Friday, November 8, 2013

British Cohorts of NSA Stasi Decry Reporting on Spying

Across the pond, the British Norsefire government is again on the attack over the revelations of their own surveillance programs over at GCHQ which has renewed threats of an imminent media crackdown.  Sir John Sawers, the head of MI6 (James Bond’s employer) and from the sound of it a real royal assclown channeled Dick Cheney at a public hearing declaring that "the leaks from Snowden have been very damaging. They have put our operations at risk. It is clear our adversaries are rubbing their hands with glee. Al-Qaida is lapping it up." That such horseshit exists outside of the rogue U.S. government is both scary as well as sardonically amusing  the same con is being run down on the queen's subjects. So after years of being subjected to the phony war on terror, a phantom menace ginned up by cynics and criminals out of the ashes of tragedy primarily to enrich well connected military and surveillance firms both foreign and domestic the lies continue. It really takes some set of it takes a set of stones to continue to slap the leather to that dead horse.

The Guardian story that describes the hearings could easily be juxtaposed with tales of the NSA Stasi with only the names and titles changed. It is pretty obvious that GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 received a version of the same NSA talking points that instructed those giving testimony to rely heavily on the 9/11 references, the chosen bread and butter of the American fascist state for years. Andrew Parker, the director of MI5 and just one more lying noxious bastard stated that – “since 2005 and the 7/7 attacks, 34 separate plots had been foiled, including one that would have created mass casualties.” But of course the successful foiling of the plots included the same specific set of details provided by the defenders of U.S. surveillance – none.
The media, especially The Guardian again came under attack by the establishment, specifically this from Sir John:

At Thursday's hearing, Sawers criticised newspapers for claiming they could judge whether disclosures would compromise national security, saying they were not particularly well placed to make such decisions. But pressed to accept that the disclosures had raised issues about the line between secrecy and openness, however, Lobban acknowledged the urgency of the issue, saying: "Clearly with the situation we are in, we are actively considering that with government."

It is the utmost in hypocrisy when the misdeeds of criminals in high places are exposed by what is at least theoretically a free press are the first ones calling for the government to stifle reporting when their schemes are outed. It was just a few weeks ago when top NSA Nazi General Keith Alexander gave an interview where he expressed the sentiment of the U.S. regime to similarly stomp the jackboot of the state down upon the meddlesome press. At least there is reporting in jolly old England that is taken seriously while our own corrupt corporate state press is content to wallow in the panties of Lindsey Lohan and Miley Cyrus while only occasionally paying lip service to holding power accountable.

The war on reporting is rapidly escalating abroad and as the U.S. hits on the Guardian website for real news have the Cameron regime scrambling to get a lid on it, outside of dispatching government goons to supervise the smashing of computer hard drives. Glenn Greenwald’s partner David Miranda who was abducted and detained by thugs at London's Heathrow Airport back in August has been officially labeled as a “terrorist” which does not bode well for the future of Guardian reporting on the NSA/GCHQ activities. Greenwald saw the writing on the wall and got the hell out in time because the crackdown is coming. 

This all must have put a real twist in the queen’s knickers and that mummified old bag cannot be happy seeing the exposure deliver a nice backhand slap across the legendary “stiff upper lip”. It just keeps coming too. According to a paper released by The Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS), an influential Brussels based think tank the British are in violation of European law with their spying activities. Seems like James Bond is a hell of a lot less cool now that the U.K. has been exposed as the authoritarian menace to individual freedom that it has always been, they never really gave up the empire and only merged with their fascist American deep state counterparts.

Oh Guy Fawkes Where Art Thou?