Monday, August 19, 2013

Obama Gangsters Escalate War on Journalism

In a textbook example of the REAL reason for the torrent of Draconian  anti-terrorism laws that have been implemented post 9/11 without the consent of the governed the proxy puppet Brits are joining the Obama war on journalists. On Sunday, the across the pond accomplices of the gangster Obama administration detained the partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald for interrogation and harassment. David Miranda, a Brazilian citizen was seized by authorities in the transit area of London’s Heathrow Airport under the Terrorism Act of 2000. It was a blatant but revealing escalation of the imperial fascist surveillance state that now thanks to former Booz-Allen employee turned leaker Edward Snowden has been exposed for all to see. Mr. Greenwald, who has been breaking a majority of the stories on the unconstitutional and out of control activities of Obama’s NSA Stasi has made a good many enemies for his reportage. He has been the target of what is obviously a U.S. government backed smear campaign designed to impugn his honor and undermine his credibility, one that has been jacked up as of late with reports that he is trying to sell a Snowden interview to media establishments. This is of course done to call into question the journalist’s intentions, since earlier attempts to libel him as a pornographer and sleazebag didn’t work. He has even had to face veiled threats from U.S. regime mouthpieces like the oily David Gregory and his ilk. It goes with the territory of those who ask questions during the Obama-Holder Axis of Evil’s war on journalists but the abduction of Miranda has crossed a line and there is no going back now.
Oh, and when I referred to Obama’s “gangster” administration I was wrong, the mob has Omertà, or a code of honor when it comes to going after family members. This is something that was brought up by Mr. Greenwald himself in his column from Sunday’s edition of The Guardian online:“Even the mafia had ethical rules against people that they felt threatened by” and he is absolutely correct. The Obama thugs, it’s Stasi and the British Gestapo, GCHQ have no honor whatsoever for there are no such necessity when all of them are pigs. Now that it is all seeping out from under the curtain of deception everyone who is not willfully blind is able to see that the two nations, the triumphal winners of WW II aka “the good war” have now fallen under the domain of the very same type of fascists and totalitarians that they once opposed. This is a time for all to be fearful because the mask has slipped and the measures are becoming as fittingly extreme as were they for their historical predecessors in Germany. The Brits held Miranda without providing him access to an attorney and then confiscated his gear including according to sources encrypted thumb drives allegedly carrying information for Greenwald’s future investigative pieces. The operation wasobviously green-lighted by the more paranoid than Nixon White House as if that is surprising. As has been the case in American airports for years we are now subject to being shaken down by overzealous TSA government goons on a whim, children felt up, ole people humiliated and possessions stolen. None of this crap is about preventing terrorism, it has always been about power and the crushing of political dissent, Government restriction of travel is a top trait of authoritarian states as are spying, show trials and torture.
Greenwald’s reaction though must really have the scum over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in a frenzy today. He essentially doubled down and stated that the fascists were going to regret what they did and that he is now going to “write my stories more aggressively now” and that he is also going to go after the espionage system in England. I really do hope that Greenwald is able to turn up the heat on the bastards but he is entering dark territory now, with the rats being flushed from their nests I have two words of caution for him “Michael Hastings”.  The fiery death of the former Rolling Stone reporter has always been suspicious, both for his abundance of powerful enemies created by his work and his uncompromising and at times arrogant demeanor.  Despotic regimes (and make no mistake that shorn of it’s outwardly benign facade the United States is ruled by one) have no qualms about whacking those whom are bothersome. There is actually quite the history of such things and the list of names is far longer than I am going to go into at this time and it is entirely possible that Greenwald will soon be on it if the smears and intimidation don’t get the message across.
But the only way to fight the machine is to keep pushing to get the truth out, as historian Anthony Sutton once put it - “Be patient, spread the word among friends, do your little bit. The system will self-destruct because it is funded on corruption and untruth.” And implode it will if we ALL do our little part.
The Obama administration and it’s fascist deep state are rightfully scared of something very badly and that something is an awakened populace that will bring their system of corruption down with them at the bottom of the rubble.