Saturday, September 14, 2013

Putin Punks Barry and the Boys

While he is far from the perfect messenger Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered the perfect message with his virulently denounced New York Times Op Ed. Putin, right on the heels of Obama’s vomit inducing nationally broadcast teleprompter recital on Tuesday night proceeded to literally disembowel dear leader, mocking the in over his head amateur who serves as our reality TV president. In the column the Russian leader dared to invoke the forbidden history that during World War II that his country was an ally of the U.S. and Britain and helped to defeat the Nazis. It is arguable that Russian fighting against the Germans at Stalingrad, one of the bloodiest battles in the history of mankind turned the tide and allowed for the allies to win the war. The Russians chewed up the Nazis in that brutal winter mosh pit of misery that caused the lunatic Adolf Hitler to arrogantly lose a good chunk of his military power while delivering a crushing blow to German resolve. The extreme violence and devastation on the Eastern front were critical in allowing the Americans to successfully invade Europe and then roll over the Nazis as they roared towards Berlin. The Russians don’t get enough credit here while Sir Winston gets too much of it but such is standard western hypocrisy that we are constantly fed. Especially though when one of those hypocrisies was throwing in with the despotic Joseph Stalin who was right up there with Hitler when it comes to crimes against humanity but he was our kind of bastard at just the right time. The leadership of this country has quite an impressive  track record when it comes to supporting ruthless scum who torture and murder their own people so that western business interests can open new markets and plunder resources.

But I digress…

The reminder that Russia and Uncle Sam were on the same side in the “good war” upon which such a hallowed status has been bestowed so as to justify all other wars may have been a nicely delivered and well-deserved body blow but what came next sent the swine into orbit. Putin delivered a nice running dropkick in the nuts to Obama and his warmongering cohorts in correctly pointing out that “millions around the world increasingly see America not as a model of democracy but relying solely on brute force, cobbling coalitions together under “your’re either with us or against us.”  Vladimir had that just a tad wrong though because there are millions right here in Der Homeland who feel exactly the same way. With the stumblebum Obama then on the ropes Putin delivered the knockout punch in calling out Barry’s appeals to that most destructive of concepts that is American exceptionalism:
“it is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”
Then the bell rang as Obama hit the canvas and the pigs started crying foul.

The corporate-state media was unanimous in the condemnation of Putin. Liberal hacks were busily exploiting gay people as political footballs in decrying Putin’s persecution of homosexuals. Right wingers were in a fury because their mythical belief in an almighty and just America had been challenged, it was as though Putin had spat upon Marion Morrison’s (aka John Wayne) grave.  Bombs Away McCain who is a textbook example of the “ugly American” wants to personally throw down with Putin by writing his own column for Pravda. Is this a sick country or what? The near sexual allure of attacking Syria is so intense that even the notorious anti-Muslim bigot and IRA terrorist supporter Peter King is saying that he is thinking about running for president.
Meanwhile the war machine continues to churn out the propaganda, notably a piece in the Wall Street Journal titled Elite Syrian Unit Scatters Chemical Arms Stockpile by a trio of establishment hacks. The piece goes on to chronicle the exploits of a “secretive Syrian military unit at the center of the Assad regime’s chemical weapons program” that has been “moving stocks of poison gases and munitions to as many as 50 sites to make them harder for the U.S. to track”. The piece has more holes than Swiss cheese, first and foremost being that if the unit was so “secret” how is it that the standard unnamed “American and Middle East officials” know about it and second just why in the hell should anyone believe a damned thing that is published in the Wall Street Journal?

This is the same paper that was just embarrassed for prominently featuring a pro-Syrian war columnist named Elizabeth O’Bagy who was exposed as a fraud. Ms. O’Bagy whose columns were cited as justification for war by both Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry and the increasingly unstable war freak John McCain was no objective source of information. She was actually a plant at the WSJ who worked for one of those ubiquitous neocon think tanks as well as a paid shill for the Syrian rebels. Her work included debunking the ugly truths that the same rebels that are being armed by the U.S. are chock-a-block with fanatical Islamists including members of Al Qaeda. When it was found that she had lied about her academic credentials the think tank which goes by the name The Institute for the Study of War  flew into damage controle mode and fired O'Bagy. This not only speaks volumes of a lack of journalistic integerity at the Rupert Murdoch owned WSJ. a rag that routinely pimps neocon propaganda but also to the disturbing degree of influence that the neocons still exercise over U.S. foreign policy following their role in the Iraq fiasco. I am sure that O’Bagy will soon get another gig at another neocon think tank, they will just know better than to trot her out as a PhD because when it comes right down to it even a monkey can wave a bloody flag.

