Friday, November 22, 2013

Yet Another Obama Lie: U.S. Not Leaving Afghanistan

Not that another Obama fib should surprise anyone, along with "war criminal" another must for the top job is "liar" but all of that stuff about exiting Afghanistan... it's just like everyone can keep their insurance policies under Obamacare and the NSA isn't spying on you.  The ugly truth is that we live in an empire and Afghanistan has always been the apple of the eye of colonies throughout history. The harsh land and the often brutal tribal inhabitants have chewed up and spat out those with imperial designs in the past, the British, the Soviets, hell even Alexander the Great but we are an exceptional people and it will be different this time. The strutting Neocons long ago declared "the end of history" after the fall of the Berlin Wall and as the world's remaining superpower the by God United States of America would conquer the world for McDonalds and our other gleaming examples of our national greatness. Or not. The Neocons have been exposed as the loons that they always were with first the debacle of Iraq as well as the ongoing Afghanistan quagmire, a costly and futile occupation to which there is no end in sight save the inevitable bankruptcy and collapse of an overstretched and maxed out America. We are NEVER going to truly leave Afghanistan, it is just like Korea and Germany among other countries in which there were military actions, once the imperial footprint has been established it is there forever, more often than not kicking in the heads of the locals. 

With Iran on the burner, Iraq still a smoldering mess, military forces peppered throughout the most volatile regions on the planet and a rapidly deteriorating Homeland increasingly transforming into a fascist police state on the way to full blown banana republic the last thing that we need is to stay in Afghanistan. Granted that if anything has been proven to be true under the lamentable reign of Barry and the boys it is that Wall Street and the mega-speculators entrenched with impunity in their government subsidized casinos reign supreme. And there is a certain very profitable crop in the area that in a rarely whispered and forbidden secret provides a very lucrative revenue source to the money changers. That of course would be opium, a substance of which production at least according to this New York Times story is rising big time in 2013.  The laundering of drug profits has been an unspoken function of the big banks, probably for decades although such statistics are never truly made available but occasionally something slips out like this 2009 piece from The Observer entitled "Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor" and this from respected mainstream source Bloomberg from this very year entitled "Money-Laundering Banks Still Get a Pass From U.S.". Again, such crass revelations are never mentioned lest they risk rousing some of the sheeple but hard core researchers, for example Peter Dale Scott have been on the beat for years when it comes to big banks and drug money laundering. Hell, I more than half expect that such things are facilitated by agencies such as the NSA and the CIA has had the reputation for dabbling in the narcotics trade for quite some time now.

But Obama himself is but a transitory figure as are all U.S. presidents, soon he will be picking up his golden briefcase and retiring to the same lucrative afterlife as Bill Clinton and the Bushes, if Poppy lives long enough they can probably strike up a good foursome on some gated and exclusive golf resort on the taxpayer dime. This just the way that it works these days and probably has always worked at least since  John F. Kennedy had his brains blown out in Dallas fifty years ago this afternoon.  While he doesn't get into the drug business angle Justin Raimondo of was dropping his payload right on target again this morning with his column simply entitled "We're Never Leaving Afghanistan" from which I excerpt: 

This was supposed to be the "good" war, the "bad" war – Iraq – being bad because it was started by a Republican president. This was the war everybody – except for the most dedicated peaceniks (and, of course, us libertarians) – was for: it was a good war, a just war, a defensive war. They attacked us first, right? So we went in there and – twelve years later we’re still there, with no sign we’re leaving anytime soon.

Back in 2001, we warned against nation-building, and explicitly said: "Kill ‘em – and get out!" With Osama bin Laden dead, and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan practically extinct, Washington could’ve done exactly that many months ago – but the real aims of the "war on terrorism" have nothing to do with al-Qaeda, if they ever did.

In 2001, the US government decided to move in on the Middle East and effectively establish military control over the entire region. The invasion of Afghanistan, ostensibly in hot pursuit of al-Qaeda, was just a way to get our foot in the door, so to speak. The subsequent history of the region – the invasion of Iraq and Libya, military pressure applied to Syria and Iran – highlights the US battle plan for the region.
Obama said we’re withdrawing from Afghanistan, but he also said "If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance" – and we know how that turned out.

Indeed we do.  Despite all of the media hyperbole and weeping and gnashing of the teeth over former Nevada Gaming Commissioner Harry Reid's invocation of the "Nuclear Option" (a term I believe that was coined by his predecessor, Bill Frist of the HCA family healthcare colossus) to limit the filibuster it will soon become obvious that this too is a scam. It is only a matter of time until the bipartisan show of unity to ram more economic sanctions up the ass of Iran and all of the trivialities and playing possum can be done away with to do what we in twenty first century American does best, start wars at the expense of the long term stability of our once honored society in the days before the pigs hijacked it.