Friday, March 28, 2014

Liar and Blowhard Mike Rogers a Perfect Fit for Talk Radio

Living in The Homeland of the post September 11, 2001 - the day when everything changed - era I can honestly say that very little really surprises me anymore. This is especially so when it comes to the plumbing of new depths by a now rotten to the last seed of the core and completely irredeemable political system. That was until this morning when I heard the news that uber fascist House Intelligence Committee overlord Mike Rogers was stepping down at the end of his current term. This deprived the Eighth Congressional District of the state of Michigan of yet another chance  to stick it to the rest of America by re-electing a man who is an enemy of the state, a pathological liar as well as an embarrassment to the constitutional form of government that has been stolen away by pigs like him. It also spared the rest of the country from that very district's enforced tyranny of the minority in that Rogers had become such a powerful figure, although as with the vast super-majority of US politicians a total reprobate.
The news as stunning as it was sudden and makes one wonder if Rogers finally crossed that line one time too many when he appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press over the weekend to pull yet another whopper out of his fat ass with zero proof that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was collaborating with the evil Putin in regards to the annexing of Crimea Rogers may have gone a bridge too far when he stated that “No counter-terrorism official in the United States does not believe that Mr. Snowden…. is not under the influence of Russian intelligence services”. I guess that some times if you give someone enough rope that they will eventually hang themselves and it is wonderful to see Mr. Rogers hoisted upon his own petard and banished to the right-wing talk radio circuit for the rest of his working life. He will fit in well there given his proclivity for insane demagoguery.
Rogers also likely was involved in pushing through the shifty change in House procedural routine where the NSA "reform" bill that was being pimped by he and Democratic ally Dutch Ruppersberger  -who conveniently happens to represent the very Maryland district in which NSA Stasi headquarters is located - was to be routed through the intelligence rather than the judiciary committee. Whatever it was something happened this week to finally stop the renegade Rogers and his relentless rampage to destroy the Constitution for his intelligence industry cronies. It would be completely appropriate if there are hard questions asked on why a safely gerrymandered Congressman with one of the most powerful spots in Congress as well as a weekly national media platform chose to give up all of that power to become a right-wing talk radio host. There are likely serious ethics violations here but as in the absurd example of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's hand-picked investigative committee finding him not guilty of any knowledge or malfeasance in "Bridgegate" Rogers will be allowed to slither through that big government revolving door into a post government life of filling his pockets ala Michael Chertoff and thousands of other swindlers of the American taxpayers.
The neoconservative sewer that is the Rupert Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal, or as I like to refer to it: "The Gospel for the Moneychangers" is bemoaning the loss of Rogers with this sick lament:
Michigan Rep. Mike Roges’ decision to quit Congress this year is a loss for the adult wing of the GOP, which understands that the NSA is not the enemy and that Vladimir Putin’s useful idiot, Edward Snowden, is no hero.
Yes, of course there is  the bullshit Putin-Snowden connection. That unproven yet constant slander belched forth by the scumbag Rogers on Sunday after Sunday. When it really gets down to it the entire Obama-Neocon joint venture to stick it to Putin is at the same time all about Snowden and nothing about him. El Presidente has never gotten over being punked by Putin who spared the heroic former government contractor turned NSA whistleblower from being disappeared into one of America’s torture dungeons. Nor have the neocon propagandists ever been able to get over it, especially after Putin undermined their war on Syria and thew a monkey wrench into the years running plan to nuke Iran. Obama has now gone fully neocon with daily escalations in his anti-Russian rhetoric as the parasite of the PNAC ideologues are likely ecstatic to return to their Democratic party roots. 
As for Rogers, a fanatic who I recently compared to as an uncontrollable late stage manic pederast he will find a home among the packs of degenerates who have become wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of King Midas by lying to the masses of asses who are wallow in outrage. Granted that Rogers is a hell of a lot more articulate than the Big Kahuna of white populist cultural resentment Rush "Sex Tourist" Limbaugh as well as Michael "I have a mancrush on homosexual beat icon Allen Ginsberg" Savage but his fascist message will resonate with the dregs of American society as surely as that of Julius Streicher once did long ago and far away.
We should be happy to be rid of Rogers in a position of actual authority although given the rest of the warmongering and reprehensibly rotten swine that have hijacked our government his spot will be quickly filled while he now cashes in off of his suckling at the big government teat.
Americans sure as hell deserve better than this crap and need to start to say so - very LOUDLY.