Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Goebbels Shrugged

"I give them credit, I think the government is doing exactly the right thing here."

- Peter King, Rep (IRA)

It was like going back to the future. Beset by mounting pressure over the gross intrusions on the lives of others by Obama’s out of control NSA Stasi the reputedly on the run and defeated bogeyman  Al Qaeda was conjured up anew. It was so 2004. You could have pretty much seen this one coming as the Snowden leaks over unconstitutional spying on law-abiding American citizens began to take their toll. A nice little precursor of black propaganda was thrown out two weeks ago when hundreds of militants including but of course “senior members” of Al Qaeda engineered a jailbreak from Baghdad’s notorious Abu Ghraib prison. Remember the place? It was Saddam’s preeminent torture facility until it was hijacked by U.S. invaders and used for even more torture. This was the place where that little peckerwood tramp Lynddie England and her sadistic boyfriend Charles Graner were caught filming their disgusting and demeaning abuse of Iraqis back when Bush’s Iraq war was in full swing. To say that the joint had a bad reputation is quite an understatement.

So with the marauding and not that long ago according to El Presidente himself “on the run” and “defeated” Manichean Devil of the modern era now regenerated just in time to provide cover for the NSA the frenzied alert of imminent danger was issued. By Friday the state-corporate media was aflame with fear and dread, a barrage of bullshit laid down in a shock and awe manner not seen for years. Following up the hysterics the lackeys, water carriers and unprincipled mouthpieces of Empire were sent forth to make the case for their precious and lucrative snooping monstrosity. The Sunday morning vanity fests served as the usual launching pads for the upcoming tsunami of deceit, fear-mongering, fibbing and self-serving that will again use fear of the outsider as the bludgeon that will enforce consent. It was Republicans who made the loudest case for Obama’s Stasi.

The same GOP cadre elite also support Obama’s immigration 'reform' policies precisely because their corporate paymasters need more cheap labor to drive down wages, bust unions and loot pension plans. Unlike the rank and file and other members of Congress who are kept in the dark about mass surveillance and data-mining there are those who enjoy access and actually have influence. There is the Gang of Eight, a sort of Senate within the Senate that is not mentioned anywhere in the constitution and this cabal exerts disproportionate control. This group typically includes McCain and Graham (and their new toady Marco Rubio) who are constantly in the media, pushing for war and oppression and are the go-to guys for the Pentagon and the armaments industry. Unlike the majority of Congress which is paralyzed due to partisan rancor and loyal only to special interests the gang is able to get things done by moving along or killing legislation. They will be instrumental in saving Obama's Stasi, as will Skull and Bonesman John Kerry and of course Dianne Feinstein who has never met a military or secret surveillance program that she couldn't support. Note that the other proponents of the NSA all benefit financially from the industry.

But I digress....

The formidable lineup of Republican media mouthpieces whooped up the fear and dread, dropped myriad 9/11 references and praised the NSA for their role in uncovering the evil plot. There was Peter King, the man who for years provided support for the Irish Republican Army, an outfit that was every bit the murderers of innocent civilians as Al Qaeda, you could pretty much by definition call Rep. King exactly what he is, a fat Gaelic terrorist. King sang the praises of Obama's surveillance state and then carried more water for the duplicitous administration in decrying  those conspiracy theorists who would dare call into question the fortuitous timing of panic mode over vague and unsubstantiated threats. Joining porcine Peter was of course John McCain's BFF Senator Lindsay Graham, a Sunday morning regular. Graham appeared on CNN's State of the Union with the insipid blathering sow Candy Crowley. Graham, in his most honey tongued Gomer Pyle twang proceeded to make the case for permanent religious war in the Middle East. They always reliable Graham practically crooned “If we ever take the bait, and try to come home and create fortress America, you’ll have another 9/11.” It was an obvious sucker punch to the Rand Paul, Justin Amash non-interventionist wing of the party and a deep, sloppy kiss to the neocons who are back in the game now. To Crowley's credit she did rebut Graham's lies and innuendo by asking him one of the forbidden questions:

