or Fleet AOR, there can be variations in the rite. Some rites have discussed a role reversal as follows, but this is not always a normal feature, and may be dependent on whether a small number of Shellbacks exist to conduct the initiation.
The transition flows from established order to the controlled "chaos" of the Pollywog Revolt, the beginnings of re-order in the initiation rite as the fewer but experienced enlisted crew converts the Wogs through physical tests, then back to, and thereby affirming, the pre-established order of officers and enlisted.
The eve of the equatorial crossing is called Wog Day and, as with many other night-before rituals, is a mild type of reversal of the day to come. Wogs—all of the uninitiated—are allowed to capture and interrogate any shellbacks they can find (e.g., tying them up, cracking eggs or pouring aftershave lotion on their heads).  The wogs are made very aware of the fact that it will be much harder on them if they do anything like this.
After crossing the line, Pollywogs receive subpoenas [4] to appear before King Neptune and his court (usually including his first assistant Davy Jones and her Highness Amphitrite and often various dignitaries, who are all represented by the highest ranking seamen), who officiate at the ceremony, which is often preceded by a beauty contest of men dressing up as women, each department of the ship being required to introduce one contestant in swimsuit drag. Afterwards, some wogs may be "interrogated" by King Neptune and his entourage, and the use of "truth serum" (hot sauce + after shave) and whole uncooked eggs put in the mouth. During the ceremony, the Pollywogs undergo a number of increasingly embarrassing ordeals (wearing clothing inside out and backwards; crawling on hands and knees on nonskid-coated decks; being swatted with short lengths of firehose; being locked in stocks and pillories and pelted with mushy fruit; being locked in a water coffin of salt-water and bright green sea dye (fluorescent sodium salt); crawling through chutes or large tubs of rotting garbage; kissing the Royal Baby's belly coated with axle grease, hair chopping, etc.), largely for the entertainment of the Shellbacks.
Once the ceremony is complete, a Pollywog receives a certificate [5] declaring his new status. Another rare status is the Golden Shellback, a person who has crossed the Equator at the 180th meridian (International Date Line). The rarest Shellback status is that of the Emerald Shellback (USA), or Royal Diamond Shellback (Commonwealth), which is received after crossing the Equator at the prime meridian. When a ship must cross the Equator reasonably close to one of these meridians, the ship's captain will typically plot a course across the Golden X so that the ship's crew can be initiated as Golden or Emerald/Royal Diamond Shellbacks.
When my US Navy ship, a Hull Class destroyer went through this traumatic yet ultimately cathartic ceremony I recall that our version of the "Royal Baby" was the nastiest, dirtiest senior petty officer on the ship and that the pollywogs were forced to suck a nut out of the fat slob's belly button I was able to skip that part only because when I got there I vomited all over the obese bastard and it was such a mess that there was a good deal of confusion until they got it all cleaned up. I do still have my Shellback card though which along with an x-rated business card from the legendary Subic City brothel "Marilyn's" is a prized possession to this day.
Leading the parade of those who would suck the peanut out of Shelly’s obese hairy navel was one New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who was fresh off of being “cleared” of any involvement in the Bridgegate controversy by his own internal investigation. It was the equivalent of Paulie Walnuts and Silvio Dante doing an internal audit of the Bada Bing Club but the lickspittle media will swallow it whole. Porky Soprano had to apologize profusely for having once dared to refer to the land which Israel has stolen from the Palestinians as “occupied territories”, such is the aversion to the truth in this country circa 2014. After his renouncing his most horrid transgression of telling the truth Christie waddled back into the good graces of Adelson and assumed his place with the rest of the con artists crawling through the swill to the foot of his throne. Another prominent governor joining Christie is the union-busting Koch whore Wisconsin kingpin Scott Walker, not sure how well that his dallying with Adelson will go over with the brothers Charles and David but an opportunistic piece of shit like Walker covers all of his bases and like a snake is possessed of zero loyalty.
One of the more troubling aspect of American politics in the neocon dominated era of post September 11, 2001 is the fixation on what benefits the state of Israel – or more appropriately that extremist element that has manifested itself in their government – to the detriment of what is good for America. It is not arguable that the Middle East wars of aggression undertaken in consistence with the PNAC/Clean Break neocon doctrines as well as the ongoing US defense of Israeli human rights abuses only serves to create more enemies for America. Former George H.W. Bush administration Secretary of State and Chief of Staff  James Baker once infamously remarked "fuck the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway" and while this was probably just a bit too inclusive it was back in the day when the Republican party didn't turn the recognition of the state of Israel into a cheap and perilous partisan issue. This may be good business for the surveillance security military industrial complex that is just drooling over the prospects of ‘another 9/11’ for wealth beyond their wildest dreams but it is bad policy and dangerous as well. It serves neither America or Israel wall and there will come a day when those who like Adelson and the neocons who have sowed the seeds of discontent will reap the whirlwind.
As the late H.L. Mencken once pegged it: "Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods" and it was ALL for sale at the Venetian Resort over the weekend.
(Image: Reuters)