The second big propaganda story is that the mysterious Al Qaeda “leader” Ayman al-Zawahri a man who has become the Emmanuel Goldstein of the times surfaced to call for “small-scale attacks inside the United States to bleed America economically”. Hell, when it comes to bleeding the country economically the Obama administration and our treacherous congress are already doing exactly that right now. Consider also that with the looming appointment of the insipid, bursting at the seams burlap bagful of pigshit Larry Summers, a key contributor to the current economic disaster as Federal Reserve Chairman Barry has already beaten al-Zawahri/Goldstein to the punch. As for the “small scale” attacks that is all just more of the same state hogwash to justify ever more invasive NSA Stasi surveillance and police state tactics to be directed towards anti-war activists, anti-tax groups and anyone who dares to complain about the jackboot that has been applied to the nation’s trachea ever since those towers fell.  Barry and the boys were already steaming over their entire botched Syrian attack and now having to endure the added indignity of Putin appearing in the nation’s largest newspaper just to apply a nice twist to Obama’s balls they are spoiling for blood vengeance. Too bad that it is only going to be the innocent who will end up paying the price but that is what bullies are all about.

While the establishment pigs bleated in a cacophony of phony outrage over the Putin column and always dutiful on the payroll media propagandists carried their water in smearing Putin there were alternative media writers who as usual were spot on with their analysis. Former Reagan administration figure Paul Craig Roberts, a prolific and vocal critic of the transformation of what was once a free country into the doomed empire of greed, war and stupidity that it has become in the new American century wrote in his column Putin Steps Into World Leadership Role:
If Putin had wanted to give obama the full rebuke that obama deserves, Putin could have said: “obama is correct that the policy of the US government is what makes the US exceptional. The US is the only country in the world that has attacked 8 countries in 12 years, murdering and dispossessing millions of Muslims all on the basis of lies. This is not an exceptionalism of which to be proud."
Another uncompromising critic of our hypocritical and deadly foreign policy, Justin Raimondo of in his column Putin the Peacemaker nailed it:
The mystic doctrine of "American exceptionalism" has long dominated the foreign policy consensus in Washington. It has both "right" and "left" versions, but in both cases the idea is essentially the same: John F. Kennedy gave voice to it in his 1961 Inaugural Address, when he declared the US must "pay any price, bear any burden" in the international struggle to contain the Communist Menace in Latin America and elsewhere. It was the rhetorical prelude to the Bay of Pigs disaster and our increasing military presence in Vietnam.

Although Communism was the bogeyman of the moment, the "pay any price bear any burden" mentality survived the cold war: Indeed, the demise of the old Soviet Union emboldened America’s political class to update and upgrade this exceptionalism, which supposedly gives us a divine mandate to police the post-cold war world order in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan – and now Syria. If any other nation arrogated this task to itself, it would be called by its right name: imperialism. Yet that’s what "American exceptionalism" is all about: we’re supposedly the exception to this rule.

Except we’re not, as Putin points out – and the American people agree. The US public is often characterized as being "war weary," as if they are slouches, selfish monsters who have put down this noble burden at the very moment it must be taken up with fresh vigor. Yet what they are weary of is the arrogance that engenders our foreign policy of perpetual war: the self-satisfied smugness with which our elites weave narratives that turn out to be a passel of lies. Americans are empire-weary because they see the corroding effects of imperialism on their own society – the decline in living standards coupled with the deterioration of civil liberties and the ongoing corruption of the political class.
But the state sponsored stooges in the corporate media and the Pentagon pimps sent forth from their well-funded neocon propaganda mills will have none of it. How dare a man like Vladimir Putin have the unmitigated audacity to call out the most special of all lands in all of human history and to of all things blaspheme the religion of the exceptional people of that land. The news just broke that the U.S. and Russia have reached a deal on Syria's chemical weapons. President Assad has one week to produce a comprehensive list of his chemical weapons arsenal and the clock is ticking. It is both mission impossible and mission accomplished at the same time, given the aforementioned Wall Street Journal piece on the secretive Assad unit that is squirreling away the stockpile it won't be long until Barry calls in the airstrikes.