Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Would Obama Authorize Snowden’s Assassination?

“Death solves all problems, no man no problem”

-Joseph Stalin

With the new Oceania’s eternal wars now well into the second decade and the hijacked and subverted government screaming “national security” whenever their illicit programs are threatened by even the most minimal of oversight it is a legitimate question as to how far that they will go. As the concerted pushback against the revelations of former government contractor employee Edward Snowden turned NSA whistleblower roar into the new year, intensifying like a hurricane destined to extract maximum vengeance on landfall could this government now be moving towards escalation? Would President Barack Obama sign off on the targeted assassination of Snowden? Would his administration turn a blind eye while CIA or JSOC hit squads murdered him so as to preserve an aura of plausible deniability? Would any rational person who is aware of just how far down the rabbit hole of an abyss that we have all been dragged into since September 11, 2001 be surprised if this were to occur?

The damage that Snowden has inflicted on the fascist state that rose out of the darkness of that Tuesday morning in late summer of 2001 is immense and as we continually are assured by Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald (who had also best be watching his back) there is more coming on NSA criminality. Just this past weekend, after authoritarians received a late Christmas present with federal Judge William Pauley’s ridiculously anti-American ruling in favor of the American Stasi on Friday there have been stories broken. Germany's Der Spiegel featured a large piece on the NSA's TAO division (Tailored Access Operations) that operates out of a secretive facility in San Antonio and specializes in hacking into computers and networks around the world. The unit offers up an array of sophisticated technical gadgetry, engages in the intercepting of shipped computers in order to implant "back doors" while they are enroute to buyers - yet another revelation that NSA activities are going to do even more costly damage to American businesses and taps into underseas telecommunications cables. If what has been seen to this point and with the escalation of the shadow government's war on journalists (particularly Greenwald) through operatives like Alan Dershowitz, capture of the courts to perform legal gymnastics to find programs to be constitutional on hair-splitting and technicalities and the braying of "treason" charges against Snowden the worst is still yet to be published and the decision has likely already been made to stop it under any and all circumstances.

This would include the removal of Snowden from the mortal coil, not the best option for a desperate rogue state in that it would make him into a martyr but he is even now becoming a powerful symbol that the bastards can be fought. When Snowden came out last weekend and declared victory it crossed a line and it would be so far against the grain of what the post September 11, 2001 junta on the Potomac to think that there is not currently a serious lobbying effort being made to terminate Snowden with extreme prejudice. Hell, it's not like Obama is adverse to ordering the killing of American citizens without due process, he already one-upped George Bush and Dick Cheney with the extrajudicial assassination of radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. Mr. al-Awlaki was born in New Mexico, for a period following the 9/11 attacks was sought out by the establishment as a rational representation of an American Muslim (see WaPo piece from 2001) and was even invited to a dinner at The Pentagon. The iman became increasingly radicalized by the phony war on terror and its underlying war on Muslims and soon ended up as an enemy of the state, affixed with the al Qaeda devil horns by the propagandists and on the JSOC/CIA kill list. In September of 2011 the Obama administration had al-Awalki killed by a drone strike in Yemen therefore setting the precedent on depriving an American born citizen of any form of due process, not long afterwards his 16 year old son was also blown into hamburger by a drone, he was also an American citizen by birth. Obama's Justice Department provided the necessary legal cover of the killings in the manner that the department always does when high crimes need the stamp of official state sanction. This is not to defend al-Alwaki's calls for jihad on America but there are certain rights that Americans used to be entitled to as a matter of birthright, one being an actual trial. Obama has set a very dangerous precedent here and his ultimate legacy will be that he not only refined and cleaned up the programs of Bush-Cheney but codified them and sold them to liberals, an always gullible bunch.

Dick Cheney's lackey Michael Hayden, former NSA and CIA head, a regular on the propaganda circuit continued to nudge the "treason" accusation closer to mass dissemination with his Sunday morning gig on CBS's (the network that was just busted for airing a total fabrication of a propaganda piece on Benghazi) Face the Nation. Hayden, who bears far more responsibility for the unconstitutional NSA programs than current American Stasi Commandant Keith Alexander spoke that Snowden's leaks have left the agency "infinitely weaker" (a damned good thing for America in my opinion) and that "What Snowden is revealing … is the plumbing. He’s revealing how we acquire this information.” The irony of a turd like Hayden speaking of "plumbing" is just priceless and is illustrative of the absolute panic that exists that the Roto Rooter men are slowly unplugging the pipes and that the ensuing torrent that is about to come sluicing out has the capability of drowning the real traitors who have used their wars and fear mongering to disembowel the Constitution and destroy the very concept of a free and open society for their own sordid and nefarious ends. Snowden as it has been made abundantly clear by both the Obama 
administration and the neocon propagandists is already an enemy of the state, just like al-Awlaki was.
So the question remains, will Barry do it if ongoing efforts to drag Snowden back for a show trial and a life in a torture prison do not bear fruit? He has already proved that he is willing to act as judge, jury and executioner out of sheer political expedience and nothing should be ruled out for our constitutional law professor in chief.