Thursday, August 1, 2013

Obama Circles the Wagons to Defend American Stasi

This week’s informal congressional hearings that were to have been held as a forum for NSA critics were called off according to Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald who was to appear via video link, likely to avoid falling victim to an extraordinary rendition. The hearing was cancelled due to El Presidente Obama's choosing to meet with ever feckless and corrupt House Democrats and their leader Nancy Pelosi. The pope of hope's presence was to reassure, cajole, threaten and lie his ass off to put down the jackass party's insurgent contingent that supported the Justin Amash LIBERT-E Act amendment. The absolute last thing that the establishment, especially the debauched Obama regime wants is any chance that the truth gets our and that legitimate privacy concerns over the NSA spying and warehousing of data be addressed. It is a damned shame because you could really see some momentum growing, the proverbial worm was turning and psychopathic voyeurs like General Keith Alexander and the serial prevaricator James Clapper were starting to panic. Alexander the great was grabbing headlines (again) by showing up and speaking at a hacker's convention where he defended that which is indefensible and unconstitutional. He did face a few hecklers but they were far outnumbered by potential future employees hoping to hitch a ride on the fascist gravy train.

Prefacing a week of spin and propaganda It was launched by yet another anonymous government source that the Ameican Stasi would declassify data on surveillance programs (only not the good stuff) to falsely present a new openness and not risk breaking the slumber of the lemmings and sheep. The double-dealing Obama also is seeking to line up support for his latest version of the "Grand Bargain" where more tax cuts will be given to job destroying corporations, likely the same ones that have been offshoring American jobs to low wage third world shitholes for over a decade now. Obama never ceases to amaze with his serpentine ability to not get pinned down along with his shamanism used to maintain his hypnotic control over loyalists while he continues to bestow government favoritism in the truest manner of 21st century American crony capitalism. By torpedoing the informal hearing Obama is buying time by stalling until this every worthless member of this putrid Congress can slither out of Washington for yet another five week vacation, all on the taxpayer dole too - nice work if you can get it.

Thursday morning, assisted by a blatant and criminally complicit media there was the launch of a public relations offensive as the administration made a big show out of rolling out the previously heralded and now declassified NSA documents which contained nothing new. The message was to be that this onerous rogue regime really does respect the constitution and protect the civil liberties of the American people and that it was just a matter of "a number of technical compliance problems". This is of course a variation of the a few bad apples defense that is inevitably invoked whenever government, corporate and high finance are caught breaking the rules. Without having to worry about Greenwald in front of a congressional panel and with the already in the bag Senate conducting it's own hearing it was a day for the chief executive and his goons to make hay. Leave it to Greenwald who broke another huge story in The Guardian revealing even more invasive NSA spying techniques to be the fly in the ointment and a constant pain in the ass to Obama and his minions.

The latest revelations are about a program called XKeyscore which can be (and is) used to track just about everything that anyone does on the internet. All online conversations are easily tracked without any serious oversight and queries can be made based on IP addresses, keywords, the type of browser used, phone number, websites frequented and all email monitored. The Guardian story also presented a number of official documents that provided instructions and touted the program's multi-faceted abilities to snoop on law abiding citizens which are then stored for some vague and ominous future usage by an outlaw state. Knowing full well that the latest story pissed on Obama's parade the White House dispatched chief flack Jay Carney to do what he is paid to do, spin. According to this piece at NBC News the "paid liar" dissembled that "some of the claims made in that article are false."  Per the piece the former Time Magazine Washington Bureau Chief and regular participant in the Beltway circle jerk went on that:

"As we've explained, and the intelligence community has explained, allegations of widespread, unchecked analyst access to NSA collection data are false," said White House spokesman Carney.
 "Access to all of NSA's analytic tools is limited to only those personnel who require access for their assigned tasks," he continued. "And there are multiple technical, manual and supervisory checks and balances within the system to prevent those who don't have access from achieving that access."

Really though, as a professional bullshitter Carney just offers up the same obfuscations, half-truths and standard redirections that any White House spokesperson does simply because his paycheck depends on covering his boss's ass. What Carney does not bother mentioning in his rebuttal of the Guardian story are the legions of government contractors who have top secret level access to NSA data ans what controls exist to prevent them from abusing it. The contractors operate with impunity and by all indications  have next to zero accountability. There is no oversight of any substance and a mega-billion dollar cash cow has been created (and now is protected) that has been incessantly milked by lobbying, funding political campaigns, preaching fear and is still expanding exponentially like a ravaging societal cancer. Greedy surveillance industry contractors hit the jackpot when history was reset and democracy vanished. Ever since their sheer luck that a pack of lunatics in airplanes smacked the gold-filled pinata on September 11, 2001 thereby justifying war and all of its offshoots the jackals have been groveling in money, stolen from the taxpayers and used to fund their own enslavement. The inflating of the post-9/11 security bubble is for the most part all based on hogwash, fear-mongering, the trotting out of bogeymen and the filling of political slots with the most morally vacant, money-grubbing sociopaths who have walked the earth since the last days of the USSR.

So of course they will defend their big con because it is their bread and butter. After all, they being Obama's stooges and the rest of the corrupt Congress and Judiciary will never have to be subjected to the secret police harassment, the judgement of secret courts, being disappeared without Habeas Corpus into a for profit gulag system that has as an appendage a foreign network of black site torture prisons. That stuff is for the little people, people like the rest of us. It is ironiic that so obvious was their greed though that the lax pre-employment screening practices of the notorious Booz Allen, so intent at packing their surveillance centers to gorge on taxpayer money. diverted away from necessary social and infrastructure programs that they hired a guy named Ed Snowden who turned out to be their worst fucking nightmare. This is a man of principle who was able to insert himself into the belly of the beast with the savvy of a seasoned intelligence operative/mole and to then purloin the crown jewels which he has since unleashed upon a world that had been for far too long bamboozled by flim flam men like Bush and Obama to jettison liberty for security. And it was all a series of lies delivered by a series of paid liars just like Mr. Carney.

Which brings me to another very, very serious question that has yet to be asked which is exactly what else is being done with all of that data and by whom? As is now evident with the lack of any sort of oversight on any of this how exactly does anyone know that the contractors or the NSA itself are engaged in their cloak and dagger operations are not also selling or providing information to other institutions? This is of course all not only being done for the bogus official reason of preventing terrorism, that has always been a crock and with the billions spent over the years given the number of so-called "terrorist plots" that the government has claimed to have been stopped the cost vs. benefit ratio is a massive failure. So what else is Obama's Stasi using this data for:

Is this data being provided/sold to corporations to provide a competitive advantage?

Is this data being provided/sold to the Federal Reserve to keep their Ponzi scheme going?

Is this data being provided/sold to foreign countries and their agents? Possibly even U.S. adversaries?

Is this data being provided/sold to actual criminal organizations to elude law enforcement?

Is this data being provided/sold to big banks that launder drug money for profits?

Is this data being provided/sold for the purposes of internal industrial espionage to political patrons?

Is this data being provided/sold or used for blackmail of politicians and other officials?

Is this data being provided/sold for the purposes of insider trading on the already rigged markets?

These questions need to be asked but don't count on the state media her in Der Homeland to ask them, as the legendary muckraker Upton Sinclair once so eloquently put it - "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it".  When you have an entire system where every institution has been corrupted, a history of crony capitalism, a failed political system, a debauched and corrupted economic system and a government that lies about everything (especially their surveillance) then it is easy for all but the simplest of rubes to smell a rat. In fact, I submit that this entire thing has the stench of an army of the disgusting rodents.