“When you look at this map of U.S. embassies that are closed, twenty-two of them, most of them across the Muslim world, when you hear this global warning to all Americans to take care, what do you think that says?...Since the mission of terrorists is to terrorize, in some sense do you feel as if they’ve already won?”
The answer to that is obvious, were the 9/11 attacks engineered to destroy America from with the so-called "terrorists" should be running victory laps over the Sunday morning swill. By allowing psychotic terrorists like King and Graham who never met a carpet bombing of brown-skinned civilians that he didn't like it would in theory present a huge triumph for those who hated us for our freedoms and way of life. The problem is, and this is never defined by the corrupt corporate-state media is that those who hate us for those reasons are right here in the U.S.A. and are occupying the government as well as chairs on the propaganda circuit. Also showing up to throw down in favor of Obama's Stasi were Georgia senator Saxby Chambliss, he is the chickenhawk who shamefully attacked actual war veteran Max Cleland as soft on terror, airing a dirty smear campaign that no war veteran who lost three limbs in service to his country should ever have to face. Senator Chambliss is scum but in this heinously corrupt rotting empire amoral charlatans like him have clout.  Senator Draft Dodger also defended Obama's NSA:

"The one thing we can talk about is the fact that there's been an awful lot of chatter out there," the chatter is "very reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11." 

Then there are the stories about how Obama and McCain are now allies. As is typical, despite the rhetoric and public posturing when it comes right down to the preservation of the warfare state, unconstitutional mass surveillance, torture, bailouts to criminal banksters and giving themselves immunity to prosecution there is no daylight between the Democrat and Republican establishment. Fascism knows now party lines and the Republican defense of Obama's wanton neglect for the Constitution, a document that a good amount of the vermin and swine in the most corrupt Congress of all time find contemptible is a rallying point against the people in this country. 

Political whore-mongering, lies, double-dealing and graft chasing are one thing but the most disturbing aspect of all of this latest alleged threat is that we now once again are seeing a pattern emerge of the invocation of September 11, 2001 as justification for every abuse of power that followed. The cynical use of the most tragic day in the nation's history to make political hay by the previous administration, certain members of Congress and the always opportunistic defense and surveillance industry pimps was shameful. It was akin to pissing on the dead but that has never been beyond politicians, the uptick in invoking that which should never be used as another tool in the political toolbox over the last month has been as incessant as it is intolerable. That it is being used to justify NSA mass surveillance on innocent Americans is even more outrageous than the foreign wars of aggression that were sold to the public on the premise of payback for the attacks.

Interesting, the Obama administration and the government did so much to put their stamp on the official story of what occurred on September 11, 2001 as the national religion back on the tenth anniversary. Hell, the NFL, a preeminent American icon and corporate behemoth even participated, allowing their games that day to become a celebration of the mythology. So why is the scab now being pulled off?  And if 9/11 is now back on the board is it impolitic to ask just one question? What happened to WTC-7? The 47 story building that collapsed long after the initial attacks yet was never addressed by the Kean Commission outside of a footnote? If that very major event has never been adequately explained then why should any of it be believed? After all, that day as we have been repeatedly told changed everything - forever. 

So the embassy closures will continue now for at least another week, here is an idea for Barry - why not just close them permanently and get the hell out of parts of the world where we don’t belong? It will take a few generations but if you are forward thinking enouth maybe there will be a time when we are no longer feared and hated abroad. Despite all of the state crap propaganda about how they “hate us for our freedoms’ that is a lie of Hitlerian proportions. First off, if you take a good look around in 2013 we really are not “free” anymore thanks to the NSA intelligence colossus and secondly, they hate us for our intervening in their countries. Oh, and in breaking news the Obama administration State Department has just ordered Americans to immediately leave Yemen. I guess the locals aren't thrilled with Obama's ongoing drone attacks. 

Iran has been the vogue bogeyman but come on, what if the U.S. and CIA wouldn’t have participated in the overthrow of the democratically elected leader Mohammad Mosaddegh and the installation of the western golden boy the Shah and his vicious Savak secret police with their torture chambers? It takes balls to wreck the economy on a blood revenge mission against Saddam Hussein for being a man who kills his own people while Mohammad Resa Pahlavi was feted by U.S. leaders for decades while Iranians got their fingernails pulled out. How about the CIA support of Indonesia’s slaughterer in chief Suharto? Up to a million (nobody really knows) were summarily murdered, tortured and imprisoned in 1965 during the overthrow of Sukarno. Or what of Chile where the vicious thug Pinochet was backed by the U.S. elite when he launched his blood purge of the legitimately elected leader of his country? Or? Or? Or? Oh, Christ I can’t keep track of all of the atrocities committed for the sake of the uber-wealthy elite and then sold to the masses as justifiable interventions against the devil of the day.

The apple pie increasingly smells like baked horseshit when you really read your history – how does it feel to be the new Nazis?