Monday, August 26, 2013

Barry and the Boys Ready to Rumble in Syria

The ratcheting up of the war rhetoric by the cornered like rats Obama regime on Monday reached deafening levels. Obama is now on the run with a growing list of damning evidence that his drunk on power administration is using the IRS to go after political opposition, the NSA to spy on law abiding citizens and waging a war against the First Amendment rights to free speech and a free press. Obama allies have been frantically seeking to play the war card as an escape from scrutiny for this Nixonian rogue government that is steeped in arrogance and oozing paranoia from every pore and soon the bombs are about to start raining down on yet another foreign country. It is a sick indictment of this entire society that economically ruinous wars and a fascist bent towards an authoritarian police state are greeted with a collective shrug by the masses of the TV addled sheep. Each escalation abroad allows El Presidente to use his big government goons to further crack down on civil liberties in Der Homeland. An attack on Syria for a questionable and convenient ‘WMD’ attack last week would allow Emperor Barackus Obamus to wrap a garrote around the necks of Americans and give it a good hard twist.
Today newly minted Secretary of State and Skull and Bones member John Kerry was sent forth to spew his bombastic drivel on his boss’s behalf. Kerry delivered the chilling remarks that made it absolutely clear that war is coming:
Let me be clear: The indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. By any standard, it is inexcusable and — despite the excuses and equivocations that some have manufactured — it is undeniable.
The elitist Massachusetts liberal, a multimillionaire who married into the Heinz ketchup family has learned to love war now that he is a privileged and pampered insider. This is the same John Kerry who built his political career on his self-promoting chicanery as an antiwar man of conscience. Kerry came home from Vietnam and allegedly threw his service medals over the White House fence, a story that is as disputed as the conduct that he shamelessly hyped to get them in the first place. Kerry is now as always a phony which puts him on an even level as Obama, were it not for one of the most ineptly run campaigns in history he might have won the 2004 election over the lamentable George W. Bush. He is a hypocrite and his morally obscene statements on the alleged Assad forces gassing civilians before a proper investigation has even been completed are a shining example of the corruption of power and the amoral, soul dead charlatans who end up with it in our now terminally doomed nation.
The alleged gassing of civilians on the outskirts of Damascus is indeed an atrocity it is truly sickening but the primary question that needs to be answered though is that who was it exactly that did the gassing? I would not believe a damned thing that is claimed by the U.S. backed rebels, a pack of religious fanatics and lunatics that include barbarians with a taste for human flesh and possible affiliations with Al Qaeda. We had two towers brought down in New York City twelve years ago and thousands of innocent Americans murdered because of the blowback created when the U.S. threw in with Islamist fanatics who then used their training to bring this country to it’s knees. The net result was a resounding win for the ‘terrorists’ because now this country has become an oppressive, fascist police state and there is no end in sight.
Obama and the British leader David Cameron (who is also reeling from political scandal involving his own spy agency) are in a rush to judgment, there is no time for a serious investigation which in and of itself reeks of horseshit given that the rebels had already been caught lying about chemical weapons to gain full U.S. support for their ongoing civil war. This like the other Middle East wars that used the September 11, 2001 tragedy as justification are truly none of our business. There are enough problems at home and they are rapidly getting worse, one more war and one that may rapidly escalate throughout the region is not in the best interests of Americans. Gas was up where I live by fifteen cents a gallon overnight thanks to  the imminent attack on Syria. It really  sucks that Barry is able to get away with this but when you have a population that would only become sufficiently roused to get off of their sofas and say no more were Dancing With the Stars to suddenly go off air it is what it is.
The downward spiral continues…