Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Obama Cynically Exploits MLK Legacy While Plotting Attack

As I was once told long ago by a world weary old traveler “desperation ain’t pretty” and I am one who always respects the wisdom of my elders.  His statement is truer today than ever as it is apparent that the rogue Obama administration is in a state of such desperation to do anything to stop the revelations over the NSA Stasi it is only a matter of how ugly it is going to get. For those who have an idea of history it doesn’t get much uglier than Barry choosing to take a dump all over Martin Luther King Jr. on the 50th anniversary of the famous “I have a dream speech”. It is of the utmost of cynicism and a revealing glimpse of how utterly devoid of consciousness that El Presidente is by paying homage to King on a day when his loathsome administration is preparing to launch military strikes on a country that has done absolutely nothing to us. But in Obama’s world ‘war is peace’ and while he spent parts of the day making public relations appearances and trotting out his same old sucker bait about hope and change he will soon preside over the bombing and missile strikes that will assuredly result in much “collateral damage” But to guys like him and the other swine who have occupied the office having blood on one’s hands is as blessed a rite of passage as dipping them into an urn of holy water. What is not said, and lies of omission are always the biggest lies of all here on our star-spangled lemming farm is that Martin Luther King Jr. vehemently opposed war. But our history is sanitized, stripped of any narrative that is inconvenient to the state much as Winston Smith found out during his day job at The Ministry of Truth.
There is a dog that needs to be wagged and by all reports that is going to happen very, very soon because quite frankly the petulant prince is damned sick and tired of having to be embarrassed for his war on the Constitution. While Russia blocked today’s U.N. National Security Council vote on the Syrian strike it is really of no concern of this lawless administration. They have already made it clear that they would invoke Slick Willie’s bombing of Belgrade for ‘humanitarian’ reasons and call in the strikes on Damascus no matter what is said, they simply don’t give a damn and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. This entire week has been a setup, from the initial hysteria over the Assad regime’s alleged gassing of women and children to the serpentine John Kerry’s demagoguery, right up there with the same horseshit that Colin Powell used to sell Americans on attacking Iraq (which is going swimmingly by the way with more carnage today) over cooked intelligence. That time it was Saddam’s mobile chemical weapons labs, this time it is John Kerry’s  hypocrisy laden blathering about “moral obscenities”. Like this country has any morals under the scum that has held power since the end of WW II, take for example the better late than never reporting that the U.S. and CIA knew full wall about Saddam’s use of chemical weapons and backed him at the time he was doing it. Kerry himself should know better (and he does but he is an elitist who is set for life) because it was in the very war that he hyped his service and later opposition to that used Agent Orange and Napalm against civilians. The man simply should make any decent human being want to vomit.
And it should be of no surprise that the Neocons who destroyed the Bush administration with their wet dreams for eternal war and global Empire are pushing Barry hard. In The Weekly Standard, the dirty little rag that is the Der Stürmer of the Neoconservative cancer in America a group of foreign policy “experts” are pushing for regime change in Syria. Among the signatories are Iran-Contra criminal Elliot Abrams, establishment GOP kingmaker Karl Rove, radical cleric Gary Bauer, Sarah Palin adviser Randy Scheunemann, former Senator and McCain-Graham BFF Joseph Lieberman, Mitt Romney adviser Dan Senor and of course William Kristol himself.  Kristol is a grinning little monkey with a big megaphone and a mania that borders on that of a pederast for sending other people to die. He is one of two influential media war pimps (the insipid Charles Krauthammer is the other) who were mockingly referred to by George W. Bush as “the bomber boys”.  The one thing that the Neocons all have in common is that they are chickenhawks who never served day one in the military. They are the same nerds who spent their high school days clustered around Avalon Hill board games in the school library fantasizing about growing up to be Caesars. And they always acted like they knew more than everybody else like the condescending little pricks that they were. The maladaptive twits would be laughable were they not afforded an exalted status by the military industrial complex and its offshoots who make billions of dollars a year off by keeping the war machine humming along.
The Neocons attached themselves to the Bush presidency like barnacles on the bottom of a garbage barge and then burdened the country with economic ruin with the two wars that were put onto the national credit card. Bush eventually saw the light and was a bit less aggressive in his second term, even to some degree shutting out Dick Cheney (enraging the V.P. by not pardoning Scooter Libby) and effectively ending the Project For The  New American Century as Wolfowitz, Feith and Perle were sent packing along with Von Rumsfeld. Bush was actually able to scale down the blood lust after he cleaned house but he was still stuck with two unwinnable and costly wars and a popularity rating only slightly above genital Herpes.
Now they have Barry’s ear….
Obama can talk all of this silver-tongued, finely parsed and carefully distilled bullshit that he is able to still sell but despite an in-the-pocket state-corporate propaganda system known as the media there are fewer buyers with each day. He can piss on Martin Luther King Jr. all that he wants,preaching economic and social justice while sparing no expense of the American war machine but as a wise man named Lincoln was so famously quoted: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”. The sell by date on Obama’s seemingly endless bag of malarkey is rapidly approaching, even though we are a dumbed down and television brainwashed nation in 2013 good old Abe’s words are enduring. Let’s see how four dollar a gallon gas gets Americans lined up behind him while he salutes old glory for yet another unnecessary, costly and immoral war.
The only place where a regime change is needed is in Washington and enough is enough, if the bombs and cruise missiles rain down on Syria is expected over this shoddy excuse of a pretense for war then it’s time to impeach the bastard.
Martin Luther King Jr. must be rolling over in his grave.