Friday, December 27, 2013

The Surveillance State Counter Offensive Begins

Given the immense amount of time, money and effort put forth into the construction of the infrastructure of the fascist surveillance state of the new American century along with the eradication of civil liberties it was inevitable that the big pushback was coming. A scant week and a half after the body blow delivered to the NSA Stasi by federal judge Richard Leon for “likely unconstitutional” and “Orwellian” domestic data-mining/spying programs the hydra has reconfigured. Today’s ruling by U.S. District Judge William Pauley in a New York court that the NSA programs are indeed constitutional has delivered a shot across the bow to those seeking to bring the tyrannical apparatus to heel and delivered a belated Christmas present to authoritarian defenders of the abuses of the state against individual rights. The ruling has already sent the treacherous enablers of the destruction of all privacy into jubilation, the porcine terrorist supporting neo-McCarthyist bigot Peter King praised Pauley, stating that his decision “preserves a vital weapon for the United States in our war against international terrorism”. Peals of festive holiday laughter will echo thoughout the lavish homes of vacationing elected officials particularly Mike Rogers and Dianne Feinstein because nothing quite delivers like a reprobate judge in a friendly venue. What Judge Pauley didn't bother to mention when rubber-stamping fascism with the 'terrorism' seal of approval is that none of the spying has ever been proven to have stopped even one terror plot but is very useful to the state when dissenters begin to be officially labeled as 'terrorists'.

The ruling smacked down an ACLU challenge to the anti-American domestic bulk data collection of the phone records of tens of millions of law abiding citizens whose constitutional rights ot not be subjected to unreaonable searches. Pauley played the 9/11 card beautifully in writing that “technology allowed al Qaeda to operate decentralized and plot international attacks remotely” and that the programs represented the “government’s counter-punch”. Sucker punch is more like it given that Americans have never been given any say so in the use of the ‘day that everything changed’ to steal their tax money and use it to pay billions of dollars to well-heeled contractors waving campaign donations at corrupt politicians to effectively pay for their own enslavement. Fittingly the ruling was delivered in Manhattan, the birthplace of the full blown fascist takeover of what used to be at least in theory a free country.

Sunday morning talk show bookers are likely frantically lining up their Sabbath day state propaganda forums with the usual defenders of this new order and the those same programs will serve as the launching pad for the coming smear campaigns, fear-mongering and official lies that will now be used to cement the surveillance systerms into place forever. Again, all of this is not any surprise for there are too many criminals in high places and far too much rottenness that would be exposed were the NSA programs brought under control and exposed to transparency. There had to have been much gnashing of the teeth earlier this week when former government contractor Booz-Allen employee turned whistleblower Edward Snowden effectively rubbed the noses of the usurpers into a big pile of shit with his “mission accomplished” statement then followed up by his response to the Queen of England’s Christmas address. Now it’s payback time.

At the tip of the spear will be the professional electronic hitmen, for example celebrity pundit, fascist activist and Harvard big shot Alan Dershowitz who appeared on CNN on Wednesday to viciously slime former Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald in his typical cowardly and vile manner:

“As far as Greenwald is concerned, he’s an ideologue. I don’t think he would have revealed this information if it had been critical of Venezuela or Cuba or the Palestinian Authority. You know, he doesn’t like America. He doesn’t like Western democracies. He’s never met a terrorist he didn’t like. So he’s a very hard-left ideologue that uses this to serve his political agenda not simply to reveal information in a neutral way. That makes him very different from WikiLeaks, I think.”

A charlatan of the highest order Dershowitz despite his high public profile has little credibility which makes him a perfect regular on the state-corporate media whenever the need for character assassination beckons. It is rarely if ever noted that he is a media whore of an opportunist whose idea of legal integrity was to attach himself to the O.J. Simpson murder trial like a barnacle on the bottom of a garbage barge. It was a media circus that never lacked for clowns and the careers of long tenured cable television ‘legal experts’ are owed to “the Juice”. The references to leftism and being a “very hard left ideologue” are regular talking points directly from the fanatic infested neocon sewer in which the likes of David Horowitz, Pamela Gellar, James Kirchick, BIll Kristol and other propagandists deliver their jeremiads from via Commentary, Front Page Magazine and The Weekly Standard. The attack on Greenwald is a preemptive shot at the new media venture First Look Media, already high on the hit list for a lazy, venal and corrupt media establishment grown fat from suckling off of power. Dershowitz makes Geraldo Rivera look like a towering giant of journalism by comparison.

It would be interesting to know what ensured that Judge Pauley could be counted on to be the go to guy on this latest use of the Constitution as toilet paper but don’t count any serious analysis from the normal poisoned information channels while trashing Judge Leon’s competence and integrity are fair game. Just listen to Bush regime’s legal eagle on codifying torture John Yoo whose expertise has been trotted out for something outside of opining on whether the president has the right to crush a child’s testicles to smear Leon as "out of touch".

The attack dogs have now been loosed, have the scent of blood in their nostrils and hunt in packs.