Monday, November 25, 2013

Warmongers Caterwauling Over Iran Deal

In the aftermath of Saturday’s landmark deal over restricting Iran’s nuclear program in return for an easing of crushing economic sanctions there has predictably much weeping and gnashing of teeth amongst the crusading Neocon war-mongers. Senators and other congressional swine of dubious loyalty were already calling for even more sanctions before Saturday and the accord reached in Geneva will only reinforce their recalcitrance in acting against the national interest and working desperately to sabotage the deal. Right-wing Israeli strongman Benjamin Netanyahu naturally was bitching the loudest, the deal according to Bibi, a man who is rapidly becoming a cartoon figure  is a “historic mistake” although in the humble opinion of this writer nowhere near the historic mistakes that old Harry Truman made in 1947-48 that started this Middle East madness with the creation of the National Security State or the 1953 CIA overthrow of Iranian president Mohammad Mossadegh that effectively set off the chain of events leading up to the 1979 Islamic revolution to overthrow the U.S. friendly torturing Shah of Iran. Not to mention the "historic mistake" of the electorate in his own country that despite a progressive and rational citizenry continues to vote against their own self interests by not replacing his regime at the ballot box before he completely destroys the relationship with the U.S. due to his paranoid and megalomaniac tendencies. The state-corporate media is bereft of any outside perspective or historical reference other than the flogged to death WW II metaphors were the head of state of any target on the list is dubbed the "new Hitler", any efforts at diplomacy are "Munich" again and those who seek to settle problems through negotiation rather than bombs are "Neville Chamberlain". It is all hogwash and were television lobotomized Americans better informed as a populace it would called out as such.

While extremists in the Israeli government as well as their buddies in the House of Saud were as outraged as their domestic operatives at the deal, especially after the serpent that is Prince Bander (aka Bandar Bush) had coaxed the socialist French into torpedoing the negotiations two weeks ago one aspect had to really rub salt into the wound. It has been reported that the U.S. had been engaged in secret talks since March which would come to nicely serve to circumvent attempts by the usual suspects to scuttle it all and just dial up the airstrikes on Tehran. It was almost as though the old war criminal Henry Kissinger was back in the saddle with his Realpolitick. The revelation of the secret meetings is setting off shockwaves and the charlatans and opportunists are working themselves into a feeding frenzy. Florida Senator Marco Rubio has slithered out from under his rock again and Israeli lickspittle Mark Kirk will be the likely point men for the coming congressional frontal assault that will be used to rouse the rabble and renew the at least temporary derailing of the American war machine. As it is with all of the gutless chickenhawks, they are always eager to send the sons and daughters of others off to die in the asinine wars of their own creation.

There is going to be hell to pay though because Bibi just got punked. In his best interests I would hope that he has been put under suicide watch for the next several days.  The hydra will very quickly reconfigure and no expense will be spared as the warmongers begin to mobilize their media plants, embedded fifth columnists and religious zealot shock troops to besiege fence sitters in D.C. and go all in so that Jesus can come back when the Middle East erupts in flames. There will be much of the same fear-mongering to pander to the "low information voters" (God I love that term) as 2014 is an election year and there is no better sucker bait to harvest the low-hanging fruit than nationalist demagoguery.  To use a WW II analogy of my own it is as  Hermann Göring once said - "the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country". Getting this very basic concept down is a certain recipe for electoral success here in The Homeland.

Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry is basking in the limelight after his successful weekend that is when he wasn't out buying expensive gourmet chocolates for his ketchup heiress wife which resulted in a security staff lock down of the candy shop. An employee of the famous Auer Chocolatier spoke of Kerry that he was “very nice” and spoke “perfect French.”.  The entire thing did not go over well with Senator Lindsey "thank God for France"  Graham who despite the preempting of this week's Meet the Press for a NASCAR race wasted no time in getting together a gaggle of corporate-state media for his inevitable denouncing of the deal and calling for more sanctions. Joining the Palmetto State princess in parroting Neocon talking points was of course Senator John McCain and NRA terrorist supporter Peter King, a trifecta of seasoned media whores always on call to the lazy, career suckups that have so polluted the national press. I expect that by the time that the grease is congealing on the turkey gravy later this week that the aforementioned blood sucking war freaks will be joined by hundreds of others seeking to wave the bloody flag engage in their self-serving blather to get a leg up on next year's mid-terms. The ghoulish thug John Bolton has even emerged from the skeleton's closet of the Bush-Cheney administration to bitch and moan about the "abject surrender" to Iran and to once again psychotically rattle the saber as he is so accustomed to do as  a veteran shill for the war machine.

I do have to give one thing to Graham and McCain in that they both actually served in the military in comparison to the cowardly douchebags who are their colleagues and associates who will never cease to send Americans marching into a foreign meat grinder to score cheap political points or remain relevant on the talk show circuit. The propaganda mills are revving up right now and the lies will soon be as thick as a proverbial biblical plague of locusts as the warmongers desperately work to salvage their feverish wet dream of reducing Iran to ashes while leaving it's citizens with nothing but their eyes to cry with.