Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another Day in the Empire of Idiocy

Economic collapse, wars and rumors of wars, offshored jobs, unconstitutional domestic surveillance, militarized police, kangaroo courts, eradication of civil liberties – no problem. A rodeo clown in Missouri goes out in an Obama mask and performs a simulated lewd act with a broom? Now there’s a real news story. In continuing their ongoing contribution to the downtrend and ultimately the collapse of this once great nation the putrid gaggle of sycophants that is the mainstream media has once again stooped to the occasion. While the country continues the long, slow crawl into fascism and the emperor fiddles while the place burns the always dependable presstitutes will continue to mesmerize the masses of asses with silly tabloid tales, trumped up local stories that are of great national importance. Missing teenage girls, major league baseball steroid suspensions, celebrity suckling, lurid sex abuse tales and isolated incidents trumped up into racist outrages, the bought and paid for media will always have everything to sell to the public but the truth. If there is one thing that the dumbed-down American sheeple understand completely it is what happens when someone pokes Mr. Wiggly into the dirty place, it is all bread and circuses.

Real news has been abandoned, especially reportage that focuses on systemic corruption that has metastasized throughout the government and every institution in this rotting empire. A good deal of this can be attributed to Slick Willie’s Telecommunications Act which in turn led to a wave of media consolidations. Corporations increasingly controlled the messaging and brooked zero tolerance of any upsetting of the apple cart in terms of profits. Combine the corporate hijacking of independent media with a highly secretive and corrupt government seeking to squash exposure of the morass of criminality into which it has descended, mix in the careerist flacks that get shat out of our journalism schools and you have a media which now ceases to inform on anything relevant. It is all lies, sleaze, manufactured scandal and button-pushing emotional nonsense.

Take for instance the tempest in an electronic teapot that is the rodeo clown, a guy named Tuffy Gessling who appeared during a routine at the Missouri State Fair wearing an Obama mask and stuck a broomstick in his ass. This was an attempt at humor and in this country it used to be that lampooning the president was a time honored right that was as American as apple pie. While Obama has seen a spike in racist morons who really are offensive with their displays (and are racists) not every criticism of El Presidente is an overt act of racist behavior. To me personally any act that portrays Barry as a clown with a stick up his ass is pretty much spot on. I seem to recall a good many tasteless and ugly displays back in the day when George W. Bush was in office and while some of the low-rent swine that have attached themselves to the so-called Tea Party are full blown bigots who taint the entire movement by their presences. For every Photoshop picture of either Barrack or Michelle as simians there were also more than a fair share of the same type of pictures of Bush as a monkey and one liberal website, "the smirking chimp" is still operational and the title was a direct shot at Dubya. So let's get real here and pardon the pun, call a spade a spade.

The Missouri rodeo clown incident, in addition to giving the bottom-feeders in the media and the rogue Obama administration itself yet another distraction to milk instead of covering the wanton criminality of the NSA Stasi the usual suspects on BOTH sides are using this overblown incident for overtly political reasons. The NAACP is calling for a Department of Justice investigation into the clown's performance and learning to kiss the whip of the police state . Hey, it's not like the organization has anything better to do than to continue to throw gasoline on an already smoldering national tinderbox of race relations. The organization could much better serve it's membership by pushing for the DOJ to address why blacks are such a disproportionate portion of our unspoken national shame that is the for profit prison gulag system, or to address black on black violence within the inner cities but it dicks around with garbage like this and becomes yet another part of the problem. Conversely, you have an idiot like Texas congressman Steve Stockman who has invited Gessling to perform in his district. Now Stockman is a yahoo and a media whore who deliberately seeks out attention by engaging in outrageous behavior. He is the same congressman who invited the lunatic Ted Nugent to Obama's last State of the Union Address. Nugent has become a hero to a certain demographic for his strident pro-gun stance and is a board member of the NRA. But seriously, it boggles the mind to understand why anyone could possibly find anything heroic in a washed up former rock and roller who dodged serving in Vietnam by shitting in his pants and showing up at his local draft board. He also is a serial baby daddy who fathered multiple children out of wedlock. Nice role model for those who proclaim to believe in family values unless they are Manson family values. Stockman is guilty of the same injustice towards those who he supposedly represents as the NAACP in pimping this drivel for political gain.

The real clowns that Americans should be outraged at don't perform at rodeos, they practice their art under the Washington bigtop.