Friday, September 6, 2013

As Far as Narcissist Obama is Concerned – Let Them Eat War

Despite mounting resistance, primarily coming from the international community the narcissist in chief, Barack H. Obama continues to ram his administration’s coming criminal attacks on Syria down the throats of those who see things as they are. Appearing at the G20 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia the Nobel Peace Prize winner is the very epitome of imperial arrogance as he cast aside appeals to reason and a diplomatic solution to his idiotic self-created crisis. Obama along with his goonish Secretary of State John Kerry who has spent the better part of a week distorting and spinning the results of intelligence reports that show that the Assad regime was behind the Gouta chemical weapons incident are lying. Not only are they lying but they are bad liars whose daily contortions only serve to make them look even asinine and conversely more dangerous given their incompetence. Say what you will about the Bush administration and the neocons but at least they didn’t suck at lying, they were truly masters at the art of deception when it came to selling war to the sheeple. The clumsy efforts of Barry and the boys only ensure that the United States truly is losing credibility on the world stage and the worst is yet to come when their dirty little war of choice sets off a chain reaction that will once and for all implode the economy.  While the entire “recovery” has been nothing but state media hyped tomfoolery, the big banks and rigged markets are only sustained by the machinations of the mad money printer Ben Bernanke another ruinous foreign incursion will finally be what it takes to once and for all puncture the bubble of illusion.
This time the American war machine is about ready to run afoul of not only Russia but also China, a huge economic powerhouse holding an even more massive amount of U.S. Paper. Despite Obama and his rogue regime’s bellicose rhetoric and ample supply of ridiculous platitudes going through with this act of aggression on trumped up charges would be tantamount to national suicide. Not that these elitist criminal buffoons give a damn about the concerns of the little people but the peasants are growing restive and while you won’t see it on the corrupt state-corporate media we may finally have arrived at an outrage that is so great that it is able to catapult the chasm of the  two-party paradigm and unite disparate forces for a battle against a common enemy. The enemy is an out of control state that steals from taxpayers while bestowing largess upon the uber-wealthy interests who have the money to buy the system. It is a state that has no moral underpinning having long ago given into eternal war, stealing of foreign natural resources, torture, an obscene for profit prison gulag system that rivals Stalin’s, a herculean surveillance machinethat spies on innocent citizens and a paramilitary police state that could go into total lock down mode with a few minutes notice. The enemy is Leviathan, the state itself which has become as corrupt and oppressive as that shitty little island that our forefathers fled in order to found what was once a free country the envy of the planet.
The alliances against the behemoth may finally provide the long-awaited systemic transformation that unifies principled angry progressives who unlike the liberals did not sell their soul to the company store once Obama took power and libertarians along with paleoconservatives. The so-called tea party which sprung from the remnants of the Ron Paul movement and was quickly co-opted by the GOP is showing signs of being resuscitated in it’s initial form and not the catch-all, loosely organized collection of some of the crazier activist elements of the party base which included due too the lack of self-policing a good amount of racists. The libertarian principles from which it sprung are not being reasserted by such rebels as Republican Congressman Justin Amash, a hero to those who have finally had it with the weaponizing of the state against the people. Congressman Amash rose to prominence earlier this summer when he led the rebellionagainst Obama’s NSA Stasi as the systemic abuses of the Constitution were brought to light by Edward Snowden and Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald. He is not content to lay back in the weeds like so many of his cowardly peers and is aggressively pushing back in a testament to that rarest spirit of American dissent against government tyranny. He has set about mocking that geriatric war criminal John McCain by digging up an old tweet by the rabid old dog praising former Libyan dictator Colonel Muamar Gaddafi earlier this week and publicizing it. McCain, is corrupt and has been complicit in a good many of this country’s most egregious international and domestic crimes of the last thirty plus years. In an interesting side note, McCain’s sidekick Lindsey Graham has been shrilly invoking the destruction of Charleston Harbor by nukes to his constituents. These guys haven’t the capacity for shame, if Graham finally gets ousted in 2014 as he should then he has a hell of a second career in Hollywood.
Joining Amash in opposition is Democratic party firebrand Alan Grayson of Florida, a man who seems to revel in being a bug up the asses of the elite. Giving a voice to the skeptics who can see through Obama and Kerry as the heirs to Bush and Powell. Grayson has not only found a common cause with conservatives like Amash but is taking the fight to the administration in openly questioning the fishy official account of the Gouta gassing. This incident that has been used to justify the crossing of Obama’s “red line” provides the justification for the war, the basis for all of the Hitler and Munich invocations and is by its nature the weakest link in the case needs to be called out as bullshit. The rush to judgement weeks before the official results of the U.N. investigation are to be finalized is the Achilles heel of the Obama regime. It has been reported that Russia provided the United Nations with a report back in July detailing the U.S. backed militant rebels complicity in poison gas attacks and with the persistence of bulldogs like Grayson and Amash contesting the official story it could be possible that this report eventually finds its way into what remains of the U.S. media. This link is from McClatchy, one of the last vestiges of free reporting.
The establishment fears only one thing more than the truth and that is crossover appeal. When there is a break in the meticulously constructed dichotomy that even if briefly allowing for the revelation of the true enemy, not the phantoms and scapegoats it scares the hell out of the bastards. It was easy to marginalize and in the case of the Occupy movement send the paramilitary police goons to destroy it or in the case of the tea party to focus on only the racists, freaks and provocateurs to eliminate the threat to the establishment. When there is an alliance against the wars, the destruction of civil liberties and the preservation of the Constitution it is a true threat to fiends like Obama. This blossoming revolt against the bombing of Syria has the potential to become a true uprising against the usurpers but the propaganda machine will ensure that the largest obstacle to accountability will be the easily duped, foolish and credulous “center” that still believes the corrupt media.
And now it has been announced that Barack Hussein Obama, using the bully pulpit on the eve of the twelfth anniversary of 9/11 will take his lies directly to the American people in the push for WW III. It will be a variation on yellow cake uranium in Niger, smoking guns as mushroom clouds, aluminum tubes and all of the other horseshit sold by his predecessor to justify his war in Iraq that has left the country a humanitarian disaster and destabilized charnel house to this day. Even if attacking Syria didn’t have the serious implications of creating an irrevocable scenario with China and Russia that punches all of our tickets to Armageddon the best that could be hoped for would be a decade plus of brutal sectarian violence. Violence that Obama’s allies in Al Qaeda are already perpetrating but at the end of the day, stripped of the star-spangled facade this all comes down to money and there is plenty of it for the war machine once it’s current shill Obama and his pack of fellow reprobates order up the strikes.
Impeachment proceedings cannot be started soon enough so that this ridiculous and arrogant man can be removed from office before he kills us all.