Sunday, March 2, 2014

Palling Around with Neo-Nazis

Senator McCain with neo-Nazi buddy Oleh Tyahnybok 
 During today's Sunday morning state-corporate media slimefest where anti-Putin hysteria will be the topic du jour there will likely be no questions whatsoever asked as to why the U.S. has backed neo-Nazis in what was obviously a western orchestrated coup against the democratically elected leader of Ukraine.  One of the ‘guests’ will probably be the fiendish Arizona Senator John McCain, a crazed warmonger and longtime Russia hater who is foaming at the mouth for another opportunity to send American military men and women into harm’s way as blood sacrifices for eternal war. McCain’s garbage and the state media embrace of a deranged old man as some sort of elder statesman illustrates the now complete rot of the American political system.

The neocons were barely finished jacking each other off over their devious plot to strike back at their personal bogeyman Russian leader Vladimir Putin while he was distracted with the Sochi Olympic games by backing a fascist coup in Ukraine when Putin obtained permission from the Russian parliament to send military forces into the border country which he understandably did. The latest scheme from the PNAC gang has just gone up like a flaming bag of dogshit in their bloodstained hands just like the invasion of Iraq did. You would figure that such a motley collection of pseudo intellectuals, rank weasels, fools, chickenhawks and cheapjack Machiavellian wannabes would at some point face the mockery that they deserve, an exile from their media spokesperson gigs and a purge from every institution in which they can have any influence over U.S. policy. But as has been painfully evident for years now this once great country has gone insane, and criminally so therefore the usual scum will be making the rounds on Meet the Press, Fox News Sunday, Face the Nation, State of the Union and This Week with George Stephanopoulos on the rancid ‘news’ shows from which the weekly spin is launched.

                                                                   Tyahnybok in more comfortable surroundings
The entire establishment media has yet to bother mentioning that the coup d’etat that sent Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych fleeing in fear of his life was heavily dependent on the support of extremist neo-Nazi elements that western agitators not only embraced but supported. None other than Senator John McCain made a pilgrimage to Kiev to rub elbows with the rabble that dressed up in Medieval garb, set the streets on fire, murdered police officers and executed the putsch. One of McCain’s neo-Nazi chums was Svoboda party member Oleh Tyahnybok with whom the globe-trotting epitome of the ‘ugly American’ was photographed with during his visit to throw his support behind the insurrectionists. This is not the first time that McCain has made an ass out himself in such a manner, having recently been embarrassed by a photo with criminal elements of the anti-Assad Syrian rebel forces. Just a hint to the Sunday morning mouthpieces of imperial conquest and that is when the United States of America finds itself supporting neo-Nazis, full blown fascists and al Qaeda affiliated militants in the push for planetary domination it has officially lost any last vestige of moral high ground.
But it is not as though the best and the brightest in our most exceptional of nations has had an aversion to dealing with Nazis in the past - real ones at that. A new book by Annie Jacobson "Operation Paperclip" chronicles the post-war importation of Nazi scientists including serious war criminals into the U.S. where they would continue their research but would be collecting their paychecks from the American taxpayer instead of the Third Reich. There was also the matter of the Gehlen Org. where U.S. intelligence assimilated Hitler's commander of Eastern intelligence, General Reinhard Gehlen and his Nazi cohorts to lead the crusade against the red menace. Gehlen was grateful to the extent that he consistently supplied the inflated intel and cooked numbers that ensured that the big money would continue to roll in for the permanent armaments industry. There is also the matter of Wall Street firms including the venerable Sullivan & Cromwell where the Dulles brothers schemed as well as Prescott Bush whose Union Banking Corporation which was actually shut down under the Trading With the Enemy Act - that Allen Dulles was instrumental in creating the CIA as well as supporting Nazis and that Bush was the father and grandfather of two future U.S. Presidents is indicative of the abdication of any type of morality that one must assume to rise to the top in the American establishment.
The disturbing thing about the neo-Nazis in Ukraine is not so much that the state-corporate media will not bother to acknowledge it but that very few people would likely care thanks to the effectiveness of the brainwashing that has gone on since Putin intervened to halt the war on Syria. When it gets so bad that even the highly respected sports commentator Bob Costas uses the Olympics as a forum for launching into an anti-Putin diatribe you can see how much effort has gone into this costly and all-encompassing propaganda campaign. 
Goebbels shrugged.