Monday, March 17, 2014

A Narcissist Scorned: Obama Throws Another Tantrum

Despite weeks of saber rattling and threats from our dear leader Barack the Feckless and his bull in a China shop Secretary of State John Kerry, the Skull and Bones pedigreed stammering ass whose brief tenure has now put the US on a path to a war with Russia the referendum in Crimea that they had so desperately wanted to avoid went down on Sunday. With the third body blow to dwindling US prestige now having landed – the first two being Russia’s offer of asylum to former government whistleblower turned NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden followed by the humiliation of Russian leader Vladimir Putin intervening to prevent the neocon’s splendid little war on Syria the vote in Crimea has assholes puckering this morning. The poor aggrieved star bellied Sneetches in their mighty kingdom inside the DC beltway are apoplectic that the people of Crimea have given Obama the middle finger and voted to rejoin Russia. How is that coup d’etat going for you today Mr. President?
Not that you can blame Crimea considering that the western orchestrated overthrow of democratically elected Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych set the country on a course towards corporate exploitation by the global finance mafia and that fascists and neo-Nazis had key roles in the puppet government. It is not an argument that Putin is any kind of great humanitarian figure but better the devil you know than to be beggared as the new world order carves up your homeland like a Thanksgiving turkey and the US corporate mercenaries such as Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland turn a blind eye to packs of marauding neo-Nazi militias. They got out while the getting was good making the world safe for McDonalds and at a larger level for Monsanto, Cargill and Chevron has nothing to do with that exalted horseshit of “spreading democracy” that is always invoked when it comes to raping an overseas country for its natural resources. Just look at what is going on in Iraq – the neocons were going to bring “democracy” to those who were under the boot of once reliable US puppet Saddam Hussein  and it is a charnel house that far exceeds the worst days of Saddam. Don’t look for any of this in the corrupt US state-corporate media though although there has been some small leakages of the real story as of late.
So what is the pope of hope to do but stamp his feet, hold his breath and launch a wave of economic sanctions against Russia which is as Ron Paul recently said is an "act of war" and this is not going to end well considering the hubris of the arrogant cancer on the Potomac, the think skin of Obama and the imperial hubris of a rapidly declining world power. Russia is not Iraq, Iran or any of the other shitty little countries that can be kicked around by the militarized to the teeth global bully, it is a large nation with a long history and a sense of pride unlike anything that exists in the United States of Dancing With the Stars and it's borderline moron population. This too is going to end up blowing up in the face of the titular President Obama, defacto President John McCain and all of the holier than thou dumbasses and dipshits in their orbit. It is only a matter of how much damage will be done, all of it of the self-inflicted nature that The Homeland has become accustomed to.
Whoever got the idea of a ridiculously conceived overthrow of a democratically elected leader, backed by corrupt western interests and carried out with the help of ruthless gangs of right-wing extremists, fascists and neo-Nazis (from which likely came that sniper fire that provided the impetus for the ouster) during the Sochi Winter Olympic games all to stick it to Putin should just do the honorable thing and perform harakiri. Ritual suicide is an act of honor in Japanese culture and the ongoing clusterfuck in the aftermath of the botched coup demands that there be people held accountable before the weakling Obama and the neocons get all of us incinerated. The way that this thing is unfolding I wouldn't put the ultimate act of stupidity of starting a nuclear war past these imbeciles. Those responsible should just do the right thing and do so quickly. 
Too bad there is neither honor nor accountability in this collapsing house of cards that is The Homeland.